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  1. OnociTsalk

    Turkey Hunt 2020

    I do too. I read the news daily first thing in the morning after my mails and haunt the forums multiple times throughout the day. Lol
  2. OnociTsalk

    Black Friday mission

    No he was using Alaska B. But he needs to use ALASKA, just like it shows in the screenshot.
  3. OnociTsalk

    Wow, who said WG will never sell T10 ships?

    The Puerto Rico is different because 1) it was time limited and 2) WG did not in least hint that the directives would be more intense than a 12-hour day job. Poisoning children has nothing to do with the issue on hand. If I make a painting I can ask for whatever amount I want. If someone thinks it is worth it, they will buy it, if not I will have to readjust my pricing. For anything apart from essentials (food, medicine), pricing should be determined by the free-market. Balance of supply and demand. No reason someone should be limited from maximizing their profits.
  4. OnociTsalk

    Wow, who said WG will never sell T10 ships?

    It is free though. The point is you can have it without spending money and it thus makes a great way for WG to make money. In fact I'd say sell every tech tree ship with an ARP slapped on it for all I care. If an exact version is available that removes the "pay-to-win" aspect. Much better than selling ships that you absolutely cannot obtain otherwise. Imagine if every ship in the premium shop (Atago to Massachusetts and everything in between) also had an identical tech-tree version obtainable just by playing the game. This is the exact same thing, just reversed and hence I have ZERO problems with WG pricing it at whatever amount they deicide. It is meant for people who don't care about the heaps of cash they have lying around. Everyone else can do what I'm doing, get the Yamato. Yes it's not obtainable overnight, but if one feels entitled to ALL free stuff, I have nothing left to say. I believe in free market, any one can charge what they want and people can participate in voluntary transactions. I cannot demand another person to sell me goods or services at a price that I like. Imagine claiming Ferrari needs to change its pricing. Or a painter or sculptor. If a company charges more than what I'm willing to pay for something I don't buy said product, hence why I don't own Ferraris, Iphone 12 pro, RTX 3090 and properties in the Bahamas. If WG had released Smolensk for $100 and that was the only way to obtain it, I'd call it shady as hell and that would be the end of my playing this game. But if they are selling ARP Yamato at twice the current price I don't care. A neat way for them to earn without introducing a pay-to-win component.
  5. OnociTsalk

    Wow, who said WG will never sell T10 ships?

    I don't care if WG charged 100k dubs for the ship. The exact same ship is available in the tech-tree obtainable for free, which really makes the decision easy for everyone. Whales and catch-em-all can go ahead and get the ship, while others who have to think twice before making unnecessary game purchases like myself can close the wallet. This is the perfect way for WG to make money, first the ship is not OP, and if one thinks it is, they can easily grind one out at no cost. Now if they had a ship like the Smolensk 2.0 or some other new upcoming ship that feels OP, then I'd be up in arms too. The only minor problem I see with this is that people will be unhappy if potatoes (and not whales who also happen to be decent at the game) land on your team playing this ship with no clue how to go about it. But seriously I think there is a huge enough population of absolute potatoes playing the game who have both tech-tree and resource tier X ships who are in the game at all times. Not to mention said potatoes can also buy T9 and even T8 ships and land on your team anyways. There are NOT going be that many more potatoes with unlimited resources to get the ARP Yammy. I do not think there will be any significant increase in bad players at high tiers due to this. I know how annoying it is to have clueless people on your team at the upper tiers, but this does not exacerbate the problem. In the same vein, I'm all for early access events. Anyone who has extra cash lying around can go and knock themselves out. The rest of us can make the sensible decision to wait a patch (or two) to get the ships for mostly free. Generally I think WG are doing good with their pricing, and if they only disclosed the odds of items in their lootboxes, I'll be all for them making as much as they want. Those lootboxes are the only thing about their economics that I am not a fan of.
  6. Just in case you wanted numbers, here are some: The number of 300k+ games for the ships, with the number of 400+k in brackets. Smolensk - 310 (4) Yamato - 719 (3) Conqueror - 510 (3) Republique - 343 (1) Kremlin - 132 (0) Thunderer - 399 (5) Henry - 202 (4) Hindenberg - 314 (2) Stalingrad - 96 (0) It's almost funny how battleships have far higher average damage than any class in the game and have the ability to send ships straight to port or severely cripple them for the rest of the game, very little of which is healable when it comes to citadels, but if one ship from any other class posts high damage numbers, then it becomes a problem. I bet if there were different numbers that tracked how much of the damage done by a given ship was healed up in a match and subtracted that from the total for some "actual damage dealt" stats, Smolensk's numbers will be much lower. Most folks just don't like seeing shells coming their way, regardless of how much damage it is doing. People complain about Colbert's "rain of fire" when on the receiving end of it, but do not even stop to notice how many of those shells are non-pens (a lot) and don't do damage. But when a Yamato sends a nearly full HP cruiser to port using spotted plane from the other side of the map, it is just another day in WOWs. Also added another "OP" ship above : Stalingrad which has another thread made recently. Despite being one of the older ships in the game and in the hands of almost all good players (hence why it has among the highest average damage totals, not to mention win rate), it has very few high damage totals, none above 400k. Does this now make it under-powered? I don't think so, but by most peoples logic it is.
  7. I don't care what ship one is playing, whether it is perceived to be OP or not. If you do better than the vast vast majority playing that exact same ship, then kudos to you.
  8. It seems like the sale went live one week before in 2018 (23rd), while it was on the actual day in 2019 (27th).
  9. OnociTsalk

    Premium time discount question (50%)

    Thanks for the replies guys. Really helps :)
  10. I am aware of the 50% discount given on a year of premium time every Christmas event (about $50) in the Premium Shop. I want to know if this also exists when purchasing the premium time using in game doubloons. For reference this is after clicking your profile-> Purchase Premium Does this also get the discount? The value of 12500 dubs is approximately $50. If anyone purchased or is certain they can purchase a year worth of premium for roughly this amount of in-game dubs during the sale, please let me know. Cheers!
  11. OnociTsalk

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    If you think most purple players get their purple stats by 3-man seal clubbing at T5 and below, then you are clearly mistaken. Sure there might be quite a few who do that, but they are not the usual really good players that are a part of the top clans. There are plenty of real good players who can easily "seal-club" playing SOLO at TX. If you find yourself repeatedly facing 3-man uncum divs at lower tiers, it's probably one of those rare people with 10k games in the Kamikaze or something. Solution? 1. Add one of the team members to your contact. 2. Use "Send message" option. 3. Now you know if they are in queue or not. 4. Voila jump into a match after they are in theirs. That should solve your problems.
  12. OnociTsalk

    American Token Mission for the weekend

    Mine is the exact same as you Burnsy
  13. Simple, try it out. It depends on your RANKED win rate. If you maintain over 50, you WILL eventually rank out, though 51% will take much more time than say 60%. Even under 50%, it is theoretically possible if you save your star often enough, but if you are able to save your stars often enough, you are likely winning more than 50% of the matches. Good luck. Report with your findings.
  14. OnociTsalk

    No daily shipments for North America

    I too seriously want to know what information the "research" is supposed to reveal. I am receiving rewards under the old system, but this approach makes NO sense to me. Either they also explain the finer details of the goal and approach of the research or conduct it on the whole server. I do not like where this is headed. Too much randomness in the game extending beyond gameplay. First it was RNG on random container bundles. You can spend the same amount and someone will get a Minnesota (and other similar stuff in previous such events) and others get zilch. Now we also have combat missions being awarded to people based on their previous activity? wth? If players playing less receive more rewards than players playing more, I will get my message from WG. They have already shown that also prefer me to spend less and would rather try to entice new players with nice bundles and discounts. I get it WG, you want the guys who have spend more time and resources in the game, supporting it....to leave? Meh. Games usually die off because the player base dwindles after it get boring and repetitive. This will be the first time I'll witness one because the company actively worked to push away its consumers.
  15. OnociTsalk

    No daily shipments for North America