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  1. princechar

    Best place to learn

    personaly I like the saint louis and am new at the game also the trick is to keep distance and constantly fire try to keep bow in front so you don't get broadside hits also keep angling so you can fire all your guns is hard but it works I have other members follow me when I play new people like me but gives more firepower that way
  2. princechar

    Free xp and regular xp

    I would like to know why I cant get my tier fuor cruiser when I already reasearched it and have enough credits for three ships
  3. I run my new modified teir three st louis against them and if you lead well it takes them out at 11 k distant they don't even detect I'm coming because of comofluge and flags I have
  4. princechar

    GPU overheating

    willy princechar have servor error today cant run game either