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  1. Regardless if they make it harder to hit the damage is still too high. Also that really only helps the faster / more agile DDs and leaves the slower less maneuverable ones as food.
  2. I was thinking more specifically for rockets. A lot of game these days I am getting CVs who have little problem blasting me in smoke, even when I have AA off and not firing, while also moving. :( It's probably more a benefit of the spread shotgun style. But it's so easy for them to reset a cap, kill a low health ship.
  3. Please and thank you. 1/4 to 1/3 health per volley is a bit much. Also would be nice to look at reducing blind fire accuracy while we are at it. Thanks! :)
  4. Terenil

    Update taking forever?

    I guess it takes time to index your files and send any interesting stuff back to the motherland... :P
  5. Terenil

    "REASONABLE" Carrier Changes I'd like in WoWs.

    Funny...doesn't seem to slow them down at all in games I play...just wave after wave. Maybe they need a cooldown or something between squadrons (based on how many plane are lost)?
  6. When surfaces ships screw up...they get punished (or killed), when the CV screws up they just launch a new squadron... That needs to change somehow for there to be some semblance of balance. That and they should remove rocket planes.... :P
  7. Terenil

    "REASONABLE" Carrier Changes I'd like in WoWs.

    Once a DD is spotted by a CV (which if you are in a cap is pretty easy) then that DD is dead if the CV wants them dead. Lets not pretend otherwise. Also rocket planes do WAY WAY too much damage