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  1. Whiskey_Rebel

    Submarine feedback for WG

    Me circa 2000: Wow, this game has a cool new addition, I can't wait to try it! Me circa 2020: Yeah I'm not your tester, see you in 3 - 6 months.
  2. Whiskey_Rebel

    Why is smoke so useless

    Bah gawd, who are these nefarious teamkillers? We should do something about them! Oh. Well I'm glad to hear that you are no longer concerned about TKs. areyouthebaddie.jpg
  3. I'm fine with PR. Let the whales fund this thing. The reason I'm not spending is submarines. It boggles me that people are throwing down cash when we have no way of knowing how the game is going to play. Even if you have some unfounded faith in WG's ability to implement and balance the things - how do you know how well a given nation or ship will fare against subs?
  4. Whiskey_Rebel

    I got a coupon. Need advice.

    75 games with her and she's my favorite ship in port. I just got my first kraken in her. I just find the ship really comfortable. Thanks for the advice, guys!
  5. Whiskey_Rebel

    Which russian ships are OP?

    I'm not sure I've ever seen a Molotov do really well in a game. It's always spotted first and never seems to be able to go dark or dodge incoming. Gets deleted pretty quickly.
  6. For me, anything more than a few games a day typically escalates into a problem. The game is only fun when its casual.
  7. Whiskey_Rebel

    Are you having fun?

    Just got my first tier 9 (Roon), having fun overall. Glad that the whales are keeping the game profitable for me and others.
  8. Whiskey_Rebel

    Get Rid of Mercy Rule in Co-op

    Be careful what you wish for. WG does not, apparently, want Co-op to compete with Random for players, so you might get patch notes like: - Mercy rule removed from Co-op battles - XP from Co-op Battles reduced by 20%
  9. Whiskey_Rebel

    Not enough CVs per match...

    Yes, fortunately. A rude surprise to CVers who think IJN cruisers are easy meals.
  10. Whiskey_Rebel

    Not enough CVs per match...

    I had two games in a row last night in my Yubari - 10 ships per side, 3 of which were CVs. Why are the beginner CVs so popular?
  11. Whiskey_Rebel

    Why does this game have aircraft carriers?

    This is an entry from any captain's diary circa 1942.
  12. Whiskey_Rebel

    The clock is running!!

    Events like this work for me. Whales keep the lights on while I sail away blasting things.
  13. Whiskey_Rebel

    Observations on tier 8 MM

    I've had four games in Prinz Eugen since the patch. Three were tier 8 and one was tier 10. And the T10 game had a really even mix of 8s, 9s, and 10s. Usually they're loaded up with 10s and then 1-2 8s per team.
  14. So after all this drama, all WG really did was create a new currency with an obscenely high conversion rate from FXP?
  15. I got a bunch. One each for Leander, Huanghe, Konigsberg, and Yorck. I got an IJN commander in case I buy Aoba. Ships that I only play occasionally, but I'm grateful for CE when I feel like sailing them. I'd rather pay credits now rather than gold or elite captain XP later.