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  1. LordOuranos

    Just starting the US Battleship line

    Which is exactly why I don't get how a German BB push would make any sense right? A ship that has much bigger main guns (anyone other than Germans) without the requirement to go hard in can easily counter your slamming BB push by simply... moving away. Now the German BB is slinking around being useless while the enemy ships with actual range continue to bombard the team and annihilate them. This easily counterable offensive also requires a team that knows what teamwork is! While I can maybe agree that a good German BB with an actual team would work fantastically, this still requires a competent team. The question really comes in, exactly when does a solo BB with a team that doesn't know what teamwork is go in? It really isn't that hard to push when you have a team that knows what they are doing, that's a no-brainer that honestly makes me wonder why people don't understand it. While a USN ship can fire from a distance, and simply use their skill at aiming to decimate the enemy (with some knowledge of stupidly simple angling mechanics and leading your aim) what does a solo German Battleship do except for exactly what the USN ship does, but far worse due to its generally far worse ranged weaponry?
  2. LordOuranos

    Just starting the US Battleship line

    The odd bit here is I actually started a little on playing destroyers like the wickes and enjoying it quite a bit. I learned how to quite easily ambush people and destroy battleships, so I have a good idea of how to stop them from a distance. The problem is the advice on how to play German BB's is oddly exactly where my strengths as a DD were with respect to using islands and such to block shots and get in close. The problem is that what the people advise me to do on the German Battleships are exactly what makes me a happy DD player. To see an enemy battleship coming at me to get in close while I can easily stealth and use smoke to make sure they cant see, while my torpedoes rip them a new one... absolute heaven. Its the fact I have an idea of how DD's play that makes me cringe whenever I see advice in the form of "do exactly what an enemy DD would love you to do". On the USN, however, Like I said I know what the Destroyer is going to do, and since I have no need to move in close to make use of half my damage output (in the form of secondaries) I can easily stay at range, dodge torpedoes, and rip into the destroyers like paper.
  3. LordOuranos

    Just starting the US Battleship line

    I suppose my biggest concern there is how to play the ships. People seem to agree that the Germans are easier to play, but so far I have seen the opposite effect. Most games with my Konig or kaiser I was running maybe 40k damage even when against same to lower tier ships, which is pretty bad overall. The requirement to get in close seems to mess me up as going in without the team is death, but not going in and trying to range it is also death as the German ranged is quite pitiful compared to battleships of the same tier. So far with the USN battleship (just the tier 3 South Carolina) I have seen comparable damage to my t4 and t5! Without the need to go in close (where dd's in smoke await to slaughter me while the enemy battleships tear me to pieces 15km away) I can easily dodge torpedoes and deal damage. Maybe the trick is to wait until later tier, but there is no fun in grinding through hours on a game to finally hit the decent bits. Maybe someday Ill try the Konig again and see if people will be nice enough to not CV or DD or torpedo cruiser me before I hit my secondary 6km range, but until then this USN line is already playing fantastically for me. Thanks for the gameplay advice as well, everyone.
  4. LordOuranos

    Just starting the US Battleship line

    I try to watch youtube vids of superb players and the such and I try to mimic them. Somehow Instead of tanking by and annihilating people in brawling range, I find the destroyers prancing by and killing me with torpedoes as my team ignores it, or simply being focused and killed since people arent dumb and know I am powerful in close. Its not really how you play correctly, its how the people around you play to support your position. If my team ignores the destroyer and lets it torpedo me, im not sure how my skill is supposed to mystically make the torpedoes stop before they kill my slowboat. With the way people play selfishly in this game, its better off not choosing a ship who relies heavily on other players skill, and instead on my own skill.
  5. LordOuranos

    Just starting the US Battleship line

    Are they generally required to be within 6km or so (secondary range) to be usable (like german) or can you get away with more range?
  6. I have seen a lot of discussions around for info on specific ships, but I was wondering if anyone had a decent overview of how the US battleships worked? I just came from T5 German Battleships (god id rather stick my hand in a blender than play that trash again), and I have gotten a lot of habits that are supposedly bad for US ships. Is there a general strategy that the US ships have? (like for germans its generally, hide behind islands hoping to not get torpedoed and bum rush into secondary range) Or are they too varied to have a general game plan for them? Also how is the line overall? Bad parts, good parts, etc?
  7. After moving on and trying literally just the St. Louis... my god its like dying and going to heaven. Not having to sneak around islands and enjoy getting 1 shot by a destroyer, or trying to get into a range where the guns aren't trash while getting annihilated by their entire team (whether or not im angled perfectly), my god, its like the game became good. I dont understand how some of you manage to sneak around islands and get into range, but I seem to fight people who arent idiots and see me trying to get into secondary range and slaughter me before I get there. Im switching to US, whomever can make these horrific german battleships work, you are gods.
  8. "Art" of the ambush? What is the art part is what I'm asking. People generally aren't so dense as to not notice me hiding behind an island or something. These battleships aren't exactly made of stealth. Tell me, how do you set up this art exactly?
  9. So how would I go about changing my playstyle to work with the german battleships? Like I said they seem fun but trying to get into close range seems like foolhardy suicide. Is it really just wait in the back until my team gets stuff done?
  10. I suppose I should just play US ships instead. I hear they are a lot more reliable in fights overall
  11. Is this consistent with most German battleships, or mainly only early game? Cleanup crew isn't that bad, but that does mean I need to rely on my team, and I would rather rely on a kleptomaniac to watch my great grandmothers jewelry than rely on my team to not eat it.
  12. I am genuinely curious how you are supposed to get in close with a german battleship so you aren't worthless (as long-ranged firing for a german battleship is worse than using a slingshot to kill a bear). I have tried going deeper into a fight to get some close range work, but my team always just runs away and leaves me to die. The rare moment they don't run away and leave me to solo the enemy team, I am targeted by torpedoes and immediately destroyed. The only other strategy I can think of is hide behind a mountain and do nothing while hoping my team is capable of not getting nuked within 5 minutes, which is honestly as fun as chopping wood in runescape. Is there some secret to playing these freaking things that I have yet to discover, or should I just move on to Japanese battleships so I can kill enemy ships many Km away? I am using the Kaiser, If that would change anything.