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  1. Chit_Bucket

    6 CV's per Battle !!!!!!!

    sure but matches are usually full with 1 to 2 cv's. i am just seeing way too many 6 cv matches, like its the new norm.... i dont mind loosing to a close match its the blowouts that really s u c k
  2. Chit_Bucket

    6 CV's per Battle !!!!!!!

    2 hermes 3 langley 1 hosho
  3. Chit_Bucket

    6 CV's per Battle !!!!!!!

    well you absolutely confused me LOL
  4. Chit_Bucket

    6 CV's per Battle !!!!!!!

    yeah that would be a good thing. will it ever happen is the ?
  5. I have posted a few gripes with the new CV world we play in and i am still very disappointed in WG. 6 CV's in a tier 3-4 match and it wasn't even a full match..Tier 3-4 have crap AA and i'm constantly spotted and sunk early in the match without much contributed to my team (not fun) . WG limited tier 10 to 1 cv per side why not limit tier 3-4 and above as well.. as a new player it is a blast with 1 or no carriers... 2 carriers fair, 3 its totally disappointing IMOP Tier 2 / coop is the only safe haven w/o carriers, we should have more CV free options.
  6. Chit_Bucket

    My Issue with the CV Situation

    well im not a fan at all of multiple CV's. im relatively new to this game and tier 3 & 4 ships have crappy AA they cant fend off anything.. T4 matches some times have 6 CV's and that makes me very irritated and not liking this game.. low tier matches should only have 2 total CV's per match. I am going to continue playing sub tier 4 until they fix this hopefully soon. tier 2 is the only haven against constant spotting and harassment. also why not have longer duration / unlimited fighter planes on CL's and BB or buff the AA more???? very disappointed so far
  7. Chit_Bucket

    Low Tier Bashing

    Thats just the dumbest thing i've read in a long time!!!! from a dude that is all that and a bag of hot air... Come on down and prove it ;
  8. my noob opinion is that low tiers now s u c k too. FYI i'm up to tier 4 now. tier 3 / 4 only had a few games with CV's. now every t3 and t4 game has 4 CV's in it.. t 3 / 4 ships have crap AA defense. tier 1 / 2 now that im at level 15 take forever to load a game and the matches are small!!!!!! i just had a 1 on 1 DD match after a 5 minute wait. this game kinda blows now for sure for DD's to which i really liked a lot before the change, actually its not that fun now. i'll check back in 6 months or so maybe they can figure out how to fix this
  9. Chit_Bucket

    Tier II destroyers

    i like the Medea and also the Longjiang they are very strong IMOP. I only just started with the medea; 4 games but we won 3 of them! the trouble i'm having is the MM. now at level 14 it seems like more 5 on 5 matches with lots of DD's so a PA DD cant use torps. mostly only guns. tier 2 MM takes a long time so i play more tier 3 now. not to often a cv shows up but i have noticed lately more are. just my noob opinion
  10. Chit_Bucket

    DD population in Randoms?

    what is the low tier definition? i play mostly DD's and i'm just at tier 4. the constant CV harassment suc ks now. i guess it gets much worse at higher tiers or i just need to play DD completely differently, like i would a cruiser with smoke.