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  1. I think it would be great to have bilateral lock of turrets. See here:


  2. Doubt - Upgrades

    Hmm, it is sure a hefty price, I must say, in the arsenal at least. It is 17000 coal with discount. In more than a month, I gathered 27k coal. I would only buy it it for premium ships, I guess. I am not spending doublons to demount and mount it. Maybe I will have some containers to the get the upgrades modification, much cheaper that way.
  3. Doubt - Upgrades

    Are the upgrades that we buy at the arsenal permanent? Do we buy once and does it unlock the upgrades for all available and apropriate ships? Or is it an item we have to buy it for every ship and demount and mount it?
  4. Rant - ships not fighting

    Coward ribbon definition and suggestion: Being alive in the end of a losing game and have not dealt 15% of your own ship HP in damage. The ""reward" of this ribbon: +100% service expense.
  5. Rant - ships not fighting

    You, sir, did not even understand what this post is all about. I am not complaining about my win rate.
  6. Rant - ships not fighting

    The objective of the game is to play it. If someone just stays alive till the game ends, running away of all the fleet, just to have a higher percentage of survivability, they should be punished. Why? Because they do not let other people play with their boats which get blocked. Just now, a DD stayed alive and just went to the corner and stayed there two minutes till the game end. Losing life time and energy of the team which were hunting him, but just did not know where he was, because of low detectability. 7 people losing time. There could be also other people losing their time watching or waiting to a ship to be released. Is this the way to play the game? And before you say I did not play well, I killed 25 aircraft, sunk a boat. The other aircraft destroyed 4 aircraft and sunk noone.
  7. Rant - ships not fighting

    I have been playing now in tier 4, 5, 6, and a little in 7 and I think there are many people that are affraid of losing their ships. At lower levels, people give their best, until the last second or HP. But now, people prefer to lose everyone's time, just to not lose ship. Is it so expensive to lose a ship? I mean, an imaginary ship as these? I think people that are still alive and lose the game should receive the coward ribbon. Lose credits and all. And people that died trying their best should receive a bravery ribbon and extra credits.
  8. If the excuse is balance, then by anymeans, just let all people choose their boats, and then toss a coin, whoever wins it keep their line up. The other team just have the same boats, with same commanders, cammos, signals etc (which they have a time to inspect). A mirror, as to say. Fully balanced.
  9. Campain - Naval Warfare - Arson

    I am doing Science of Victory campaign, and at task 8, I need earn 1 "arsonist" achievement. This achievement can only be obtained once. I think I did it before, because I have it, but it seems it was not tasked or it did not meet the requirements. I think I did killed other ships by fire after the task was on. Is it a bug? Can I really obtain it again? Or will I never be able to complete the campaign?
  10. I am wondering why are clan battles restricted to tier 10 ships? Is it so server expensive to have a clan battle? I don't think so. Can lower tier ship play as a clan? Why is that?