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  1. I've uninstalled because of subs. They are an insult to history. Still, I miss the old game, so I've come back to the forum to check if subs have been removed. Not yet ...
  2. LukeChambers

    Zeppelins please!

    Zeppelins finally went up to about 20 000 feet, then the Germans gave up on Zeppelin bombing.
  3. LukeChambers

    Zeppelins please!

    That's brilliant. Unfortunately, I've run out of upvotes.
  4. LukeChambers

    Zeppelins please!

    Thanks. My mistake. Should have said: "shortly after they were introduced to Random"
  5. LukeChambers

    Zeppelins please!

    They should be fun to play, like subs. Hence the smoke generator. But I take your point. They need to be armored at least against DD HE-spam.
  6. LukeChambers

    Zeppelins please!

    I've stopped playing world of warships shortly after subs were introduced to Random. In the new spare time I finally was able to finish a proposal for a new class of vessels, that would be fun to play and sit comfortably next to the submarines. Please introduce Zeppelins! Majestic giants of the sky, romantic air-borne castles, technological wonders of the age, large as battleships. A Tech tree should look like this: GERMANY: Tier IV: Type M, Tier VI: Type P, Tier VIII: Type X, Tier X: LZ131, militarized There must have been some design bureaus in the SOVIET UNION with marvelous Zeppelins (if they had been built), so there ought to be a RUSSIAN tech tree, as well. Premiums: GERMANY Tier IV: Type N; USA Tier VI: Shenandoah, Tier VIII: (edited:) Akron and Macon (can drop fighters!); GREAT BRITAIN Tier VI; R34 and R38. Zeppelins are slow and vulnerable, which wouldn't be fun to play. Therefore they should have exhaust smoke as a consumable, in line with Commonwealth ships. Weaponry: Zeppelins have unique lifting capabilities and could be armed with heavy, complex weaponry. Therefore they should have nuclear bombs. I propose two munitions: Air burst mode: obliterates 4 squares on the maps. DDs and CV are sunk. BBs and CL/CAs lose some health + maximum number of fires started. Friendly ships are immune. Underwater burst mode: obliterates one square on the map. All ships sunk. Friendly ships are immune. To balance this strong armament, reload times should be 60 seconds, or even 62 seconds. Zeppelins would be great fun to play. To maximize income, and keep our favorite game healthy, maybe Zeppelins should be strictly for doubloons only. The more expensive the better, to add a bit of exclusivity for whales like me. Pleeeease!
  7. LukeChambers

    Submarines in Random Battles

    To my previous comment Sorry, I don't get it. Can you give another hint?
  8. There is no denying that subs were massively important in the war effort. Churchill: "The only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-Boat peril". Submarines sat at sea lanes and sunk merchant shipping. Warships, as well, if they crossed their bows, juicy targets of opportunity. But they didn't usually take part in fleet engagements, like WOWs is doing. Maybe there could be a game for convoy actions? Hint: If historical experience and 1980s computer games are a guide, then this game will be exciting for the submariners and frustrating and boring for the destroyer captains. These are good examples of submarines loitering in the possible pathways of enemy fleets, or at harbor entrances: USS Nautilus was in its designated patrol position. From far out it saw some Japanese ships, which were misidentified. Tried to engage. She was sighted and attacked. When the Japanese DD returned to fleet, American planes saw its wake and followed it and found the Japanese carriers. That was the involvement of USS Nautilus. It was fortunate, but rather accidental. USS Yorktown was torpedoed two days after the battle while limping back to port. Hammann caught one of the torps, being at Yorktown's side, assisting. The midget sub episode at Pear Harbor: As I said, subs sometimes loitered at port entrances. In cases of the Pearl Harbour midget sub or of Gunther Prien in Scapa Flow they might slip into the harbor, too. But they were operating on their own (or as 1 of 3 midget subs), not part of a battle fleet. So I stand by my opinion: Submarines need not be part of a game that sets battle fleets against each other in a large fleet engagement.
  9. For me, the subs are so unrealistic that they destroy the historical flair of the game. Battle of Leyte Gulf, no subs. Battles of Tsushima, Jutland, Pearl Harbor, Midway, . . . . no subs. There are more examples like this. Subs were too slow to take part in fleet engagements. Maybe loiter at shipping lanes or close to ports. Maybe Wargaming could introduce a game mode "convoy action", for players that like subs and anti-submarine play. Guided torps, aimed sonar pings, a sonar lock-on are cold war technology. They don't fit into the time period of WW1 and WW2. And then this crazy game mechanics, by which a sonar lock can be broken via the repair party. I fail to see any logical connection between the two. It isn't well thought out. I'm heavily invested in this game, time and money wise. It could be a great long-term hobby. But I'm getting sick and tired of the permanent tinkering with the game mechanics.
  10. LukeChambers

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Played 7 random battles with submarines. I hate it. Subs shouldn't be part of this game. Battle of Leyte Gulf, no subs. Battles of Tsushima, Jutland, Pearl Harbor, Midway, . . . . no subs. If you really want to have subs (and most players don't), then introduce a game mode "convoy action". The game mechanics insult my sense of history. Guided torps, aiming sonar pings, a sonar lock-on? In 1900-1950s battles? Really? And then this crazy game mechanics, by which a sonar lock can be broken via the repair party. What's the logical connection between a repair party and sonar pings? There is none whatsoever. I mainly play DDs and BBs. When driving DDs I'm supposed to cap, torp, fight other DDs, while half the enemy cruisers are having radar now. There is no spare capacity to go sub hunting. With BBs I like to push. Now it seems I have to stay far back to avoid being torped by invisible enemies. It's no fun any more. I'm a whale but I'll give this game a break till this mess has been fixed. Wargaming, you said you wanted to listen to your player base. You've talked the talk, now walk the walk. The vast majority of your player-base pleaded with you not to introduce subs. So please stop this experiment.
  11. LukeChambers

    Transformers Return to World of Warships

    I really wish there was an opt out for these collections. Wargaming, pleeeeease, could you implement a yes/no button for these collaborations? It's such a grind, and in the end it's either spending money or having unfinished collections. Why Hasbro and the Transformers? What's that to do with warships for grownups? What is it going to be next? Ronald MacDonald? The Teletubbies? Too many events and too many grinds recently.
  12. LukeChambers

    Transformers Return to World of Warships

    Never liked the transformers. There is no way I'm buying any of those crates. But - pedantic as I am, I don't like unfinished collections. Could someone help me to remove the Transformers collection out of my profile?
  13. LukeChambers

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Last time sub hunting was really boring.
  14. LukeChambers

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    I really dread the arrival of submarines. It could kill the game for me. Historically speaking, subs hardly took part in fleet engagements (too slow). They didn't have a role in Tsushima, Jutland, Hood vs Bismarck, Battle of the Java Sea, Coral Sea, Battle of Midway, or Battle of Leyte Gulf. From a historical point of view there is no need at all to include them in this game. Which is about fleet engagements. The game mode: Guided torps and submarine vs submarine warfare utterly is an anachronism and is totally post WW2. It's a cold war mode. For me personally, the subs as planned will make the game much less historically accurate. If they have to be introduced at all, they should be slow and with few unguided torps. A specialized ambush weapon. Then, add merchant ship bots to the game, so the subs have something to engage. Best of all, make it two game modes: (1) Fleet engagements. (2) Submarines vs. merchantmen and DD escorts.
  15. LukeChambers

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Agree. I have an old Commonwealth commander that I can't retire because I don't have a ship any more to access him.