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  1. Target_1

    Possible computer with the new update

    Amazon seems to have lots and lots in the low price area... I guess I'll start by looking there. Thanks.
  2. as you may or may not know, I can't play right now due to the new update being too much for my laptop to handle a computer I found at Best Buy for a pretty good price has the following specs. 8 GB RAM Intel HD 630 i3 8100... I think cpu speed was 3.10 Ghz but it was a 32 bit system would world of warships work on this machine?
  3. Target_1

    My computer system

    Tried to play a Coop game... wouldn't even load me into that.... No shooty boats makes Target_1 (something something)
  4. Target_1

    My computer system

    hold up... OP is NOT fishing for a donation. NOT NOT NOT I like handling my own problems and honestly I am not up on what specs are for computers these days. I mostly check facebook, the news, watch some videos and play WoWs... til now. Oh, and yes.... I've ALWAYS had problems running the game... always load in a couple minutes late, my frame rate was always down in the single digits... made it quite challenging when you really don't know exactly where things are... but I enjoy the game enough that the small problems were something I could cope with. The current update just took the smallish problems and made them LARGE almost insurmountable problems. I'll get there... hell, I even have an old tower that would cover the case, and a few drives and such... I'd just have to swap out the main board, CPU and a few other things... or buy a used PC from Best Buy... that might do it too. Just have to save my money for a bit... but I'll get there.
  5. Target_1

    Wargaming... you win...

    gave it one last try... turned everything down to lowest settings... volume, any background noises, turned off collision avoidance and anything else I could no change at all... I didn't load in to the battle I queued up for. I was just given a teamkill penalty for non-participation since I didn't load into the last couple battles I tried... now I'm sure they just added another penalty on to that one... probably banned from most types of battles. doesn't much matter since I can't play anyway. Thanks to those who tried to help but it's time for me to shove off. Farewell.
  6. Target_1

    My computer system

    I'm already at lowest settings... and now, when I queue up for battle... I either don't load in or I load in several minutes late. either way, unacceptable.
  7. Target_1

    My computer system

    I didn't think folks generally updated laptops... I wish mine was a tower, but it's not
  8. Target_1

    My computer system

    Sorry, I am of the working poor... buying a new pc is out for me. I guess if my system can't handle the update, it can't... and I'll regretably have to sign off. wish I had options... but I don't so... se la vi
  9. Target_1

    My computer system

    Just double checking the facts before I sign off for who know how long... maybe for good. My computer has Windows 7 Home Premium... it's 64 bit cpu is Intel Pentium (R) P6000 1.87 Ghz 4.00 Gig RAM I'm not sure about the graphics properties... it's a Dell Inspiron apparently from 2009 With the new update, is it time to just hang it up?
  10. Target_1

    Clan ponderings

    Well, it appears you are correct. I've been updated out of the game. It's a damn shame. I can't afford to do anything about it. I really enjoyed that game tech marches on and I am left if the dust.
  11. Target_1

    Wargaming... you win...

    Yes, I have a job... and yes... I'm poor... oh well. I use my money to pay my bills and keep food on the table... I never will be "well off"... just a simple fact. I enjoyed the game and I know it's not Wargaming's fault that they updated... it happens. It's just a damn shame for me personally... but life goes on. it's been nice but peace out.
  12. I'm one of the players they just updated out of the game... my system can't do it. I can run the game but when I queue up for a battle, it doesn't load me in... the battle starts and sometimes after several minutes I finally load in and it works fine... but I'm way way late getting in... people [edited] me out for being afk. so... I'm not rich... can't buy a new pc... I'm screwed. damn shame, I really liked the game
  13. your latest update has killed my ability to play the game. though the game will run, now if I load into a battle at all, it's several minutes late and I'm dead or the game is mostly over and players are pissy with me treating me like an afk when I was sitting waiting to get in the game the whole time. So, I guess you killed me for good this time... I can't play at all really now. so frustrating. and yes, I was already at lowest settings... so that won't help.
  14. Target_1

    Clan ponderings

    Well, I'm guessing there is some clan based "thing" coming up? I've been getting a lot of invites just lately. also, any notion on how I might find that expired invite I mentioned? They were first in line in recent days... so I thought I'd talk to them first
  15. Target_1

    Clan ponderings

    So, I've been invited to join many clans... but some things I wonder about. 1. Does it cost anything to be in a clan? I guess it does to create one, but what about just being a member? (I'm a "free" player... ain't gots no money) 2. The one I had thought of accepting expired on me before I got back to it and now I can't find them.... I though it was like POW-MIA or something 3. I'd feel bad accepting a clan invitation since my old computer is soooo slow that I'm normally in the low single digits for frame rate... outright can't do CVs as my frame rate is too low.... and, of course, I'm limited in general due to my low frame rate.... ships teleport on me, sometimes distances are very inaccurate which makes getting hits a challenge, and sometimes stuff just plain doesn't work... like targetting my secondaries is often unresponsive. makes me feel like I'd be more of a burden to a clan than an asset. thoughts? (and no, I can't get a new computer right now )