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  1. Whiskey_Rebel

    blacklisting potatoes

  2. Whiskey_Rebel

    blacklisting potatoes

    It seems you have a hard time understanding what the WoWS blacklist is for.
  3. Whiskey_Rebel

    Infinite Torpedoes from God-Like DD's in WOWS

    Battleship-like typing detected.
  4. Whiskey_Rebel

    Let me pick my tier

    Are tier 11 and 12 games a thing in WoWS? If there are too many 10s in the queue, increasing the # of those games would seem to be the answer. Unless they think that beating up on 8s is the only appeal of tier 10 play.
  5. Whiskey_Rebel

    Let me pick my tier

    Who knows, but he said "Tier 8, etc." which I took to mean that each tier would get this option to be top-tier all the time. He should understand that he is not the only one who would check this box, and what the implications of that are.
  6. Whiskey_Rebel

    Let me pick my tier

    You do realize that the 6s and the 7s will all select that option as well, right? And that means no juicy Warspites and Aobas for your tier 8 to chew on? And that the wait times will go through the roof, because nothing can launch until there are 24 players of a single tier in matching arrangements of CV/BB/C/DD, with no more than X DDs, etc.?
  7. Whiskey_Rebel

    The End of the Tin Foil Hat Era is Nigh.

    2) The problem didn't show up in the replay, which proves it was a hax! 3) Well of course the WG replay didn't show evidence of the malicious WG code! 4) etc.
  8. Whiskey_Rebel


    The thread title is "disregard" but the post content says "diregard"! SOMETHING DOESN'T ADD UP. WE HAVE A CONTROVERSY. SEND ALL THE EMAILS!
  9. Whiskey_Rebel

    New ships in development!!!

    Comments in another thread say that the torps are also center-line. so it can put out a spread of 8. I guess it's a cruiser for DD captains.
  10. Whiskey_Rebel

    New ships in development!!!

    Yahagi has 6 152s with a 10s reload... ? Omaha can put 6 guns on target in any direction with a 7-sec reload. I guess Yahagi is a bit faster and has better torpedoes, but I'm not seeing a huge draw for that artillery at tier 5.
  11. Whiskey_Rebel

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    It's just a balance mechanism. The CL line is weird, and hard to balance, because it's 152mm guns all the way from tier 1 to tier 10. If the caliber, number, and layout of the guns are going to be historical, there are only a few other stats that you can manipulate to give a logical power progression up the tree. Dallas and Helena both have more HP, can both put more guns on target, and have better concealment. If their range went up, they'd be OP.
  12. Whiskey_Rebel

    New Bonus Code

  13. WoWS does not provide timely rewards for good play. That's just one of its warts. To work around this, I judge myself by other metrics. Primarily, how well I placed on the team in xp. I also look to see if my career stats (WR, DPG, KDR) are moving up or down.
  14. Whiskey_Rebel

    USN CL skills at 12 pts

    Thanks, all. I'm totally down with CE at 14. I'm OK with a doubloon respec, and I'm wondering what skill to play with while I grind my way to 14.
  15. Whiskey_Rebel

    USN CL skills at 12 pts

    I just hit 12 points on my Helena/Boise captain. I have Pr. Target, Ad. Rush, DE, and IFHE already. The next skill that I really want is CE, but I figured I would put some points to use while I wait to hit 14. So - Get EM now? Wait for 13 and get SI? Or something different?