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  1. luke_le_grand_duke

    PTS 0.10.2

    I got nothing negative to say about the PTS 0.10.2 and their was no glitch for me. Loved the new visual, and i hade tons of fun in the big hunt mode. well done. Thanks.
  2. Looking forward to the stream. Seriously, It is hard to look at the game with so beautiful co-host, just saying. Compliments only :)
  3. luke_le_grand_duke


    First off Zath, I hope for you and your love ones a great 2020. Thanks for all your work and great content in 2019. Now, Thank you for your commentary on my replay in my Atago B. I still remember my game, one of my first game in tier 8 cruiser, very nervous, not really sure what to do or where to be. I am a below average player, I stated to play in my 50s (never gamed before), started to play this game in mid 2018 and loving it. I am starting to get the hang of cruiser play whit the help of yourself and other CCs like SeaRaptor, Notser, Flamu ect. My stats are getting better in the last past 2 months so thanks again for your sharing on better tactics to help us getting better. I will keep grinding my skills to get better in 2020.