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  1. Thank you so much! it's nice to see the fancy camos I have.
  2. so, I have a few fancy camos for ships the the game says that displaying them is disabled. Can I fix that in setting or something or no?
  3. Target_1

    Atlantico is a disappointment

    Actually I HAVE read the thread... and I'm glad the nice fellow had a good game in the thing. I can tell you from many many experiences with the thing that the battle he describes was an absolute fluke of luck. The ships he listed would tear Atlantico to pieces within a minute or two. I stand by my initial statement... this ship is weak by tier 8 standards.
  4. Target_1

    Atlantico is a disappointment

    Oh hell, I've gotten a Kraken in the thing... it's not all bad... but... it compares poorly to other tier 8 ships... something a premium ship that you have to PAY for should not do.
  5. I've played likely dozens of games now in my Atlantico and I find the ship disappointing... at least disappointing as a tier 8 The health pool is low by tier 8 standards The main guns are weak and have short range by tier 8 standards The ship is crawlingly slow for a tier 8 The main feature of the ship, it's much anticipated secondaries are very slow firing... not very accurate... and of little value against heavy ships as they mostly don't pen and do no damage. They don't even light fires that often. All things concerned, the ship ought to be either down-tiered to a 7 or given a significant number of buffs to make it competitive as an 8. As it stands now, it is likely the slowest, weakest T8 in the game. Poor recommendation for a premium ship.
  6. Target_1

    Explain Siegfried to me

    I'll add the note that I had 2 other, more powerful BBs with me... and he also ruined them with apparently little effort and taking almost no damage. One is inclined to wonder why this is.
  7. I was in a match that included the German tier 9 cruiser Siegfried... I was using Atlantico My shots all did next to nothing to the Siegfried even at close range and fairly broadside... while all of his shots seemed to be purest gold no matter the distance or how I was angled. I notice the ship isn't on the tech tree... One is inclined to wonder why it is so overly powerful. I've used my Atlantico many times now and no one has been able to abuse me with each and every salvo regardless of angle like that Siegfried did... Battleships do less damage to me. What's up with this?
  8. The Ultimate Treat bundle that you can buy for $34.99 I think... it shows a picture of a 30 badge normally used for premium accounts so that part seems self explanatory... it also shows a safe with credits and a smaller safe with dubloons... but even if I click on it, it doesn't list exactly WHAT you'd be buying. Anyone wish to share those details? I think I'll need to buy some dubloons to finish out the Atlantico, so I was curious. Thanks
  9. I know! I just need to set up a Go Fund Me for Dubloons page yah? :-P
  10. So, by the end of the week, I will have ground away all the grindable stages for Atlantico... after putting in so much effort, I might want to get it even though I've never spent money on this game before. Any recommended bundles/cost effective way to get the dubloons?... or will I just have to spend $20 and buy 2 of the 2500 dubloon bundles?
  11. Target_1

    Atlantico and dubloons

    Actually, I HAVE completed all the phases that have come up so far... I have to wait til Monday for the next set of achievements to open up. Grinding all the available free phases is not that difficult AND demonstrates that I have NO LIFE.
  12. Target_1

    Atlantico and dubloons

    The thousands of dollars thing comes from there being a plethora of premium "dubloon only" ships that many people have... that might easily cost over $100 per ship... and lord knows, permanent camos etc etc. you can spend a god awful ton of dubloons and they ain't free. The $20 amount sited was only for finishing up 3 levels on 1 ship... the Atlantico... not buying anything from the ground up.
  13. Target_1

    Atlantico and dubloons

    so basically, I'd have to drop a minimum $20 into buying dubloons for this ship. Good God... I wonder how much most of the dubloon premium ships actually cost people. Folks must have thousands of dollars tied up in this game.
  14. so, if I grind away ALL the available building phases in the dockyard... how many dubloons would I still need to finish up the Atlantico so I could actually use it?
  15. Target_1

    Italian DD yolo attacks

    especially at the lower tiers... like 5-6... the BBs tend to be slow and usually haven't moved much even if you do lose sight of them for a few seconds. I've screwed it up before, but it seems to work more often than not.