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  1. Whiskey_Rebel

    Random Thoughts from Deep R'lyeh: Financial Discipline.

    ^^This, and the stat tracking is the same way. There''s a reason the game tracks things like win rate down to .01%.
  2. Whiskey_Rebel

    Playing for "Fun"

    The thing is - the Montana does not have a problem. He's playing a game that (we presume) he enjoys. He either thinks he did well enough, or he's not worried about it. Once the game is over, he either starts another game or he goes and does something else. Either way - he has no problems! The people getting upset at the Montana have a problem. Specifically, they aren't enjoying themselves when they play a game. What's weird is that the competitive folks seem to presume that the Montana has to do something to fix their problem. He doesn't, and he won't. Perhaps the conversation should revolve around how the "fun" players can help put the game in a proper context for the people getting so upset?
  3. Whiskey_Rebel

    300% Doubloon offer!?!

    The OP isn't interested in the pros and cons of the marketing approach. He just wants stuff.
  4. Whiskey_Rebel

    Cheap Dubloons

    In table form:
  5. This reminds me of a question I've had for awhile ... why the wooden decking? It seems like it would be easy to penetrate with plunging fire. Or is there steel underneath? If so, why put wood over it - it seems flammable...? There must be a reason...
  6. Whiskey_Rebel

    Dealing with gunboat haters?

    Thanks all, for the advice.
  7. Whiskey_Rebel

    "it's just a game"

    I'm trying to imagine a situation in life where the stakes are lower than a Random WoWS game. Nothing yet...
  8. Whiskey_Rebel

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Why would a person who wants to pick on players 2 tiers lower play tiers 4-6, which literally never see boats 2 tiers lower?
  9. Whiskey_Rebel

    PSA: The salt has got to stop in randoms

    Sometimes you lose even when you did well, or you win even when you get detonated in the first minute. People hate this, they only want to be judged for what they personally did. Which is understandable, but WG clearly has a different philosophy, and it's not going to change. Just this morning my Dallas was the last survivor in a T8 game. I had played carefully, knowing that I could be insta-sunk with one broadside, and I had actually only taken about 10% of my total HP in damage as I was chasing DDs and trying to light BBs. Some dead "ally" decided to give my location to the reds, and yell at me for not being more damaged (?). In the end it didn't matter, I was already advancing (obliquely!) toward my doom, the reds started firing, I sank, the game ended. But I found it funny that if I had YOLO'd for zero damage at the outset, no one would have said a damn thing.
  10. Whiskey_Rebel

    Cruiser Concealment

    Newb here, playing Soviet cruisers. I'm about to hit 10 points, so the IFHE versus CE issue is super relevant to me. IFHE is tempting, but a 12% reduction to a Buddy's base detect range of 13.4 km would get me down to 11.8, which seems huge. In my limited experience, my bad games are where I do something dumb and get deleted early, so I'm leaning towards CE. But maybe IFHE is needed vs tier 8s with the 152s?