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  1. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Stricter punishment for AFK

    30 min on first offense. 3 hrs on second. 3 days on 3rd
  2. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Premium battleship indications

    Mass best Tier 8 Randoms BB- not even close. Terp decent but guns too RNG. Mass VERY Easy to play. Don't worry about these people telling you to play Tier 6 lol. That Tier sucks for BB's. With Mass you get in the action and brawl. LOL how hard is that? Watch a few YT replays and you will know how to play it. Some of these "elitists" up here are too funny. They probably are co-op players.
  3. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Season 17 ranked.

    Mass/Kutuzov/Irian for me.
  4. Steeler_Nation_USA

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    I thought the ship sucked. Definitely not OP. Can't brawl and is only good at 15K angled shots and the RNG on Pens against BB's is bad.
  5. Steeler_Nation_USA

    What BB line to play in random

    I would just get a MASS and be done with it. Play 1K games in that and you will have a good time. Win/R wgaf? Have fun is the most important thing and that is a very easy ship to play.
  6. Steeler_Nation_USA

    ETA for Canadian Carriers?

    A barge filled with Molson and Tweed?
  7. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Tallinn Help

    Yeah i jumped back into my Bart and i was like hell this is what a 9 (or 10) lol should feel like. Messing people up right and left.
  8. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Tallinn Help

    I just got the Riga and i find her very hard to play so i am not surprised Tallinn is as well.. I expected the Armor to be better then it is but unless you are well angled or bow in around 15K you can get Citd pretty easy by most BB's. The guns are pretty good but you can't get close enough unless you play peek a boo behind an island otherwise you are back to port quickly. To me it seems like a poor turning Irian one tier higher without torps. I wanted to play it aggressive around radar range and i find it hard to do that the way Riga behaves. It sure as hell isn't OP, in fact i think it should be Tier 8 or 8.5
  9. Steeler_Nation_USA

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    >>>> Gotta point out subs, CV rework, NTC and RB . eviltane---All of that IS cookie cutter, or not needed or contributing to overall gameplay. SUBS is just a cash grab. Global War Campaign/Story driven DLC missions is something that would be innovative.
  10. Steeler_Nation_USA

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Still no global campaign mode / no investment in a kick [edited]story DLC type mode. Bizmark, Yammy, Midway, Leyte Gulf. North Atlantic etc... They are a cookie cutter cut and paste shop at this point. They do that well but they do not innovate.
  11. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    What are the next Tier 9 premium RU cruisers currently in testing? thanks
  12. Steeler_Nation_USA

    When will RU cruiser line be final and available?

    This season if we have a season. One more rodeo hopefully.
  13. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Champagne is here...

    WG should give you free stuff after all you have bought from them. Plus you give them free PR. Mods???