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  1. What a nonsense, if they can add a timer to a spotter/fighter plane they can also add a fuel system. It's just code. But yeah, knowing WG, they throw in that excuse for not implementing it, same [edited] excuse they used for submarines, too complex/not feasible.
  2. CV shouldn't have been a playable class to begin with, it should have been a consumable, where a player of a surface ship can call in an air attack on a certain enemy or area. But then WG would have ended up with only 3 playable classes after beta stage, cause subs were impossible to implement (they said, just pure lazyness thats all), which it isn't cause they showed it last year.
  3. iOSDeveloper

    Ironium Joke [Event feedback]

    Why would you waste flags and such for this garbage gamemode? just a lame skin, like the OP said tedious garbage
  4. iOSDeveloper

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.3

    Maybe make sure that players dont get disconnected every couple of minutes, so that we can actually test this garbage
  5. iOSDeveloper

    Regarding the Naval aviation containers

    sorry meant directive 3 which opens in 9 days and has the Prem CV specific task like directive4, So Kami says in the near future, why not be honest and tell us the exact date, cause they all know. cause else we wouldn't be having these specific tasks in the future. apparently it was important to sell these boise/nueve de gulio rentals to the players that are dumb enough to waste money for a non permanent premium ship.
  6. iOSDeveloper

    Regarding the Naval aviation containers

    Why always the [edited]waiting with this company?
  7. iOSDeveloper

    Regarding the Naval aviation containers

    I thought they would be available today with the new patch. now I checked the fly,strike,win event and there arent any missions available for the prem CV's until the next directive in 9 days from now :(
  8. Sigh, the amount of morons present on this forum baffles me, that's why I can't stand the forums anymore. I guess it reflects society.
  9. So you refuse to read my post but comment on it, I meant the tier10 version of it not the current state one, second why am I not allowed to call it OP but other can complain that it is in a "poor" state, while it aint released yet. pretty sure no one in this post has played it either.
  10. You clearly dont know how WG works, they will buff it as soon as the data turns out to be bad for the ship.
  11. hoard coal and get the tier10, no reason to buy the azumo it wont hurt to hoard more free xp anyway
  12. It was 2 powerful in the first iteration, now you come here whining about "bad" it is now, cause you wanted a overpowered free xp Japanese supercruiser. You cant have it, or be patient and wait for the tier10 coal version
  13. let me return the favor: if you don't like it, nobody force you to buy it, there is no need to start a post about it.
  14. iOSDeveloper

    Azuma in 8.2, Crates o Premium CVs, Oh My!

    Cant wait for all those imbeciles that will come to the forums to cry that they didnt get the prem CV in the crates so it is WG ripping them off lol. them delicious tears :)