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  1. Renato1280

    (Not) Saving Transylvania

    Of course it is hard mode. War Gaming does not have a strong connection, or something went wrong. My internet was always strong and I did not lose connection to the internet, but the game had a DNS problem and disconected me. It is very hard to complete the operation when you can''t shoot, isn't it?
  2. Renato1280


    If players that are 90 days inactive earn a ship, what does players that log in 90 consecutive days receive?
  3. Renato1280

    Royal Navy Hall of fame containers not given

    Actually, you are right! I just thought I would have a bigger reward for surpassing 50% of all players (I just made 1584 points, almost golden league), but that was it. Just 3 flags, I guess I did not pay much attention to it, because, well, they are not great reward at all, and the game crashed just the beggining of the day. I guess Wargaming is securing their virtuall items very tight, isn't it? I will just drop playing this event. It is a useless thing reward wise, it makes a terrible experience. It is a lost time. I should be back to unblocking the tech tree.
  4. I did not receive royal navy containers from hall of fame. I am tracking this for a long time and I am not receiving them... when are they going to be given?
  5. Renato1280

    Build or save oil

    I am clan Leader, and I have also to decide where to spend oil. The first few levels have the greatest perks at the least costs. And each level exponentially costs more and reward less. So it may make sense to spend some oil on the cheapest things that appear. But it is not always like that. Some people could have opposite views, when trying to research things. How would someone choose between xp bonus, regular xp, free, commander? And at what price? It is somewhat difficult. I chose to spend the clan 2.0 rebuild to increase clan to 40 and get the first levels of everything, the make it round. But now, I have to choose between spending 6k oil on Level 4 Ship Building Port, which would give 2% additional discount on all researchable buys (on top of 10%). Or should I hoard 12k oil and have additional 5% discount on service on top of 5% discount? Let''s see this through tier 6 american BB and then tier 8 american BB: Operation cost Tier 6: 23000 Tier 8: 75000 Buying price: Tier 6: 3450000 Tier 8: 9800000 Buying price/ service: T6 = 150 T8 ~= 131 What do I have now: Discount on operation: T6 = 1150 T8 = 3750 Discount on buying: T6 = 345000 T8 = 980000 What would I have if I increased a level of both? Operation discount: T6 = 2300 T8 = 7500 Ship price discount:: T6 = 414000 T8 = 1176000 Now, considering you buy your ship once, and you can play as much as you want... how many service, should make up for the discount? Diference in buying discount / difererence in service discount: T8 = (1176000-980000)/(7500-3750) = 196000/3750 ~= 52 T6 = (414000 - 345000)/(2300-1150) = 69000/1150 ~= 60 That 52 and 60 is the number of games you have to play to pay back the discount in buying price. I mean, T6 is not so much expensive ship at all. All tier 6 and below are profitable. I think people don't struggle a lot buying those ships... But service from level 8 and upwards can turn from profit to loss, so increasing the discount seems a very reasonable choice. As the operation costs run at each game and run forever, contrary to a one time discount, it seems that it makes more sense to hoard the double of oil for it. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Operating_Cost http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:North_Carolina http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:New_Mexico
  6. Does the different type of camos have "hidden" different credits revenue against each other or against no camo at all?
  7. Renato1280

    Free XP grind isn't what it used to be

    Man, if you think you got those free xp really easy, I beg to differ. It seems you went to Calculus school and just knew it how to max free xp in a single battle. And you hoarded all flags and camos you have from a long time and claim you just did so much in so little time. I invite you to do some accounting classes, too. Long story short, it took you all the time you spent in hoarding those flags and camos to have all those free xp. If you take the average xp per game including the games that rewarded you those flags, it will turn nice, as you took home the max in these few matches, but may I ask you how long have you hoarding the free xp flags? Those flags of you were hoarded in what tiers? There were events, chalenges, combat missions that gave you them? Can you just repeat them on and on, or they run out? After you consider all these questions, at what speed should you judge is fast or slow? How many games on average per day should a player be able to earn a free xp premium at how many months of playing?
  8. Any thoughts on clan building strategies? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-079-royal-navy/ There are new buildings in clan base, and it seems clans will have oil refunded, so we can build structures from scratch (except for Headquarters, if previously build). Which resources are more valuable, for new and veteran players? Coal, steel, free xp, regular xp, commander xp, credit discount in buying ships, discount in service, clan size? Any ideas to give a clan leader that started the game in july/2018?
  9. Renato1280

    Russian Cruiser Line; Training Suggestions ?

    I searched this thread to look about commander skill on a 3 skill to choose from a 6 point level up, and I really thank you for this comment. I did just a little earliear a 5 five star opeartion and I look my reserve and there it was a 10 point russian commander. Thank you! I don't know if that was by a 5 star Aegis operation done today or if it was an earlier one.
  10. I think it would be great to have bilateral lock of turrets. See here:


  11. Renato1280

    Doubt - Upgrades

    Hmm, it is sure a hefty price, I must say, in the arsenal at least. It is 17000 coal with discount. In more than a month, I gathered 27k coal. I would only buy it it for premium ships, I guess. I am not spending doublons to demount and mount it. Maybe I will have some containers to the get the upgrades modification, much cheaper that way.
  12. Renato1280

    Doubt - Upgrades

    Are the upgrades that we buy at the arsenal permanent? Do we buy once and does it unlock the upgrades for all available and apropriate ships? Or is it an item we have to buy it for every ship and demount and mount it?
  13. Renato1280

    Rant - ships not fighting

    Coward ribbon definition and suggestion: Being alive in the end of a losing game and have not dealt 15% of your own ship HP in damage. The ""reward" of this ribbon: +100% service expense.
  14. Renato1280

    Rant - ships not fighting

    You, sir, did not even understand what this post is all about. I am not complaining about my win rate.
  15. Renato1280

    Rant - ships not fighting

    The objective of the game is to play it. If someone just stays alive till the game ends, running away of all the fleet, just to have a higher percentage of survivability, they should be punished. Why? Because they do not let other people play with their boats which get blocked. Just now, a DD stayed alive and just went to the corner and stayed there two minutes till the game end. Losing life time and energy of the team which were hunting him, but just did not know where he was, because of low detectability. 7 people losing time. There could be also other people losing their time watching or waiting to a ship to be released. Is this the way to play the game? And before you say I did not play well, I killed 25 aircraft, sunk a boat. The other aircraft destroyed 4 aircraft and sunk noone.