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  1. NoloContendere

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    Ya man, so wth are you doing? New player comes to the forums and expresses uniformed opinion. O7 stat shames and ridicules him. Cool.
  2. NoloContendere

    Ranked Shouldn't Stop When We Rank Out

    No one wanted to play without a reward. In the original implementation, winning games in the sea wolves league netted you super containers. People played. A lot. They took the super containers away after a few seasons and thats what killed it.
  3. NoloContendere

    I truly am at a loss.

    Yes, you are probably right. The most logical explanation is conspiracy. There is no way two guys posting on a forum for a video game could like the game and company who puts it out. Impossible.
  4. NoloContendere

    I truly am at a loss.

    Wut? A guy with almost 3,000 forum posts likes the game and the company who makes it? Crazy.
  5. NoloContendere

    I truly am at a loss.

    You place an unreasonable amount of emphasis on the cap. I would much rather lose the cap than the DD. It is exceedingly rare these days to win down on ships, up on points. Without question, the most valuable thing from a team perspective is live ships. Getting into a gun fight in the cap in the first two minutes of the game ensures that you will play the next 18 minutes short of HP or not at all.
  6. NoloContendere

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    Come on, reset that password and see what you are capable of. Beats throwing games on your regular account. I am interested. If an average player, which I think you have described yourself as (apologies if that is incorrect), rerolls maximizing for wins, what happens? How well can you do.
  7. NoloContendere

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    So, let’s see if your right! Keep playing that account and put some battles on it. 500-1000 or so. Play to maximize win rate and let’s see what happens. I’m interested. I’m down for the experiment.
  8. NoloContendere

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    Dude, this isn’t a laboratory. In the real world, you are forced to work with the data you have. Not the data you want. Leave the classroom once in a while.
  9. NoloContendere

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    I take your valid point on board.
  10. NoloContendere

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    In that case, it’s even more important that you receive your ship pick advice from someone who has extensive experience in ranked. If you are struggling to get to 10, you really need to be in the right ships from the get go.
  11. NoloContendere

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    You have to admit, Black changes the calculus for all DDs in the game on the loading screen. If your in Jutland or Kita it’s really the only ship you have to have a plan for. You can beat a Black but it will come at some cost to you.
  12. NoloContendere

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    Fair but kind of wrong. I’m not a hatter but you should really have extensive experience in 5-1 to comment on ship picks. Ranking out is not the same as making it to 5. 5 is when the difficulty just begins. Most people that rank out can play whatever they want 10-5. Ship pick being essentially trumped by game skill. You cannot do that in lower ranks.
  13. NoloContendere

    Best Ships for Ranked Season 13

    I have yet to see this work well. Theoretically, I am on board but it’s not translating to ranked game play. Good players hit the shots on Mogador and when she is forced to make a play in the end game she is very weak. This is in 10-5 bracket so she will get absolutely wrecked in 5-1.
  14. NoloContendere

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    I am using the phrase, “Safe Space,” to denote that there is no expectation that you will be free from offense on the internet. You are having a separate theoretical conversation with yourself about anonymity on the internet.