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  1. I am not sure if I am going to buy the Alaska, first you can guarantee that it will be inferior to the Kronstadt because no American ship is allowed to be better than a Russian ship in this game. Second, not sure where the advantage is over a cruiser and they are inferior to the T9 BB's.
  2. Theokolese

    Proposed buff for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    In my original post I was happy with everything but turret traverse. If it got a buff you could be in a much better position moving at flank speed, changing direction and not having to wait for the turrets to catch up. Faster Turrets would not make her best in class only a more effective support ship.
  3. For a very hyped ship I think the overall reception of this ship has been Meh at best. I like her and the only real change I would like to see is a faster turret rotation. I can live with everything else. She is a battlecruiser so she should not be slugging it out with Battleships. Giving her a faster turret turn rate would allow players to run and gun with her much better without having turrets that turn so slow they make you wonder if they are hand cranked.
  4. With concealment being nerfed to a strait across the board 10% and the AA reword will we be afforded the opportunity to respec our captains as builds may become obsolete and adjustments need to be made. If so instead of a short period of time to do so, is there a way where each captain will be credited with a one time only free respec with a 60 day limit. A lot of players are collectors and have HUGE fleets and respecing captains will take a very long time.
  5. Theokolese

    PEF: About them 4 million creditses...

    I wound up skipping the Flint, I have an Atlanta and a Belfast, two similar ships so I concentrated on getting the Black. I need 698 steel to get her. I got enough coal and doubloons from the combination of Santa Crates, PEF campaigns, and Snow flakes to Get the Musashi, Kronstadt, Charlestown, and Campeltown. I should have the black in a week or so. This holiday season was expensive but I managed to earn a lot of cool ships.
  6. Theokolese

    PEF: About them 4 million creditses...

    Man now I feel SLIGHTLY better on my impulse buy of the big PEF package. Getting the steel and doubloons value for the PEF should be really easy. Play the Prince for 20-25 matches max and than the Missouri. Although even though the Missouri at one time printed credits for me, lately she has been one of the worst performing ships for me. Her guns seem to over pen for little damage or shatter for no damage. I have not had a game where I made more than 400k in the Missouri in months.
  7. Theokolese

    PEF: About them 4 million creditses...

    Jump in and play some rando's, I was making over 700k on really good games, 430k on on games and 230k on bad games.
  8. Theokolese

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    In my experience the PEF is AWESOME at top tier, meh at mid tier and downright terrible at bottom tier. I have put in near 200k damage games at top tier and STRUGGLE to do 40k damage at bottom tier. Compared to a T6 Battleship like the Normandy she is straight up hot garbage.
  9. Theokolese

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    At T6 and below you do not get the accuracy buff for secondaries that you do 7 and up. SO you can have manual secondaries but they just wont hit with a high percentage. I am not sure the exact numbers though.
  10. Theokolese

    IJN everything super Squishy

    What I am going to say is somewhat controversial but in my Yamato and Musashi I push and stay relatively close to the cruisers and DD's. That was spotted ships CAN'T focus on me or they will be ripped apart by the friendly cruisers and battleships. Also never be where it is just you and another ship, I will use my concealment to move across the map to join the bulk of the fleet and avoid making myself a huge target for multiple ships. When I am ready to do work I go bow in and look for a position that protects my sides so I can't get flanked and blapped. IJN Cruisers are AWESOME but yes they are squishy like everyone else. Play the USN cruisers to get a better appreciation of how good IJN cruisers are.
  11. Do we know how fast those Schnellboots can go.....important for calculating lead with the dynamic sight.
  12. I will try it the next time I run it. Thank you for the tip.
  13. Theokolese


    Honestly I think it is just playing in an unfamiliar ship. I just ground out of it to the next tier and kept it. I thought it was an excellent ship and I loved her.
  14. How the heck to you hit those Schnellboots? I can't hit them to save my life.
  15. How is AA overpowered? There is not a ship in the game that can't be dev striked by a skilled CV player. For the particularly strong AA platforms it required a bit of teamwork like HE spamming a battleship to strip it of its AA. The rework has removed any requirement for teamwork and made CV's an all powerful force that will farm damage off any ship it chooses. Make a poor decision and attack a powerful AA platform, no worries you have unlimited airplanes. It seems like they lowered the skill floor so low they want someone with the IQ of pond scum to be a unicum player in CV's.