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  1. shokNgnaw

    Potato saves the day!

    I'm not posting this to be braggadocious. If anyone wants to leave negative comments to that effect then I'm like, ...meh, water off a duck's back. I'm posting this for three reasons: Potatoes take heart; getting bad mouthed on the forum, or in chat, doesn't define you. You can still make a difference. (This is not to imply that all WoWS vets are guilty of this. I think the majority are not.) This is a good example of how ridiculous it is to blame your loses on MM for putting you on a losing "potato" team and dragging your WR into the toilet. Players at all levels of skill have good games and bad games. "Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." - Mark Knopfler (True That!) To say, thank you, to all the folks on the forum that take the time to share their knowledge of the game and to provide helpful tips about how to get better at the game. You folks do this selflessly, even with the knowledge that someday you may end up "facing the new gun in town." So a big Thank You, for sharing. I'm not claiming that I won the game for the team. I wasn't even high score and I only assisted one cap. CV planes were doing most of the spotting so I only got 1 spot. Mainly what I did was survive until the points counter ran out. It was iffy at the very end. I was the last man standing and, after having sunk the CV, was alone in the game with a G.Cesare (who was high score on the reds and a vet with 12k battles). My HP was low and I was only 10k from the GC, in big open water. My detection was 6k but there were still planes in the air spotting me. Fortunately I had 1 smoke left and was able to ride it to victory. I've learned from reading the forum that one of the primary objectives for DD drivers is to survive and to try to make a difference in the end game. I didn't rush into caps early, the way I've done many times, only to die early. I did move around and try to defend caps and help other ships when I could, without over extending my ship. I did make some mistakes and I did get a couple of lucky breaks. This time it worked out well. Thanks again to all who've shared.
  2. Just got the Steel Rat last night but haven't played it yet. Looking for suggestions for Captain skills & best way to play it. It seems to mainly be a support bote. This is what I'm thinking but welcome suggestions from other Rat drivers. Captain Skills 1 PT 2 AR & LS 3 TA & Superintendent 4 Concealment & RL Not sure about Radio Location. Maybe AFT instead? How to Play the Consumables Emergency Reserve 4 (+1 with Sup), Gives allies +1 for each consumable. Proximity requirement so it only affects alllies within 5 km. Pop immediately at spawn while all ships are in close then stay close to the Levis for heal radius or close to Octopus for the additional 10K heals? Vapor Smoke Generator 3 (+1 with Sup) - No clear plan for this. Self survival and/or for team cloaking? Restoration Charge 6 (+1 with Sup) - On 20s, cool down 20s. There doesn't seem to be a proximity requirement for this so I suppose just watch for allies taking focused fire and pop as needed?
  3. shokNgnaw

    Blind Pig Finds an Acorn!

    Exactly! Also makes some of them try that much harder. For me, it means I'm constantly thinking about how to best serve the team effort. I still make positioning mistakes, as well as other types of mistakes, but my underlying thought is how to always best serve the team, and not just try to farm the most damage. As a result, I'm seeing my survival rate going up and a little bit of positive overall stat-creep.
  4. Exciting game in the Twilight Battle so I have to share it here because my wife wasn't all that excited about it when I told her. Yeah, maybe I'm being an attention [edited] so you can give me crapabout that, but here's the story. We were down to 2v2. I was driving the Scarab and team mate was a Ghoul. We were facing off with an Octopus and a Ghoul (or maybe a Steel Rat, I don't remember). I was in a close firefight with the Octopus and managed to do 93K damage with torps and guns. The red Ghoul was tossing torps at me and shooting guns but my team mate was also keeping him occupied by shooting torps and guns at him. Finally sunk the Octopus with a torp and was able to turn to the red Ghoul. In the excitement of the moment I forgot to switch to HE so wasn't doing hella damage but finally managed to ram him for the kill and the win. Whoo hoo! Not my highest-damage match but definitely the most exciting. The cherry on top is that the victory put me over the top to get the Steel Rat. Can't wait to take it out tomorrow. So yeah, sometimes a 43% spud on your team can pull it out of the fire. Screen shots below, but I don't know how to do the little twirly hide-image thing.
  5. shokNgnaw

    Complaint Box. Let's hear it!

    Ok, I've got another complaint. Instead of having to pay for a full distribution of captain points when I just want to change one skill, why can't I just pay the 25 dubloons per skill-level to change one skill? If you want to change one skill on a 10 point captain, that's flat fee of 250 dubloons. That's $1.25 USD, at $0.005 USD/dubloon.
  6. Full disclosure: Potato, 43%, 3 months in-game Got a complaint? Lets hear it! Sometimes folks just want to vent their frustration with various aspects about WoWS & living IRL. They don't necessarily want to hear, nor are willing to listen to (no matter how rational) arguments against their point of view. I'd like for this thread to be an open invitation to voice your complaint without having to face the consequence of contrary opinion. Of course, I can't really control others posting of opposing points of view but I would respectfully request, as the OP, that no one rebuts anyone's complaint in this thread. If you have an opposing opinion, an option would be to complain about complaints that people are making, but better to just vote up or down on the original complaint. By just using the vote, complainers don't have to babysit the keyboard to constantly defend their position. They can just check back occasionally and see the vote total, to see if others feel the same way. Who knows, it might even provide some good feedback to WG, without having to read through pages of a specific complaint thread to determine consensus. I'll lead off with my complaint: I come to the forums to learn more about WoWS, how to improve my game, and to ask questions. It's frustrating to see people with thousands of battles waste forum space to complain about basic mechanics of the game that have obviously been around since its conception. It seems that the most common complaint that gets A LOT of space on the forum is about the MM and how it always puts them on a losing team, their solution being to have an opt-out timer, for any given battle. To those folks I would ask, "how long are you willing to wait in the queue?" One minute? 3 minutes? 50 minutes? I know I start getting antsy if I'm in the queue for more that 2 minutes. At 3 minutes I bail and go to Co-op. And what happens when one or more opt out and the MM opts-in other players? Does that reset the opt-out timer? That'd be a real recipe for success! Maybe WoWS should provide you opt-outs with a special battle type. They could call it "Divisions" or "Clans" or something like that.
  7. shokNgnaw

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    Good story. You've convinced me to put learning about radar on the front burner. I took a screen cap of the wiki radar page and will keep it displayed on a second screen when I get into a T7+ battle. My cheat sheet until I can get it embedded into memory. The wiki page says T8 and above, but the chart shows some T7 ships that have it, as do the wiki pages for those ships. I'm guessing the chart is correct?
  8. shokNgnaw

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    Yep, learing the other ships capabilities is def on my to-do list. Along with watching CC vids, reading the forum, watching my own replays, etc. Takes a great effort. Not complaining, just impatient. Doing battles has helped me learn a lot about some ships but sometimes I just "get ded" and wonder wth just happened & how could it have been prevented. Replays are helpful for that.
  9. shokNgnaw

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    This vid series looks great! Will start watching it today. WG should make it a sticky. Thanks for the tip.
  10. shokNgnaw

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    Great points and thanks for the detail. I've watched some DD vids of CCs but it's probably time to go back and watch more as well as re-watch some I've seen before. I've got more experience now than when I first watched them and will probably get even more out of them. Only problem is that, even with T5-or-so ships, the CCs seem to go in with a 19 point captain, so it's not apples-to-apples for me. I'm still a long way from a Z-52, trying to figure out the best ways to build captain skills to 19 points for playing higher tiers, but that's a subject for a different thread. I learned pretty quickly that it wasn't a good plan to play the Tirpitz with a 3-point captain and expect to be an asset to the team.
  11. My Potato Perspective (40-percenter) (I should make a patch for that) Aside: I know you meant "unicum" (which is a very weird word & not sure how that was coined) but unicorn made me chuckle. Everyone has a right to express an opinion (freedom of speech and all that) and some people are just miserable asses or trolls. Don't respond to it and don't let it get to you; put them on ignore. Leave them to flail around in their quagmire. Search "never wrestle with a pig". There are tons of helpful folks on the forum. Don't make unnecessary rules just because of a few are jerks. Search "and then they came for me."
  12. shokNgnaw

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    Crystal. Thanks for that.