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    The old commander skills were not broken...

    WOW can kiss my [edited]. My Z-39 firing rate can really only be reduced significantly if I take the stupid option of increasing my detectability. It was my best ship and today Iost every game I played with it.

    Hide from contacts?

    Is there a way to hide your profile? To keep your contacts from knowing when you are online? Sometimes you just want to sail yourself :)

    Anyone have opinion on Somers?

    I wish I could buy that ship. It has a win rate of 56%


    UPDATE....this ship is crap...lmbo....I took one for the team do not buy this premium. I can't buy a win with this ship. Torps are crap. It's slow. Smoke way too short. Turret rotation slow. WOWs NA server shows a 48.75% win rate for this PREMIUM ship. When you buy a PREMIUM ship you expect better performance. My bad and shame on WOW

    server name or IP

    Not sure if this is the right forum. I am trying to set up port forwarding. I am NOT an IT guy. Set it up on my Netgear router but it didn't solve my frezzing issues, so I was told I need to set some rules on Norton. I am trying to let a named server access. What is the name of the north american server of WOW? Or what is the IP address of the server? Thanks


    After sailing this ship for a little bit I totally have changed my mind. Better torps would certainly make it an awesome ship, but if you change play style you can deal lot's of damage with those guns. It's a gunboat and a funboat at the same time.


    I just took one for the team. I bought this overpriced DD with cash, and I didn't even think to look at the torps. I figured they would be typical 8-8.5km German torps. But being 6km that takes away a lot of what a DD should be. No engine boost. Very short duration smoke. It certainly takes a whole different play style than typical German DD's. Not happy at all. I'd stay away unless you are an expert DD player which I am not.

    Rogue Wave captains and camo

    LOL I guess I have no idea how I got that camo but it has benefits. -10% post service cost and +50% xp Thanks for all the answers

    Rogue Wave captains and camo

    I didnt realize the camo was separate I thought it came with the captain.

    Rogue Wave captains and camo

    Yes they came with perma-camo my Benson captain has it. Don't understand why my other captains don't have it. I bought it, they should still have it.
  11. During the Rogue Wave event I purchased 3 captains. I put 2 in reserve and immediately used one on my Benson. He came with special camo that reduced service costs and increased xp. They all came with special camo when I bought them. Yesterday I purchased a new DD and put Ivan the Terrible on as captain. However, there is no special camo. That was part of the deal when I purchased the captain. What gives?