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  1. mikelima7777

    50% WR in Co-op? Seriously?

    I tried out the coop today, and the second match was me in the Mass along with two CVs, a Shokaku and a Hakuryu. I died rather quickly due to the Bots having a Mass, a Yamato, and Richelieu, but I stuck around to watch as one of the bot cruisers did manage to cap. I am noticing that carrier players might be getting nervous with all the AA fire, as a number of the torp drops were made instantly, resulting in a fan pattern similar to pre-rework torpedo planes under heavy attack. Remember that you can hold down a bit more so the spread is improved. Also, in matches with two CVs, try to coordinate torpedo attacks if possible.
  2. Just wondering, with the extension of Clan Battles by a week, and with the third batch of Rentals expiring soon, there may be players who won't be able to participate in the final week of clan battles before the update since they lack Tier 10 ships. Will there be any extension on the current rental period or perhaps some short term rentals added?
  3. I feel that WG better pay close attention to how the AA performs when they release the rework. The AA needs to be effective enough to punish a tunnelvisioned CV player, but still be penetrable when a player makes a mistake or isnt paying attention. I imagine that the teams will need to stick in groups. Perhaps increase the number of DFAA available and the duration of the consumable.
  4. Because sometimes the best/funniest defence against HE Spam is more Dakka. And personally, with the Mass as my main ship, I don't really care if I go down. I get my lolz as DDs and cruisers that get too close melt under the 10.8/11.3 km hail of Atlanta shellfire. Also, in co-op, bots melt even faster as they rush in.
  5. mikelima7777

    The Ring- delayed?

    Round Three of the Ring was released just over a week ago. WG has yet to get viewers to choose who to save from elimination. Was the deadline for round 3 extended or did everyone forget that it was still going?
  6. How about bonus XP for staying longer in the cap circles in Domination and epicenter? Or for a drastic measure, have a creeping minefield that slowly envelops the map borders like in battle royale style games. Force people away from hugging the border. Or random events like a wave of bombers carpetting a random channel if players stay in for far too long.
  7. mikelima7777

    Jet noise bug solution

    For some reason, it sounded to me like a mix of jets, as well as a salvo of shells flying by.
  8. mikelima7777

    The Russophobia on NA

    Though it is noted that the three Russian Battleships were Tsar-era Gangut-class Dreadnoughts. I think some of the stigma towards the Russian Navy, aside from the Cold War, was also from the fate of the Navy in the Russo-Japanese War, especially the infamous voyage of the Russian (Baltic) Second Pacific Fleet. Not that the Russians lacked in Naval Ambitions. They wanted to greatly expand their heavy ships, but lacked the expertise and experience in this field and in manufacturing heavy warships, and was further hampered by Stalin's purges. As well, the Soviet involvement in WWII was dominated by the ground operations, with the cruisers and Dreadnoughts stuck in port being used as floating artillery to support the troops defending the Motherland. For many in the west, this contrasts with the war on the high seas against the Germans (mind you, the Kreigsmarine was not that successful with its surface ships compared to the U-boats) and Imperial Japan, though in the end, the Western Allies also used their battlewagons to cover offensive battles.
  9. I am not enthusiastic about this change to the Torpedo Bulge mechanic. That is going to heavily nerf alot of the brawler BBs, and given the complaints about the camping, sniper BBs, this doesn't work. Of course, this is also going to affect anything with a torpedo bulge, so plenty of cruisers, and possibly carriers will also be negatively affected by this change. If WG insists on damage from penetrating the bulge, at most it should be capped at single or double digit damage.
  10. mikelima7777

    Remember when Massachusetts was coming out?

    I am building up a 19-Point Capt for the Mass, and currently at 16 pts. Was it smart to go with AFT and IFHE first before going for either ManSecs or CE? I am leaning toward ManSecs since CE for BBs maybe getting a nerf.
  11. mikelima7777

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    I wonder... If WG decided to bring back Tier VII ranked, how would HMCS Haida fare. What tier would she be considered? Judging by my own experience, she is challenging to handle espeically if you're new, but if you start to click with Haida, she is rather rewarding to play.
  12. mikelima7777

    Massachusetts 3rd skill BFT v. SI

    For the meme build I'm actually debating whether to add Manual Secondaries. Right now I have AFT and IFHE. Without manual secondaries, my Mass can fire at targets on both sides with decent accuracy. And If I have to, I can set focus my secondaries on one target. Understand that without manuals, the side not facing the target will still fire at any enemy ships in range. So if you have a DD on one side and two enemies on the other, focus that DD, and it will melt, but the other side will also keep firing.
  13. Which can play to your favour, if you can coordinate. Have one guy fire at a bot, and hopefully, they decide to turn around. Cue them slowing down, and giving their broadside for a paddlin.
  14. mikelima7777

    BOTS in Co-op battles unplayable

    I can say that that CV AI seems to have traded moving his ship with better airstrikes. In a game with Carriers, make sure your CV is sending out fighters.
  15. I think what would have worked is if the AI retains the aggressive rushing behaviour but also use some of the improved behaviour. So, they would use smoke cover and try to avoid citadel hits, but aren't running away from players.