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  1. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Prefer a CV refund with ships. It's fair.

    They will be crapping their pants soon make no mistake since many have closed their wallets or aren't playing anymore..
  2. console graphics in the Beta i played were pretty bad. It's going to have to improve alot to be viable.
  3. So many developer resources that could of been spent on a kick [edited]story driven campaigns/maps/ new modes etc that would of EXPANDED the player base, rather than kill it by 10% PER WEEK and almost 40% in battles. DAMN man.
  4. Yep, have stopped playing by about 80% over the past week or so. Anthem/Metro lots of decisions and WG greed and ineptitude in killing their own game/disregard for the customer turns me off. The are all for the dollar not the player experience or economy balancing. Reap what you sow Russians.
  5. Steeler_Nation_USA

    $56 US for Vanguard

    Agreed- Game is stale, needs new modes, maps, campaigns, story driven historical missions, not more expensive and overpriced crap.
  6. Steeler_Nation_USA

    $56 US for Vanguard

    THE GREED IS STRONG with our friends in the sales/marketing dept at WG.
  7. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Annoying Bundles in the Premium Shop

    Yep Metro Exodus is here on Friday i think that will be my new go-to. This game is fun but it needs an authentic story driven campaign big time, new maps and idk what else. Such a waste on the CV's when all they had to do was tweak it.
  8. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Jean Bart...best BB for Ranked?

    As long as you don't listen to moron ranked teammates that want you to push early with the Musashi then it is a strong ship. I am all for supporting DD's but 4 or 5 torps from a Kit is going to ruin your day.
  9. Steeler_Nation_USA

    The PSA I shouldn't have to issue

    I am all for being nice and all but it doesn't take 100 players testing to easily find out the CV's were way overprowered, F KEY abuse, spotting would be issues. Do they play their own game? That is a better question.
  10. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Who is enjoying the Irian?

    Looks alot weaker than Eugen or Sharny.
  11. CVS were EASY DAMAGE MODE and Basically untouchable with a defender or two around. Now they are back to being part of the team/process.
  12. Steeler_Nation_USA

    How to fix the problem from the Community.

    There is your wargaming fluffer. Enjoy.
  13. Steeler_Nation_USA

    How to fix the problem from the Community.

    I AGREE OP- Maybe you should apply for a job with this clueless customer company- they need people with common CUSTOMER sense.
  14. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    face it. they don't care about the customer. the CV shitshowwwww it a perfect example of this. They only care about declining revenue so they nerf a premium then release a B model like Atago or Asahsio B and reskin it and sell it to you in a progressive loot bundle with a bunch of extra [edited] flags for $125.00 or a stupid hockey player and 10 skills. whoopee do. Understand?
  15. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    Nerfing paid ships it total bullhittt and the people that defend such practice should be shipped to Siberia to suck on some ice.