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  1. Crimson_19

    SAP for Roma is a needed change

    Impero at T9 with all the upgrades/goodies that Roma won't get - SAP, better accuracy + range, AA/secondary upgrade, health boost? Jean Bart is quite a bit of fun at T9 so Impero should work there too.
  2. Crimson_19

    ST, changes to Siegfried & Colbert

    Gotta say when I saw the buffs on the WoWs stream and it was just secondary range/reload, I thought 'surely there's got to be more' but nope, that was it. Kind of a baffling non-response to the issues that have been raised. I mean, 'brawling cruiser'? With a 27mm bow which every T9-10 BB that isn't Alsace/Bourgogne will just punch through, the huge 90mm 'upper' belt that ensures full pens instead of overpens, the bad torp angles compared to other German brawlers and the battleship-tier reload on the main guns? Cos, I watch Flamu playing this and I'm just not impressed. If he were in Kron/Alaska or even Azuma the damage would be much higher and have more utility with radar (not in Azuma's case). His rare good games in it are more due to the red players making super bad mistakes and not so much Siegfried being good. Sometimes he can get great salvos on cruisers, but then I also remember the proposed plating changes being tested would give T8-9 cruisers 27mm central plating so if that change goes through then Siegfried will find it even harder to leverage it's advantage of accurate 15" guns. Eh. I'm going to stop caring about Siegfried and hope (lol) that these secondary changes are Lesta experimenting ahead of possible buffs to the German BB line.
  3. WG anniversary is not WoWs anniversary. The stuff you're thinking about will probably come sometime in September, not August.
  4. Out of circa 14 T6 ships I don't have, I really didn't want Monaghan. Naturally that's the one I got.
  5. Crimson_19

    test server tier 6 ship boxes

    I found two threads over on the EU boards, the last couple posts in them claim the date has been pushed back to August 2nd - but they don't give sources either. Maybe some unfortunate junior employee has to manually enter all the names or something...wouldn't surprise me. Not real impressed with WG's tardiness on this. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/121124-pt-rewards-available-to-be-claimed/ https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/121418-what-did-you-get-from-premium-t6-ship-container/?page=2 EDIT: lol right after I post this I signed into the game to check something else and my T6 premium box got delivered.
  6. Think WG changed it so that premium time claimed from the userbonus page is delivered in the form of crates that you can open at any time for 24 hours premium, instead of being instantly activated when you claim. That's how my last couple PTS prem time rewards have been delivered to me when I claimed.
  7. I've opened 7 or 8 free crates and just got the Guepard mission.
  8. Crimson_19

    Ribbons in the Air - 23rd - 29th

    Farewelled the Mahan grind with a Kraken - all 4 red DD's and a Kirov fell to me.
  9. Crimson_19

    Clan tech tree ships

    He likely has mods, probably the Extended Tech Tree mod. I have it and I can see the Clan tab on the top left. OP, these ships are not 'unique', the Grozovoi can also be found in the Soviet tech tree as the alternate T10 DD. They are given out for free as temporary rentals during Clan Battles seasons to anyone who plays a battle in a T8+ ship of the same class or something like that. They are restricted to playing in Clan Battles and are meant to help new people in clans participate in CB's if they don't have their own T10's already. These rentals can't mount camouflage but are otherwise the same as the normal tech tree versions. They were also enabled for the last season of ranked (to the displeasure of many). Anyway I didn't realise you could click the purchase button on them, I don't know what happens if you buy one but you won't be able to play it in randoms.
  10. Crimson_19

    Siegfried concerns

    Well I've been looking at Erich Groener's 'Die Deutschen Kriegsschiffe 1815-1945 Band 1' this past weekend (its all in German) and I feel fairly confident in saying that according to it, the O-class was supposed to have a 50mm upper deck and a turtleback consisting of a 60mm armour deck with 80mm sections (likely over the magazines) and 110mm sloped sides. Siegfried has a 30mm upper deck and a weaker turtleback with uniform 60mm deck and 80mm sloped sides. So which is correct? Sadly the book doesn't seem to give any info about the side armour so I don't know what the upper belt was meant to be, or if there were any thinner extensions of the lower belt planned, similar to Hipper or Hindy. Now two other things. Firstly I'm wondering why Siegfried has that weird cut-out in the side armour for the torp launchers, since thats not on the plans/drawings and doesn't fit with other German ships in-game or in history. I think it's possible that it can be a potential weak point if you're angled and shells hit the transverse portion of the cut-out, causing full pens instead of bounces. Secondly I discovered something irrelevant to gameplay, yet is really activating my OCD almonds. Siegfried's Bruno turret has been lowered so far that the guns are almost scraping the roof of Anton turret, whereas all the other German battleships and cruisers have a nice and consistent gap. It's been done to accommodate some weird fictional lower bridge that doesn't exist in any of the plans/drawings of the O-class I've ever seen. See the pic.
  11. Crimson_19

    Siegfried concerns

    From today's dev blog/ST changes: From cautious optimism, to 'could use some help', to outright LUL in one week.
  12. Crimson_19

    Tier 6 Trouble - 15th - 22nd

    Perth is my T6 bae
  13. Crimson_19

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    I know. I can read. And it's irrelevant to me, I already have the other two T6 premiums I desired. Paying more to gamble on extra ships, esp ones I don't care about isn't a good deal for me. Others might see it differently. I'm just extra narked off about it because T-61 still isn't available for doubloons and I've not seen it in a good sale since it was released.
  14. Crimson_19

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    Quite disappointed but not at all surprised to see T-61 only being sold with the bundled lootcrates. Not interested in having extra crap I don't want bundled with it, much less gambling on crates. 30% off on T8's isn't good enough either, considering how farcically overpriced they are to begin with.
  15. Crimson_19


    The testers and CC's have had it for 4-5 days now. Flamu is the only one I've watched play it and he's struggling to do more than 80k most games.