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  1. Jagdhund1

    key strokes

    Is there a key stroke to lock your guns fore and aft?
  2. Jagdhund1


    When you change clans i presume you keep all stats except oil. I guess one has to start oil stats all over and ; I guess one has to meet the prerequisites before you get the base benefits. Is this all correct? I am now running 0.10.0 but I see no change anywhere and I don't see anyplace where I have a new commander skill recommendation system. Comments?
  3. Jagdhund1

    new Version

  4. Jagdhund1

    new Version

    When does version 0.10.0 load?
  5. Jagdhund1


    Is it kosher to send invites to members of other clans?
  6. Jagdhund1

    Stealing kills

    Good. It seems that everyone agrees with me. I NEVER play back and usually when i get whacked in a battle it is almost always because i am too far forward. Thanks for all everyone's input
  7. Jagdhund1

    Stealing kills

    Is there such a thing as STEALING KILLS? It seems to me that the primary goal is for the team to win regardless of your individual score. It seems to me that if you don't shoot at a target just because someone else is shooting you run the risk of loosing the battle. There have been many times when i have almost sunk a target when a DD takes the kill with his torps. That's ok because there may come a time when i need the help for the team to win and it would be unrealistic to stop and ask permission. Even if you don't get the kill if you have numerous target hits you will still get a good team score.
  8. Jagdhund1

    Clan Change

    Thanks Slammer58 and iDuckman Another question. I presume I will be able to keep everything; ships, commanders, signals, credits, etc...?
  9. Jagdhund1

    Clan Change

    What is the procedure for changing clans
  10. Jagdhund1

    Agir V Roon

    Thanks mates
  11. Jagdhund1

    Agir V Roon

    OK How about Agir V Roon and how would each fare in a sprint battle?
  12. Jagdhund1

    Pommerm V Agir

    What about Pommerm versus Agir? Which to choose?
  13. Jagdhund1

    Ze german CV !

    i need suggestions on the upgrades for the Weser.
  14. Jagdhund1

    Suggestion: Ship Tagging

    I did not know that. I'll have to post more.
  15. Jagdhund1

    Suggestion: Ship Tagging

    I agree 100%