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  1. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Gratz WG! Made a camper out of me!

    Subs need a stealth mechanic that can be turned on and surface ships are aware but no idea. Then kill the homing torp mechanic. Skill needs to come into play.
  2. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Anniversary Bonus Code

    you guys are rock stars!
  3. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Man Brawl is built for MASS.

    Just took on a Lennin and a CV on that stupid island map and crushed em. Helps that CV didn't run a bit i guess. Mass That cheeky Soviet CV Brandenberg/Terp French Suicide DD's
  4. Steeler_Nation_USA

    But are they fun?

    a propeller screw could damage a german subs steel outer skin?
  5. Steeler_Nation_USA

    My first and Second Brandenburg games (Updated)

    I never got much into Tirp. I think in brawl it is fine but the guns are so wonky they turned me off. Keep in mind Brandenburg is a bit more nimble and easier to get in and out of tight spots.
  6. Steeler_Nation_USA

    My first and Second Brandenburg games (Updated)

    Ah not so fast my friend, the torps are a difference-maker. yes, overall i would rather have mass but this is basically a baby mass with torps. Just need to watch your sides a bit. brawl suits it perfectly. really comes down to the players ability to adjust.
  7. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Brandenburg build

    secondary all the way, then jump into brawls. good times good times..don't have to worry about fire in those..
  8. Steeler_Nation_USA

    My first and Second Brandenburg games (Updated)

    It reminds me of Scharnhorst but with more guns. Secondaries not sure yet. after more games in it, it again to me plays like a scharn but with more pow. secondaries spray a bit- not MASS level but good. biggest weakness IMO is torp protection and that you can't do jack against BB's at 15K and over. Cruisers that is another story. This thing is a 15K cit queen for cruisers with the output.
  9. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Subs and state of the game in a Nutshell...-Flamu's take.

    barely effect by subs? you need to rewatch it. the whole point is they couldn't push in cause they had two subs on that flank and didn't know where they were for the majority of the time, one even went thru and behind them and also nuked the hindenburgh into oblivion who was basically playing passive. plus the dd's smoking in the middle brought gameplay to a hide behind the rock standstill in a BB.. perfectly fun for all right??? lmbo. SUB players love it cause it is a turkey shoot.
  10. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Subs and state of the game in a Nutshell...-Flamu's take.

    He's a great player and judging from the comments on his post on YT many agree with him including me. It's fine if we have a boatload of WG supporters on their sponsored forum-, i get it but he is right. All we need is more invisible subs/torps, more HE spam and more secondary specd BB's that won't even move out of spawn. That is not a fun play style especially when they just sold the ship for a crapload of dubs. But maybe if they play their game they will come to the same evaluation and counters rather then DCP needs to be employed. This is not a new take, this is take 500 or so on this subject.
  11. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Homing mechanic theory. Why?

    "quite easy to dodge lmbo. yes, 50% chance if you burn a dcp, if you don't you are dead.
  12. Steeler_Nation_USA

    Subs are ruining randoms...actually no, they're not.

    LOL -Why don't you post his updated Video? lol
  13. Steeler_Nation_USA

    How did your bids go?

    106mil was not a winner for me.