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  1. OhWth

    AA should regenerate

    I think it would be backspace
  2. Thanks! It's all clean now.
  3. None of these are current right?
  4. Oh and, the updates folder itself is taking up 25.68 GB.
  5. Hello my fellow gamers, I do understand there has already been lots of threads already done on this topic, but the ones I have seen are only specified for Windows. I am not sure if that would also apply to Mac users, so I have created this. I'm currently using a Macbook Air with 120 GB of hard drive. Installing WoWs brought me down to 9 GB left from about 70 GB, meaning that it's taking up 61 GB of space. I was wondering which files I could delete from the "Updates" folder (for all the Mac users). A quick reply would be really useful, as my computer is running out of space. >-> Thanks, Some random person