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  1. But do you have the Yamato Weeb™ version
  2. OnociTsalk

    Where is USS Black ?

    I second this. I had even purchased the special permanent camo for Black, but waited on purchasing the ship as WG said it would be back for coal after 6 months. Now I do realize that 6 years is also technically after 6 months, but I would greatly appreciate it if WG could shed some light on the expected timeline, if any.
  3. OnociTsalk

    Ship Coupon Time: Need Advice

    Get the RAGNAR!!! It's the most fun ship I've played in a long while.
  4. OnociTsalk

    8 years of Superhips

    "8 years of SuperHIPS"
  5. OnociTsalk

    How do you grind coal?

    I've heard on good authority that mortar and pestle does the job just fine.
  6. If we ever receive "compensation" for introduction of Super ships, I'm going to send in a ticket asking compensation for having read this post.
  7. OnociTsalk

    Who else is hyped for 0.10.10

    They have already said that it is going to be TX/TXI in all three leagues. Time to abort that hope.
  8. OnociTsalk

    Cross of Dorn - Mainz

    Just wanted to let everyone that does not own Mainz and is looking for a good T8 cruiser to get the Cross of Dorn. It's a solid ship that can also perform reasonably well when up-tiered. It has short comings in the agility and armor department, but nothing surprising for a T8 light cruiser. Not only is it the best from the available 4 ships, it's a really good ship, period.
  9. OnociTsalk

    New Year's ship bonuses

    I swear some of the player base gets dumber every year. Reading OP. Please Nerf.
  10. OnociTsalk

    Ragnar - DD famer

    Just Dodge No, but on a serious note, it is easier to dodge most shells but those coming from RU rail guns, aka Nevsky, Smol, Stalin and Petro. But otherwise manageable.
  11. OnociTsalk

    Ragnar - DD famer

    I'm starting a post to keep a list of all 200k+ games in a DD that is fast becoming my new favorite one. Yes, I said "list" and "200k+" in the same sentence, because move over Harugumo, this is the ship best suited to farm damage *if* your MM is not too unkind.
  12. OnociTsalk

    Ragnar is love, Ragnar is life

    The trajectories are among the flattest for a DD, primarily because it is 152mm.
  13. OnociTsalk

    Ragnar is love, Ragnar is life

    I thought the Austin would be a fun steel ship, but it really really takes skill to play a CA with no armor. *IF* you have a US DD in tow for smoke, then sure it can be fun, but in other scenarios, it is hard to make it work. Ragnar has nearly cruiser DPM without a citadel and much better dodging ability. I'd take the Ragnar every day any day. Here is a Ranked game where I was just starting to have fun before I detonated :(
  14. OnociTsalk

    Ragnar is love, Ragnar is life

    Ragnar is one of the most fun DD and my favorite steel ship by far. The gameplay is really something and I would recommend it to anyone looking for their next steel ship.