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  1. Whiskey_Rebel

    Total players.

    Oddly, the World of Tanks steamcharts shows a much smaller population ...? https://steamcharts.com/app/1407200
  2. Does the game still have the "no chance to hit target" callout? Because that was atrocious game design.
  3. Whiskey_Rebel

    Well oh well.

    GG. But I wish the Italians would bet a passable SAP cruiser.
  4. Whiskey_Rebel

    Dutch Cruiser - ASW?

    The Dutch pay a huge price for airstrike. Of course no torps, but also longer fires, longer floods, and a relatively short main battery range. It's a dubious trade even if they got ASW. Without it, you're left hoping that subs just aren't popular. WG should at least give them depth charges. I don't think many submarine captains are afraid of cruiser charges, but it's better than being helpless.
  5. Whiskey_Rebel

    Yeah, does sound bad.

    (From Haarlem - > Goudon Leeuw)
  6. Whiskey_Rebel

    Dido confirmed on WG KOTS stream.

    Sherman, not Dido. No ship has ever been advertised as ASW until now, to my knowledge. WG has added submarines and will now sell you the ship to defeat them.
  7. Whiskey_Rebel

    Dido confirmed on WG KOTS stream.

    Good lord. Now they get to sell us ships that are "primarily designed to counter aircraft and submarines." F-ing genius.
  8. Whiskey_Rebel

    Dutch Cruisers are fun!!

    Does anyone know if the Dutch are getting ASW of some kind? It seems excessive to give up torps and charges for the airstrike.
  9. Whiskey_Rebel

    Premium Money. Crap ship.

    Fen Yang is technically an Akizuki clone, although the mistake is understandable since the Yang removes all the things that make the Akizuki good. Also, it's Pan-Asian, not Japanese.
  10. Whiskey_Rebel

    Hi guys I'm mad >:(

    I would like to petition that all Gen Discussion topics be revised to have this title.
  11. Whiskey_Rebel

    New 40K ships - what are they?

    It's my go-to tier 8 CL. I just have to remember that I'm not in my beloved Eugen. ("Wait, why isn't my heal working!!?!?")
  12. Whiskey_Rebel

    New 40K ships - what are they?

  13. Whiskey_Rebel

    New 40K ships - what are they?

  14. Whiskey_Rebel

    New 40K ships - what are they?

    It seems like the sales ad should indicate what these ships are (and how they differ from Mainz and Fen).
  15. Dorn looks like a Mainz ... Smasha - not clear. It has 8 guns, so it's not Siliwangi or Loyang. Maybe Fenyang? Frustrating that they don't tell us what these are...