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  1. NewbieVonNewberson

    SHOCKING NEWS!. There are players that LIKE the CV rework!

    THE DEVELOPERS claim that ship development is made "as historically accurate as possible." I have seen them say it in streams. I pull that down out of thin air, dude. Don't give me that "don't fully grasp what that means" [edited]. Military history, and World War II history in particular, has been a hobby of mine for 40 freaking years. I probably own 200+ books on the subject. I'm basing what I said off what THEY said. I didn't say "everything has to be exactly as it is in real life." But when they say something like that and then do something this stupid, there you have it.
  2. 1. Essex is gone. THE aircraft carrier class of World War II and it's gone. Ridiculous. 2. I loved the ability to pick, say, a BB and hit it from all sides with every strike aircraft I could put up, escorted by fighters. Now I can control ONE flight at a time? REALLY? Yay I carry all these squadrons, but don't worry, little ships, I can only hit you with one flight at a time..and your AA will kill half or more every time I do, so I'll probably run out of aircraft before I can do real damage. So much for the vaunted "historical accuracy." Battle of Midway, World of Warships style: "Sir, we've located the Japanese carriers." "Excellent! Launch..um..ONE squadron of dive bombers." "Just one? No fighter escorts? No torpedo planes too?" "Sorry, son, we can only control one squadron at a time." Figures. I bought the full year of premium when it was on sale because I got a doubloons card for Christmas. Then the "great" CV "fix" happens. Thanks. Not.
  3. NewbieVonNewberson

    SHOCKING NEWS!. There are players that LIKE the CV rework!

    Yeah it's awesome to have a game where the devs swear by "historical accuracy" and then make a carrier that fielded 60+ aircraft able to control 12 at a time max and half of those capable of attacking on any one pass, then making the AA fire able to kill the entire flight 5ks out lol. It's super cool.
  4. NewbieVonNewberson

    Great Upgrade

    LOL now observing that the game's been trashed by bad dev choices is "succumbing to the panic."
  5. NewbieVonNewberson

    Great Upgrade

    Wow. Just wow. You're the only one.
  6. NewbieVonNewberson

    Worried about CVs, Play CoOp

    Yep I've lost every single coop game that had a CV in it today, whether I played the CV or not, and the CVs are out of planes while the enemy BBs (almost immune to aircraft now) just sail over and blow them up. So not only are CVs ruined but anyone stuck WITH CVs is screwed too. Yeah, this was an awesome idea.
  7. It's hilarious that the devs claim to go for historical accuracy and then every single plane in a flight is wiped out 5k from the ship lol.
  8. I hate it to death. I worked like crazy to get good with my Lex and I sold it already today. Lost EVERY single battle in coop that had a CV in it, whether I played the CV or not. EVERY SINGLE ONE. It's bad enough it ruined CVs for me but apparently it's ruined every class because CVs are just useless.