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    CV Rework Feedback

    I've played several games in the new CV test and I have to say I do not enjoy it. I'm really just a casual player and I don't see how anyone will be able to learn the new mechanics in a reasonable amount of time. And then, the play-style is not fun. The CV is irrelevant because it take so long to set up an attack, then IF you can survive the AA to get close enough to make an attack, you either don't hit or if you do manage to hit something, it does so little damage that it seems worthless compared to the amount of time and effort for a single attack run! The concept is interesting, but it really doesn't seem to fit the game style of being the captain of a ship. The captain doesn't fly the plane. He directs the attack, but pilots execute the mission. The captain also manages the ship at the same time as the pilots are executing the mission. I don't know how you improve the current CV situation, I'm not a big fan of the RTS style we have now, but it is better than this rework. Right now, even with some balancing and adjustments, I don't see the new CV as very engaging or accessible for the average player. That will likely mean either no CVs in matches, or a very few over-powered CV players that will dominate the game after spending hundreds of hours mastering the new style, assuming the interface is capable of being mastered. And playing artillery ships, the CV is irrelevant again. Chances are they can't hit you with planes anyway. AA is so powerful and completely passive that you just ignore it, even with the stupid changing the side to reinforce thing. Then by chance if a plane does hit, it does so little damage you don't need to worry about it. The fighter plane mechanic is also strange. You have to send a strike aircraft to a FRIENDLY target in order to drop a defensive fighter zone to protect the ships. The planes can easily avoid the enemy fighter zones, but have no protection against enemy AA. We should be able to direct the fighters from the ship even if we don't fly them like strike aircraft. The visual aids with the fighters is an improvement. I wanted to like this new idea, but I don't. I would recommend dropping this update and keeping the existing system until something better can be devised.