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  1. Got it...thanks all.
  2. Why is it taking so long to find a random match in the test server? I've tried changing ships and see different "players within your range" numbers but still cant get in. Is there any tricks I'm unaware of?
  3. It appears changing the password wont work. Ive read there use to be a way (on the EU server) to change your name but it cost you some doubloon's, but I see nothing like that. Ill try sending a ticket to maybe get a reply.
  4. Ok, so what I've got so far is...I need to drink more and try adding a number to my password...I'll try both tomorrow!
  5. I setup the "Public Test Server" a while back and used a "PLAYER ID#" instead of my in game name (I don't know exactly how that happened but I was new or drinking whiskey). How do I change my Test Server in game name to my regular NA server name? Opps to make matter worse, I just went into the "Game Center" and told Wargaming to forget the "player Id#" account. I tried to register for the new 9.3 test but it says Im already registered. So, any ideas....?
  6. Vouch

    What am I looking at?

    ahhh, he bought the Charleston (saw the ship on the Co-Op list) then bought the Boise....got it. Thanks guys
  7. I saw this person looking for a division, so I check out his profile and saw this. How did he go from 1 co-op battle with a tier3 to random matches in tier 7...with nothing in between?
  8. Thanks, I wasn't aware you could copy and paste, that explains it!
  9. I have been wondering for a long time now and finally tried to research it, but I cant find anything on HOW PLAYERS INSTANTANIOUSLY PUT THE MANDATORY INTRODUCTION MESSAGE in the chat window. Do they type it out each time or is there a "macro" or "paste" feature Im just overlooking? This is the announcement for the upcoming "Smashing Pumpkins" event that a participating player puts out at the beginning of the event match. "Halloween may be over, but the Pumpkins will still haunt you! Sink me for a special prize (TKs not counted)". How have they done it so quick in the past? "Thanks for any insight
  10. I have to tell you guys who may stumble across this forum like I just did, the Graf Zepp will do way more than just launch planes if you want her to. I use it as a captain builder, I know it's weird but tried it once and like it, since I hate playing a CV. I upgraded the secondaries on the ship, and put secondary skilled captains (BFT,AFT) and I'm hitting everything out to 9.4km. With 54k hit points, 9.4 range on 150mm firing every 4sec (I think) and 105mm firing every 2.2sec (I think), I melted a Cleveland, a Shima and a Shokaku in one match. I had 490 secondary hits and was so astonished that I actually look forward to playing her now. Don't get me wrong, CV play is goofy in general, but ya gotta admit it's funny to see a pesky DD captain complain in chat "what, fu@$'n CV's were nerfed into gun boats" or "reported CV, is running a cheat mod". Hahahahhahahaaa If you like feeling salty, or just wanna stir some up, try the Zeppelin with an out out secondary captain and upgrades.
  11. Here's a video that may help
  12. Hi ya, I know this is an old thread but...try this....press Control+shift+backspace at the same time. This will put you into spectator view. Then you can fly around the entire map if you want...oh and even though you have the reticle, your guns won't fire where your looking. I tried it after I left my ship in "drone mode" and ended up shooting my team mate hahahahaaa. Imagine if it worked though, you go into drone mode then fly over the island the red cruiser are hiding behind then blap them or at least see where your hitting. I know you can follow your rounds in, but this would be cool. I'll be putting a video up of doing "DRONE MODE" soon.
  13. The USS Hill (DE-141) was an Edsall-class destroyer escort built for the U.S. Navy during World War II. She served in the Atlantic Oceanand the Pacific Ocean and provided destroyer escort protection against submarine and air attack for Navy vessels and convoys. I like the Hill. I have to say I like the guns, don't like the torp ranges but like the fairly quick reload and hate the detection radius. It just makes me run it like the Okhotnik, which is another fun ship.