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  1. ProfessorLumpy

    WHy WG, why make these BB's

    Which, if anyone actually paid attention, is exactly what the Flamu Champagne video said. He said it was an extremely good ship for what it does.. But he absolutely hates what it does. He called it incredibly boring and bad for the game, but perfection for sailing around spawn and sniping.
  2. I like this a lot better than the loot boxes. I know in advance if I got lucky this way. If the first bundle is something I want, I buy. If it isn't, I don't. Pretty great. With the loot boxes I'd be tempted to pick one up for funsies, but looking at the crappy payout I'd get on this bundle, there's not even the slightest temptation.
  3. ProfessorLumpy

    Terrible PTS first experience.

    I didn't screenshot. It was fairly late in the evening, perhaps almost midnight. Is this normal on PTS, people being absolute human garbage in chat with the understanding that there are no consequences?
  4. Since I've had unexpected amounts of free time to spend unable to go outside and do anything this summer, I was persuaded to try the Public Test Server for the first time last night. I set up my account, set up a Pensacola with captain and loaded into Randoms. After a good three minutes or so, I loaded into a one on one game against a fellow in a Devonshire. I laughed, and in chat said "Well look at this. What are we supposed to be testing with this match?" He replied with the two most offensive words in the English language; the first indicating fornication and the second a racist slur for people of color. Understanding that this kind of behavior cannot be reported to support when it happens in PTS, I just immediately quit the match. Disturbed so far, I set up a Bayern and decided to give co-op a try. I loaded into a match with me and bots populating the rest of both teams. Enjoying the game's new soundscape, I played through until one red BB remained, discovering at this point that it had gone past me and my bots on one flank to nestle itself in the corner of the map furthest from me. Bored while i watched bots fight it out, I amused myself by firing on the friendly bot nearest me. Now finding myself unsettled, disgusted, bored, and pink for five matches.. I'm wondering why in the world anyone does this to themselves? Bright side... Boy, the game does sound good.
  5. Yes, it was reduced previously. The result is that DDs with low air detectability running dark are currently fairly hard to y passed over the target. If the DD doesn't initiate AA, he will go undetected again as you loop around for another pass. While that DD is still unspotted, you have to initiate another rocket strike. IF the DD is smart, he'll maneuver so that you can't easily guess his course. If he turned into your fighters, you'll likely not be able to fire on him. When you spot him again, you have a window of a second or two to make adjustments to your course and prepare to launch rockets. As a result of this movement, your reticle isn't going to narrow and you'll be firing on him poorly aligned with sub-optimal dispersion and do fairly low damage. The work-around to this for CVs is using fighters as spotter planes, which is situational but often very effective. With an even further reduced spotting range.. Daring's default air detection is going to be down to 1.73 km. I'm sure that extremely high-skill players with a savant-like ability to predict where to blind-fire on unspotted targets are going to be able to make that work, but for most CV players I don't think you're ever going to see a very high damage hit on most DDs unless they're being spotted by something else. It's going to be very hard to even keep that DD spotted, because you're going to be constantly over-flying it and losing it before you can adjust course. Using fighters as spotters is going to become even more prevalent, but when I'm playing DD I imagine I'll keep my AA off and scoot right out of that circle quickly enough to avoid much difficulty.
  6. The DD air detection change they're suggesting is going to make it extremely difficult to line up an attack run on a DD that isn't spotted by other means. Essentially, you're going to have to initiate the run on an unspotted DD almost every time. I think that's probably going to go a long way to letting the DDs avoid hits, because at best the CV is going to be firing with the reticle at full dispersion most of the time.
  7. Forgoing my right as a red-blooded, born and bred citizen of the United States to be entitled and whine like a child when anything inconveniences me in the slightest; who cares that this one is on the 4th? Oh well, you miss one. That said, I doubt I'm the only one who will probably never seriously participate in clan events or even join a more serious clan because I'm just not going to commit some of the best time slots in my week to gaming. I mean, I might game in those time slots... But I'm not committing to it. What's with this, anyway? Are they trying to keep numbers down?
  8. ProfessorLumpy

    0.9.6 PTS -- Needs more participation, more comment

    My guess is that the reason they're doing this now is because it's part of streamlining the upgrade paths... But doesn't anyone recall the AA surveys a month or two ago? They're obviously planning to make some changes regarding AA in the near future. It's entirely likely that removing the little used AA C hulls is connected to that upcoming change.
  9. This gave me a great idea. I call for a global nerf against all overpowered ships. Belfast, Gulio Cesare, Smolensk... right down the line. The whiny, entitled brats will complain as always, but it's global!
  10. ProfessorLumpy

    I'd Like a Refund for Enterprise, Please!

    This is why to me, the nerf will make Enterprise much more worth the money. Granted, what makes Enterprise more forgiving is the number of planes she can throw up, whereas Saipan's small squadrons and slow recovery forces you t really be careful with how you commit. Entry can just throw planes at AA all day and make it work. She's still going to be influential for that reason, but it's going to be harder to out up the really big damage numbers with less AP punch.
  11. ProfessorLumpy

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    The Gearing having a very bad day.
  12. I think it's more that people choose BB en masse because t8 has Mass, Tirp, and Bismark, each of which is stupid fun to play even when you lose. As to the argument about BBs holding up well against CVs.. Massachusetts does do well against CVs, but the Germans are just bait for Enterprise or Shokaku.
  13. DDs decide the game. It's probably good that DDs who don't know how to cope with CVs are discouraged from playing, they make it a lot harder on the team.
  14. I've been playing DD primarily and CV a bit in the clan battles. As a DD CVs have NOT been a problem for me. Most of them are VERY poorly played, and pretty easy to avoid. I don't get it. Just cap the far side from where the CV sends his planes or if he actually pursues you hang back. Help your team catch out and wreck their DD, cap once the CV gets engaged with cap ships, then grab caps and focus on spotting and occasional opportunistic strikes. I'm way more bothered by the way my team plays than the composition of the other team. Playing DD I almost always manage get my team an edge by takign out DDs and a cap advantage, I keep the enemy spotted, but BBs rush in and die stupid. Everytime I play CV I feel I have more ability to support the team around the map, but the DDs rush in and get killed in seconds then whine about CVs and radar and the team not supporting them for the rest of the match while their DDs maul us... So I go back to DDs next game.
  15. Man, this guy is such a troll. I hope this kind of crap doesn't get him clicks.