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  1. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    And there you have it, the reason why wg had to fix the cv being way too OP...
  2. I have 22 ships all but 3 are DD's. Like almost everyone stated here it s u c k s big time for DD's!!!!!!!!!! my match time average with full AA builds now is about 5 minutes and very little contribution to my team, almost no damage, no planes shot down and pure frustration! you cant hide from planes, ships or radar with just smoke and concealment. Before 8.0 I liked matches with carriers and loved matches without carriers I HAVE A SIMPLE FIX!!!!!! New Battle Type Random Carrier-less otherwise add me to the "im done with this s h i t" list
  3. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    More time to figure out capt skills Upgrades PLS!!!!

    sure but when you're highest is an 11pt captain or less its too expensive to change skills. im not that good a player so it takes forever to grind XP
  4. WG you need to remove the doubloon charge to change capt skills and upgrades for much longer if not forever. All the info on WIKI has had 3 years to pick the optimum skills / Upgrades for every ship. I use this for every new/ongoing ship. WG you changed the game dynamics for AA overnight and expect the players and super testers to figure it out in a week. Should I keep the Aiming systems mod 1 I paid $500,000 or pay another $500,000 and try out the AA guns mod ???? I dont have the resources to do this? I already have the Aiming systems mod 1 on every ship. Captain Skills 4pts take forever to get and if you make a mistake it costs way to much. Whats better to have now BFT, AFT, MFCAA, or concealment on DD's CL's and BB's????? I dont know, thats why i used wiki, and watched the super testers but they haven't got that far yet...... ALSO Note My Monahan with a full AA build was a 43 rating i think; now its a 27 with same build.
  5. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    Manual AA vs AFT

    i noticed that it increases the sector aa reinforcement form 50% to 80% on my DD's whats the best to have? AFT, concealment or MFT ? when they start charging doubloons to change capt skills its all over for me.. WG you need to remove the doubloon charge to change capt skills for much longer if not forever. 4pts take forever to get and if you make a mistake it costs way to much!!!!!!!
  6. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    i reset all of my commander skills without cost, thanks WG good call to offer that. i would like to see what the community thinks is a better skills now with 8.0
  7. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    AI bots at lower tiers

    Wow maybe the funniest thing I've ever seen on this form.. you know the player is saving every penny for a $5000 silicone bot partner to show no mercy too..
  8. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    Brit DD's SOON! (tm)

    I was thinking about getting a Campbelltown so I could level the captains on the new boats however it would be nice to know if they are going to upgrade the Campbelltown to-play like these new Royal Navy DD's
  9. Yeah what he said.. but what is a PVP? Haha. Sure I only have 400 battle's however I think it's just too much whining over this. We didn't lose camo or flags just some time playing a game that we actually enjoy... I spent a couple hours and played eight or nine matches . You guys are treating this like it's a job and you lost a huge amount of money. I got some free stuff and what's a super container??? I thought they got rid of those I haven't had one of those in months. Close this thread and move on.
  10. Dude it's a game, get over yourself. It's fun and basically free. If I loose some camouflage and flags no big deal..I love the s hit out of this game.. Stop the whining, grow up ??? Its So bad I couldn't quote what you posted.
  11. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    should we stop playing the Game until this is fixed

    Same here and all the games i played in were full of players.. wish i had my stuff back.. i'm sure they will compensate us somehow.. but i want to grind NOW!!!! HAHAHA...
  12. Why is the EU server's basic/advanced firing training up to 140mm guns and the NA server at 139mm.. My yubari needs help and that would definitely help. Also what other things are different, not that it really matters NA players cant play on EU.....Or is it a typo? ALSO: I made many mistakes on the commander skills because new players like me cant figure out everything. i didnt even know about the wiki guide for a long time. WHY is it that WG charges SOOO MUCH to change them????? Not a happy camper on this issue..
  13. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    New play strategy for maintaining commanders and building

    After 400+ battle's and 12 ships I am up to 1 8pt and a few 6pt captains.. I probably should use the signals / camo more but they are so hard to get with commander XP bonus.. I don't because I loose alot and feel I just waste them. The commander premium ship thing is still confusing for this noob. Love the yubari and then sometimes I don't, hahahaha
  14. Old_Lead_BoTToM

    New play strategy for maintaining commanders and building

    im a noob too and i keep moving them up with new ships.. if i have a ship i like below the new ship like the t22 that i spent a ton of $$$ on. i spend the 25 doubloons to get the 3 skill pt capt. for the t22. make sense guys? so far i think i have gotten 150 doubloons in campaigns i have 8pt capt's on t6 ships so far.. hope this helps