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  1. Renato1280

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    They could indeed ban my account, but they also should they provide clear information on why it did it. And if it says it banned me because I put in court, then we could go in court again and they should need to refund all money spent in the game (some doubts about premium time), plus other kind of money, all corrected by inflation and interest. And some of us have indeed spent a lot.
  2. Renato1280

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    I do not know where do you play from. I play from Brazil. Here in Brazil there is a consumer law "Lei 8078/90" that states in Art. 37: Translating from Google that means: Art. 37. All misleading or abusive advertising is prohibited. §1º Any form of information or communication of a publicity nature, wholly or partly false, or otherwise even misleading, capable of misleading the consumer as to the nature, characteristics, quality, quantity, properties, origin, price and any other product and service data. I have the Portuguese version of the anouncement: It basicaly says it is totally possible to Build Puerto Rico only using the free boosters. And that you only need to conclude the directives. And that is the problem. It is simple not doable to do all directives by just playing the game. You know, there are only 24h in any given day. They even put the spreadsheet (official one). According to the brazillian law, they would need to produce the proofs of what is in dispute. And if a consumer asks for it to prove it is doable by humans playing the game, they would need to prove that a human actually did it, without using doubloon booster. Not only they would need to prove that a human did it, but they should prove they advertised that it was destined for those kind of players, but not as a general, normal player, as they advertised. Or that would be misleading and abusive advertising. So, basically, they should prove that many players did it without using paid boosters. And if the consumer complains, the Wargaming has to answer it. And if the consumer does not have the issue resolved, it can complain in the court for free. But it is not free for wargaming to defend itself, I guess... not only should it visit many courts in Brazil, the lawers that do it ask way more than 6k doubloon value to do it. So, at least in Brazil, they should give doublons back. Not only they lose anything, it saves money. The doubloons on accounts, they received already, and will probably be spent. If they are not spent, they got money beforehand, so no losses.
  3. Renato1280

    Can I ask for a refund?

    Ok, I will use that post.
  4. I bought the first booster to Puerto Rico. I don't think I will be able to make it. Actually, even if I bought the second one I think I would not make it, really. I got disappointed to waste 6k doubloons. Can I ask a refund on those doublons spent, as the Puerto Rico construction has not started yet?
  5. Renato1280

    Doubt - max dispersion

    When I read in port "max dispersion", what does it mean? Does it mean that at max range it is that dispersion? What happens when I upgrade the guns' range, either by an upgrade or by slot upgrade? Does it mean that it will get more precise at lower ranges?
  6. Renato1280

    Santa's Mega Gift delivered

    Now you must have a long time playing your premium ships to even mount all those modules that you have also to pay credit for.
  7. Would it be possible to have some extra columns to all ribbons? Also, extra columns for total enemy % of damage, and one % to each one of them, organized for 1, 2 tier up/down (+-1, +-2)? And also, all info from after battle reports?
  8. Renato1280

    3 day switch for clans

    I have 40 clan member capacity. Most of them play everyday. It is very hard, though, to have 7 people that can make clan battle game. Even the Tier 6 one. Actually, the way I see it, the norm is to have a very difficult time to gather people required to battle clan. Any easiness is a exception, from what we see in forums, forum recruitment and team play.
  9. Renato1280

    CvC and Prime Time Matching

    It is still a second job for most. Something is wrong with the game and with clan battles. More thought should be put to it. This is far from be solved. I am very worried that this was top priority since January.
  10. This Update are giving horrible xp and credit calculation. It is like I am not even premium. And my team mates also had terrible xp, so I guess it is a generalised problem.
  11. Renato1280


    Ten years ago, I went to store and heard an advertisement: buy 4 packs of 10 socks. With it you earn a shoe. In small words it says it is a left shoe. And that you should have bought a right shoe with them before, or can buy it now (the price of the right shoe is the same for a pair of shoes). Long story short. That small store is now out of market. Just kidding WG defenders, please don't attack me now. It was a bad idea. It should be mission for any kind of ship, either regular or B version, no?
  12. It is your graphic card. You could use lower quality video configuration, and increase fps, but it would probably not be good to watch. You would need some better good graphic card and probably good monitor (resolution wise), but your program could probably stream better than you see it monitor, though. There is a wows requirements page, that you could use to help you. But my page in my language don't show it!
  13. I read the wiki, the forum review. Equip upgrades. Train a captain till 3 point. And then battle.
  14. Renato1280


    We restarted the client. It seemed there was an update 51 minutes ago. We try it and tell.
  15. Renato1280

    Best Tier and ship to earn credits? HELP!

    I have come back and back again to search a new ship to make money at. And I keep coming back to this post. So I will make my contribution. I don't know if I am right, but I think the credit is a function of damage. If it is, then I will make a table of best ships per tier per type from 4 to 9 (best average damage dealers at todays stats taken from NA numbers site (24.10.2018). I will cover best 5 ships (of course, premium ships will be even better in this view): Tier 4 CV BB CA DD HOSHO Imperator Nicolai Iwaki Alpha Shenyang LANGLEY Orion Duguay-Trouin Wakeful Arkansas Kuma Isokaze Kaiser Yübari V-170 Courbet Svietlana Clemson Tier 5 Zuiho Giulio Cesare Murmansk Kamikaze Bogue Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Émile Bertin Füjin Iron Duke Marblehead Gremyashchy Konig Königsberg Minekaze Texas Kirov Okhotnik Tier 6 Ryujo Arizona Admiral Graf Spee Shinonome Independence Normandie Budyonny T-61 Mutsu Admiral Makarov Fushun Dunkerque Molotov Aigle Fuso Huanghe Anshan Tier 7 Kaga Nelson Flint Gadjah Hiryu King George V Boise Shiratsuyu Ranger Lyon Belfast Leningrad Saipan Ashitaka Nueve de Julio Z-39 Duke of York Fiji Jervis Tier 8 Graf Zeppelin Alabama Charles Martel Asashio Enterprise Massachusetts Mikhail Kutuzov Akizuki Shokaku Richelieu Chapayev Hsienyang Lexington Monarch Mogami Kiev Roma Edinburgh Lightning Tier 9 Taiho Musashi Kronshtadt Kitakaze Essex Alsace Saint-Louis Black Lion Dimitri Donsko Chung Mu Missouri Roon Jutland Izumo Ibuki Udaloi Note 1: at tier 5 BB, Arp Kongo was 4, but wouldn't it be the same Kongo? If that is the case, it would be not that good as it is almost the least damage dealer from todays. Note 2: Tier 7 Kiev (<06.03.2017) is number 5, but it seems it is Tier 8 now. There are some flags and camouflages that increases credits. If you got a permanent camouflage, that would last forever.