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  1. Steeler_Nation_USA

    *faints* Wukong from first free Lunar crate

    wg is not smart. any gamer on this board could come up with a better marketing strategy to expand the base and increase customer sat then the RU JV crew.
  2. Steeler_Nation_USA

    'Rewards'? What 'Rewards'?

    flamu flambass noster sealordmtbatten zerra arreon are a few
  3. Steeler_Nation_USA

    'Rewards'? What 'Rewards'?

    I would watch some YouTube videos and definitely suggest something with AA when you start your Tech Tree climb, or play a bunch in CoOp to get the feel of the lines.
  4. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Your opinion on Wukong?

    irian is a blast. 13.5 torps with low CE and it kites like a champ.
  5. Steeler_Nation_USA

    My Results from a 40 Crate LUNAR This Morning...

    Congrats OP. I have Irian so i could not see a reason to worry about this Cruiser. Irian is an awesome ship.
  6. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Lock-On Fix?

    Something is and has been bugged with that for a long time. Even if you are NOT locked on, if you aim at the ship behind the ship in front of you (one directly behind the other) you will never hit it, it always aims/sorta at the ship closest. I am not sure of all calibers maybe floaty shells will get over, but most are not even close.
  7. Steeler_Nation_USA

    How can i stay home and play ships instead of working?

    Sell used boat parts on the internet.
  8. Cartman Stan Kenny >U killed Kenny. (XX Gold premium) Butters ??? i like those and i am sure WG's excellent Marketing dept loves them some subtitled South Park episodes.
  9. Steeler_Nation_USA

    WG You Just Created Two Meme Ships for the Lunar New Year

    Get him an application. I think Marketing's current experience is probably with a local snow shack franchise. They probably pay in broken down Lada's and deflationed Rubles but wtheck.
  10. Steeler_Nation_USA

    My investment in this game is complete

    Dark Souls series, Blood Borne and now Jedi. There is 1-2 years of your life with some of the best games ever made (Not Jedi, it's just good) for WoWships players that like Strategy/War/Build variety and a hard challenge in single player. This will keep you of the bars and a great diversion to WG's [edited].
  11. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Used up all my luck on the British event

    The Tier 6 is borderline OP so far in my play. Well armored hits like a truck, low CE and heals. Plus Def AA. Very strong.
  12. Steeler_Nation_USA

    I just can't handle the... whatever... anymore.

    Install another game when you get some bad matches in a row. I am installing Jedi as we speak. I like this game alot but it wears on you after a while if things go south. WG greed and lack of dealing with CV's in a SHIP game drives me nuts. Otherwise T 4-6 could be a good diversion for less stressful days but no... not a chance. Co-op should be labeled training mode.
  13. Steeler_Nation_USA

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    Well I think in this case with your nonsensical arguments and "stats" it might be deserved. But moving on... and gee i got a warning from the ever busy mods so party on... oh boy. slapped.
  14. Steeler_Nation_USA

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    Your stats are old dude. Off by about 375 battles or whatever. I have Ark, Graf and Saipan. Like i said snowflake knockers and port queens. I would rather play actual ships and ya know have a challenge rather then [edited] CV's players hiding behind a rock with unlimited planes.
  15. Steeler_Nation_USA

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    There has been a billion threads on improving MM/AA/whatever. WG doesn't give a crap - that is the frustration with non CV players and the OP. People can [edited] all they want when they want. They don't have to do WG job for them not that they read this other then a few Mods anyway. Call it Bitc$c7 therapy.