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  1. fredsfamily2

    USS Arizona

  2. fredsfamily2

    USS Arizona

    just got the uss arizona and was wondering how to setup my commander he has 14 skills to use any help would be great ty and be safe
  3. fredsfamily2

    Anchorage questions

    I just finished building the Anchorage and was wondering what setup i need and should use in the upgrades and commander skills i should use any help would be very helpful be safe and thanks
  4. how do i know my premium account access is active in world of warships i got 60 days threw steam but i do not know how this works and how i'm getting the bonuses that i'm showing that i am suppose to get
  5. fredsfamily2

    modstation problem

    Thank you so much and be safe
  6. fredsfamily2

    modstation problem

    hi thanks for the info is there a time table on when its finished ?
  7. fredsfamily2

    modstation problem

    ya i have noticed modstation a lot of mods are not updated for the past few patches
  8. fredsfamily2

    modstation problem

    Hello i am wondering if there are mods to add manually to modstation like skins for tier 8 ,9,10 battleships . And i am missing alot of mods everything is greyed out and i noticed someone saying adding mods to wow folder and i am wondering if there's ones that i add manually
  9. fredsfamily2

    Fixed .. disregard

    most of the time support says its your side check this or that
  10. fredsfamily2


    when is the event ?
  11. fredsfamily2


    how about you guys give italy some love is there a possible way to do that one day
  12. fredsfamily2

    fees after match

    ya working on that now just im broke on credits and atm lol not much i can do
  13. fredsfamily2

    fees after match

    Ya atm i struggle a lot with playing and die a lot do to me still learning , yes i have had this account for a long time do to my health problems . I just am struggling and not knowing getting rid of all my ships would hurt even more and now i am paying for it with a lot of struggles
  14. fredsfamily2

    fees after match

    ya now i am paying for it and having a hard time now with no credits and more lol oh well , i have had this account for a while long while but i only have about 160 hrs played do to being in the hospital so much but somehow ill get this