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  1. Jerbis

    Balanced Gameplay

    He's that one CV that keep spamming his rocket planes so that does not work regardless.
  2. Jerbis

    Balanced Gameplay

    I don't think you actually know how does the spawn works on this map at all.
  3. Jerbis

    Balanced Gameplay

    I got shot at by the BBs and CL after the CV striked his rockets on me.
  4. Daily reminder that CVs are perfectly fine and doesn't require any nerfs at all.
  5. Are there any reason to play this horrendous class in 0.8.4 onwards? I guess not.
  6. They should have just removed CVs in 0.8.0. The new CVs especially in high tiers has no real counterplay unless you have a Minotaur/Worcester or any AA ship in your division.
  7. What is your in-game name and the origin of it (as long as it is appropriate for the forums)? My name is Jerbis because I'm Jerbis. How long have you been playing World of Warships? Close to a year now and I want to quit the game because of CVs and brainlets playing the game. What got you into playing World of Warships? Love of Ships? History? Came from a different game? Explain what got you into the game. The WoWs ads wont stop popping up on my Youtube feed and my friends from a sekrit place tells me to play it so I did and I'm not enjoying it anymore. What is your favorite ship? Why? Feel free to add a pic as well! My favorite ship is Jervis because even though she has 13 battle honors in real life, her incarnation in WoWs is pitiful with the terrible concealment and torpedos. Therefore, WG should buff her so that I can bully players on it.
  8. Jerbis

    First Karma Ship in WoWs

    So basically WG just need to rework on the Karma system in order to make it actually work....... Karma rework when?
  9. I'm just asking if its actually possible for WG to actually make Azuma the first ship that you can acquire/purchase with Karma? It would be a good opportunity for WG to reward good players for their ability to carry people's game while encouraging players to be good at the game. 150 Karma should be enough for the T10 cruiser but I want you guy's thoughts on this idea.