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  1. CVs are balanced. Many people are annoyed by them, but they're balanced.
  2. ProfessorLumpy

    Best Tier 9 and 10 Cruiser

    It's got to be Des Moines, if you've got to pick just one. Des Moines with Legendary module, unique upgrade, whatever they call it now. . The carry potential is amazing, but you really have to push through early deletion frustration and learn what you can and can't do with it. You have to get in close enough to use the radar and delete DDs, but always have an exit plan because DM will not survive a push. YOu have to know when you can use your DPM to trade favorably and when you need to get out. The unique upgrade and concealment gives you just enough juking potential that in a bad situation you can open water with a DM, depending on what's chasing you. Cruisers can be very situational, but Des Moines really isn't. I guess next best is Petro, but I feel a lot of Petro's reputation comes from a competitive meta that doesn't really apply to randoms. The supercruisers are a lot more forgiving. Since Alaska's really hard to acquire, you might consider looking at Agir or even Siegfried. Siegfried is generally considered far superior, but Agir is more accessible and really quite good. It's a very versatile and forgiving ship that lets you play aggressively in the right situations. I think it's generally overlooked as not being as good as Alaska or Siegfried. That's likely true, but it's still quite good. As mentioned, though, you're better off playing cruisers. The supercruisers dominate the stats, but if you come into them with a battleship mentality you're missing a lot. Better to play the traditional cruisers until you feel comfortable, then apply what you've learned to supercruisers.
  3. I think they did a great job with the New Year Fleet last year, and should have repeated it. Specifically, it was great that you could buy Strasbourg for doubloons, use it to unlock the New Year fleet missions, and then get the doubloons back. If that had been the case, I'd have paid them money again this year for Repulse and dockyard boosters. If they'd said Repulse would not be sold for doubloons, I'd have still probably bought boosters to get it early for New Years Missions. Instead I skipped the boosters wondering if Repulse would hit the armory, then that never happened, so I'm writing the whole thing off. I'll probably grind out Repulse before the Dockyard ends, but there's no way I'll have time to do that and then New Year missions. You've got to hand it to WG, they rarely fail to make a casual player close an open wallet. This is like the fifth time in the last year I've been excited to spend money on the game before being deterred by a grindwall, gamblewall, or just plain confusing sales tactics. I'm not even angry or boycotting, I just wish they'd make it more straightforward and appealing to buy things.
  4. ProfessorLumpy

    Super Ship's as T11...

    Despite what's been said, the superships just aren't so astonishingly more powerful that you need one to compete. They don't have any outstanding game influence. They seem to be more like gimmick testbeds than anything else. It's really not much different than t9 vs t10. A lot of tier nine ships are perfectly competitive with the tens, even arguably outclassing their higher tier equivalents. This is great, and as it should be, but it's probably why you don't see more of them. Why spend the steel to kit out a supership when you can just play a perfectly adequate t10?
  5. ProfessorLumpy

    Who have you seen in game

    And thanks for helping me end the misery of dusting my last snowflake off that floating turd!
  6. ProfessorLumpy

    Repulse and New Year Bonuses

    What wasn't made clear was that Repulse would not be for sale in any fashion other than the Dockyard. Last year they followed a similar model with Strasbourg, but offered Strasbourg for doubloons. It was a good deal, and I was hoping for it with Repulse. It's not a huge deal, but WG would be advised to pay attention to communicating things like this as otherwise, people like me are just going to shrug and not spend the money we would have otherwise.
  7. ProfessorLumpy

    Repulse and New Year Bonuses

    If I'd known I would've bought starter packs, but I saved my doubloons for Repulse. It's an unwelcome arrangement, I probably won't complete those missions or spend any dubs on Repulse as a result.
  8. ProfessorLumpy

    Duel - Invitation to a Training Room

    A 10 minute sub duel with some random jerk.... Yeah, no. Thanks.
  9. ProfessorLumpy

    Restore HMS Nelson to the armory

    Escalating much?
  10. ProfessorLumpy

    The game just became a little fun again

    He's, serious, which is pretty much exactly why OP is sick of ranked. Bronze is an exceptionally frustrating experience with so many teammates on the Yolo train. You have to slog through match after match of lemmings slamming together and letting luck decide before you can get to silver. The only thing that can be said for it is it's not really much different than randoms.
  11. ProfessorLumpy

    Where is USS Black ?

    Fair point. Still, Missouri doesn't seem to be coming back into regular circulation either.
  12. ProfessorLumpy

    Where is USS Black ?

    It's not coming back. With WG being better and better to its customers, people need to latch onto something they can hate, and this is it. But seriously, let it go.
  13. ProfessorLumpy

    Kearsarge: Tomorrow (Coal and Doubloons)

    I think it's more likely that whoever determines pricing just hasn't given the Community managers a definite answer or authorization on an exact number. It's not news that WG isn't very good about empowering their public-facing NA employees, or even communicating with them.
  14. ProfessorLumpy

    100% cashback coupon

    Where's this coupon coming from? That's a great one.
  15. ProfessorLumpy

    Arms Race being pushed into randoms per dev blog

    I'm happy about this. I get tired of Arms Race when it's in a mode where you end up doing it over and over and over again, but having it as one more option out of several in randoms just adds a nice variety. I'm all for more game modes and more maps to change things up in random battle.