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  1. NoloContendere

    Are the Unicums Playing Midway Incorrectly?

    I do this. Smh
  2. NoloContendere

    Are the Unicums Playing Midway Incorrectly?

    But are you sure about this Gaishu? I, like you, believe the way to win is through ship count. Capping only puts pressure on the other team to make a move. It doesn’t win games. However, after the rework, capping in CV games is infinitely more difficult. One won cap, let alone two, can put enormous pressure on a CV to essentially strike out to win the game. If I am really tryharding it seems I must devote some time and energy to discouraging DD play. If this were KoTS, would your first move be to drain one of the BBs?
  3. Firstly, huge fan of Gaishu’s. Love when he streams clan battles. He is an amazing player and I am not on his level in any ship in anyway. The stats prove it. I’m also newish to CV’s and the game in general. However, in watching he and other unicum CV’s play, I have to wonder if the strategy is correct. Allow me to quickly recap what he and other unicums have adopted as strategy in the Midway. His first Tiny Tim run is a throwaway. He’s scouting battleship and cruiser spawns and looking for the traveling BB or an unprotected middle spawn BB. This is the target. Sequentially, the Tiny Tim’s, bombs and torps will bleed the target mostly dry. The next most weakly positioned BB comes next. These are purely 100 to 0 wipes. No one else is shooting at them as they are so poorly positioned and at this point fleeing aimlessly. At this point, we are at the ten minute mark of the match. He has drained two BBs and is sitting on 230k or so. One of two things happens here. His team is either poor and he must try to strike hard targets impacting the game or his team is winning and he selects the next BB. So, is this correct? Essentially disappearing two BBs from the game is fairly meaningful. No other ship could do this bare a very lucky DD. It must be said though these BBs are low hanging fruit. They don’t know how to protect themselves or realize the potential danger they are in until it is too late. They would not have made a meaningful contribution to the game. Meanwhile, you will notice, there is no fighter use, spotting, DD targeting or attempt to strike near objectives. The first ten minutes of every match is completely devoid of this or anything resembling teamplay. It’s just the removal of two 40% baddies. It should be said, chasing around DDs in CVs is totally thankless, unrewarding and comparatively difficult. It may have a larger impact on the game though. Gaishu never loses a 5 BB, low DD game. Never. This is FarmVille. The only games he loses in Midway are 4 DD games in which the team has competent DDs. By the way, DDs are totally the anesthesia to unicum CVs. It may be uncomfortable but you should play them more, not less in my opinion. It also should be noted, this is 100% healable damage. Should these BBs get away (he never lets them but they often do when I play,) they could heal significant amounts of this back. Gaishu isn’t really trying to win the games he’s playing. It’s totally inconsequential. He’s running up the scoreboard for lols and to show the absurdity of the whole thing. That’s cool. Is it the right approach though if you are trying to win? If I’m tryharding, what should I be doing? Things I thought I knew: deal damage in ascending order DD, CA, BB. Deal relevant damage over raw damage. Leave the potatoes, they won’t hurt you anyway. PTFO. The unicum BB strategy flys in the face of all of that.
  4. NoloContendere

    Damage upon spotting needs more XP reward

    I want credit for aimlessly sailing around while my torps are on cool down....
  5. NoloContendere

    Whoa. PvE players, PTS bots have evolved

    They won’t. They are tuning up the bots for the Halloween event. Not for regular PVE.
  6. NoloContendere

    Hurricane CB Gameplay

    Done! Thanks!
  7. NoloContendere

    Hurricane CB Gameplay

    The introduction of the Worcester seems to have changed the Hurricane CB meta quite a bit. Hindy has been swapped out for more Zao’s. Radar mino’s and Worcester’s have taken the place of a second DD on many teams. It has produced some pretty dynamic ship combinations and more confrontational play. For people that think competitive play is boring and static, you might want to take another look. I doubt this will translate to KOTS because of the presence of CV’s. However, from a gameplay perspective, as both combatant and viewer, it’s been a good CB season.