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  1. ProfessorLumpy

    Missouri Fix

    I couldn't say for sure. I don't have her. I would pay money to amend that, is my point. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would pay for Missouri in some form. Or New Jersey for that matter. How is it that Georgia happened but not one of these, I'll always wonder.
  2. ProfessorLumpy

    Missouri Fix

    Maybe instead, they could offer a variant Missouri without the game breaking credit modifier and a few other tweaks for variety and let us all have a chance for the most historic of battleships.
  3. ProfessorLumpy

    Are You Going To Buy The Max Immelmann?

    I have no idea why they put skip bombers on a fictional German cv, but I grabbed it right away and I'm thrilled that I did. I want a premium to give me a unique experience without being overpowered, and Immelman is very much that. Fast planes and lining up skip bombers is a blast. It plays very differently than any other CV without really offering a ton of versatility or hitting power. It's not a weak ship, but it demands some very specialized skills to make it perform. Even then, I doubt it'll ever be shattering any damage records.
  4. ProfessorLumpy

    Defeat Spree Rage

    Ok, I tried this this 'reset' tonight. Logged out, logged back in. I'm not sure what I'm looking for. How do I know I reset the server? I still seem to be on NA server. Is there a mod or something to show me I've changed servers? Or reset? Still not really sure whats supposed to happen.
  5. ProfessorLumpy

    Defeat Spree Rage

    I'm sorry, what resets, precisely? And how can we see evidence of this reset?
  6. ProfessorLumpy

    Defeat Spree Rage

    So are you suggesting switching to an account on a different regional server (i.e. from NA to EU), or are you supposing that there is more than one NA server each with different groups of players. I have been under the impressing that the game only has one server in each region.
  7. ProfessorLumpy

    DE on Iowa/Montana?

    Oh, I agree that concealment is very powerful, but when deciding where to allocate captain points decisions have to be made. However, in my estimation, an extra heal and fireproof win out over concealment expert on Montana. I prefer to be seen, moving, and taking fire. That's my role as a battleship, to be absorbing damage. In the past I had preferred not to duel at long range, using concealment to get in and out of mid-close range with Montana, but I'm finding that Deadeye makes Montana deadly at all ranges, so I'm firing instead of hiding.
  8. ProfessorLumpy

    DE on Iowa/Montana?

    I think that this is the trouble with the way people are looking at deadeye. To me, minimizing concealment and trying to keep it active at all times isn't optimal. It takes a battleship out of doing it's most important job and pushes it too far back. As I see it, if I'm playing well I'm going to be too close for deadeye to activate even with concealment expert for around 40 to 60 percent of most matches. But I don't need deadeye at those ranges anyway. I'm looking for that extra accuracy when I'm either moving into position, on the weak side of a red lemming rush, taking down a kiting or sniping red, or similar situations. For me, it's completely natural that deadeye replaces concealment expert. Previously I may have preferred to try to remain unseen while moving in closer rather than risking long range shots with a ship like Montana, but with deadeye I much more often choose to take those shots and give up concealment.
  9. ProfessorLumpy

    DE on Iowa/Montana?

    I've settled on yes, but without concealment. I'm not giving up survivability and still getting in close and tanking, but deadeye is very nice for early game shots, flanking situations, and whenever circumstances leave you distant from surviving targets. This is frequent enough to be worth it.
  10. ProfessorLumpy

    You Using Deadeye on Georgia Now?

    I've never played Georgia with a secondary build, but deadeye Georgia is dead on arrival. Survivability and consumables all the way, same as JB.
  11. ProfessorLumpy

    Goodbye World of Warships

    See you, you delicate little snowflake! Sorry you were so easily triggered!
  12. ProfessorLumpy

    Let's talk German secondary buff.

    If you can only be insulting, why would I discuss a game with you? Be better.
  13. ProfessorLumpy

    Let's talk German secondary buff.

    I think you need to change your tone. There's no point in engaging in someone who can't be civil. Bottomline is YOU can't make the guns work so you don't like them. That's fine, but it doesn't make you an unqualified authority and the rest of us fools.
  14. ProfessorLumpy

    Let's talk German secondary buff.

    Sorry, but I've endured the scenario you've described several times since the rework, and the DDs have died or turned tail and run. Am I firing secondaries at BBs and Cruisers? I sure am, and that damage is far from ineffective. Those BBs and cruisers are on fire, and when my main guns leave a few hundred HP left, the secondaries finish those unfortunate victims off begore they get the chance to return fire. I can't help but feel that you fellows who are commited to secondaries as a purely ANTI-DD weapon are getting poor results because of that mentality. GK is a winning ship now. My ranked results this week say it all, for me.. Using GK primarily and Montana slightly less I went through silver with a 72 percent winrate this sprint. I was getting High Caliber with both ships more often than not, and seeing wonderful results from my GK secondaries.
  15. ProfessorLumpy

    Let's talk German secondary buff.

    Odin's guns aren't 'terrible'. They gave a fast reload that gets faster now when you're in secondary range. Also, Odin has had a big buff to base secondary accuracy and can target multiple ships with secondaries even with manual engaged.