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  1. Whiskey_Rebel

    Yoshino - worth getting after the Capt nerfs.?

    Yes, as long as you don't mind relatively passive, long-range play. I got it instead of the Thunderer, and boy am I glad.
  2. Whiskey_Rebel

    For Sale

    This is a joke comment.
  3. Whiskey_Rebel

    Used no ECXP.

  4. Whiskey_Rebel

    A incentive for DD’s to live longer than 5 minutes

    I've learned to keep a sharp eye behind me to make sure I actually have support. Often I get hyper focused on managing vision, radar, CVs, possible torps, red gunboats, etc., and then realize that I'm alone because one CL got blapped 1 min in and everyone else got scared. Then I'm begging for backup, but it's too late. In one game my "allies" got mad at me for not running away earlier. Spoiler alert: I was run down and killed, the reds rolled up the whole side, we lost, and no one learned anything because they rationalized it all as someone else's fault.
  5. Player 1: Hey DD, do DD stuff. Player 2: No.
  6. Whiskey_Rebel

    If MM is going to get adjusted

    Oh, nice! Thanks! Any written summary of the changes?
  7. Whiskey_Rebel

    If MM is going to get adjusted

  8. Up to Shiratsuyu now. TRB is a trap! I get the allure of 16 torps in five seconds, but there are just too many cases where smoke is life. Especially with the number of tier 9 games you get.
  9. Whiskey_Rebel


  10. Whiskey_Rebel

    What the hell teams...

    I'm working the IJN gunboat line (so far I'm up to the "gunboat" Shira) and I've really been surprised at how poorly non-damage work (spotting, capping) is rewarded with xp. And there's no way for the game to reward you for more subtle work, like pinning ships down with area-denial torpedoes. As far as the game is concerned, you simply sailed in circles and fired torps randomly.
  11. Whiskey_Rebel

    Fires prevent fun gameplay

    This is like a necro thread from 2017. Fires can be put out with DCP and 100% of fire damage can be healed with DRP. Cruisers and DDs have a reduced fire time. The pyro skill has been nerfed all the way down to +1% fire chance for two points. Secondaries - the only real fire source for many BBs - have been nerfed. I'm embarrassed for anyone asking for more fire nerfs at this point. And, of course, no one proposing more fire nerfs has any idea what role cruisers and gunboat DDs would play in the game that they want. They don't care. If fire was removed, these ship types would disappear, and the nerfers would be baffled. Then they would be mad that there are no cruisers to dev strike and screen them from torp boats.
  12. Whiskey_Rebel

    Why so many Petropablosk in matches?

    OMG it's sinking.
  13. Whiskey_Rebel

    When everything just seems to go right - Kitakaze.

    It's always nice when you have no idea what to do next because you are ahead on points and ships and have all the caps.
  14. Whiskey_Rebel

    Thanks for the New IJN Commanders!

    Careful ... they'll up-tier the Yahagi.
  15. Whiskey_Rebel

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again