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  1. OnociTsalk

    Best Steel Ship?

    Well if fun if what you are after Ragnar is a really solid choice. The same ball park as the Bourgogne.
  2. OnociTsalk

    no musashi in santa crates?

    Did OP read the replies to good thread and realize the Musashi is actually available or did he already make another thread about how the Illuminati prevents him from posting on the forums?
  3. OnociTsalk

    What's the gossip on Z-42?

    Thanks mate
  4. OnociTsalk

    What's the gossip on Z-42?

    Hey do you maintain the spreadsheet for all resource ships or just the steel ones? Any chance I can get a peek?
  5. OnociTsalk

    What tf happened to wows-numbers

    It's back!
  6. OnociTsalk

    Final proof that Superships are T11

    It would indeed be weird too have the next level of ships named **
  7. OnociTsalk

    Do Coal Containers drop less coal? pt. 2

    Here are mine for 90 containers. I had also opened 100 containers last month, but cant seem to find the SS, if I did take it. Will send others in future.
  8. OnociTsalk

    Finally did it!! FXP

    Here's a SS of my hoarding over the last 2 years. Keeping this as a memorabilia, as I'm off to splurge a good chunk and don't think I'll get to the same levels in a long while, if ever.
  9. OnociTsalk

    Finally did it!! FXP

    Good for you! I'm about to hit some personal milestones really soon and will try to post it here.
  10. OnociTsalk

    PSA: Update on Operations Rewards

    I'd like to thank the WG team for their commitment to curing my need to play this game with every patch. It is indeed very generous of them to give me so many hours of my life back to me to put in some other activity that is more fun.
  11. OnociTsalk

    First time new ( Random ) OPS..

    Can you either share the bxp or which boosters you used. Without that, it could be wildly different earning projections with different boosters
  12. OnociTsalk

    Bonus Exchange Facility in Inventory

    The players have spoken. Clearly majority of players love the subs and don't like the flexibility to be able to convert bonuses into higher or lower levels based on needs. Spreadsheet FTW!
  13. Thanks for confirming +1
  14. Is there a way we can see this counter value? So we know how far away we are?
  15. OnociTsalk

    research bureau question?

    You should get 40,800 if I didn't mess up something