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  1. Truxtun_35

    Is it the Servers or the Moderators ???

    I received a reply from an administrator stating that the match making was was set up by a moderator & a program WOW uses. That is why I asked in here. Way to much Drama from most as I just asked a Question. Thank you for reply & for your observations. Mine have been different tho.
  2. Truxtun_35

    Is it the Servers or the Moderators ???

    Funny how one poses a Question & a bunch of children reply with adolescent responses. All I did was ask a Question. Most of you reply with what? wait please do not answer this one. I am Still basking in the early reply's to my original question lol.
  3. Truxtun_35

    Is it the Servers or the Moderators ???

    Got You To Read It :) :) :) :)
  4. Truxtun_35

    Is it the Servers or the Moderators ???

    There are all you have to do is Read :)
  5. Just Gonna put this out here, After the the last update there seems to be a lot more One sided Battles. Not complaining here, I have been on the "Good" side of this for the most part. In some Battles it is a Total Miss Match from the Start. I have been in Battles that only last 5 minutes. I have also had Battles that lasted the entire play time. More 5 minute Battle Lately... Is it the Servers Lag, that we All Experience from time to time ? Or is it the Moderators who seem to be able to do as they Please ? Does any one know what the guide lines are for the Moderators. Or where to find out about them. Most in here do Pay their wages. I know I contribute to them :). Thank you to any who might Reply to my Post...
  6. Truxtun_35


    Google will not help you lol, before the push a button for an answer we used Books... If you do not understand my Post there for you may or may not Read Books or written Data & Facts. One reply makes total sense to me also. Do Maybe you might get it too. The reply about Reactors.... Thank you for your reply tho, it helps this old man :)
  7. Truxtun_35


    This Post will not last long as most do not when u ask questions or say what is perceived by the admin people in this game as Negative. How or what would any one other than the admins in here recommend when one has Good speed in the beginning of battle to so so mid way through Battle?
  8. When one Posts up in here you can almost right away tell who the die hard's, pissed off, New & the long time peeps are. Most of these peeps will tell you that you can not cheat in the Game. Well that is not true at all. Cheating is going on in the game all the time. I know time for you to tell me No there is not. All I can say to that kind of reply. What cave do you you live in ? There are cheats & codes in every Game on the internet. Happens All the time. Most who use cheats are not going to tell you that they are. Most that play also will not say anything. Or do not know how to. If one wants to find out for sure, pretty easy. Google WOW cheats & watch & see how many other company's advertise they have cheats for sale. Wonder why ? lol Oh with money back guarantees too boot. For myself I see it more lately than for not. Still an OK Game to play tho. So I guess just to say most who do use cheats prob do not play for very long. That or they have played for a long time & figured out WOW. The game wants use to report to them when one suspects Cheats. I think that this should be the Job of those who work for the game. Every time one buys a ship or anything is paying for WOW to watch for cheats & not turn a blind eye on it.... Well these are just some of my thoughts...... What say you ???
  9. Truxtun_35

    A Good Game Gone to the South

    Well U need to do ur home work son.... U r right "the NA server" that is it. How many continue, might surprise u. after level 7..... Uhmmmmmmmmmm....:)
  10. Hello all, I started playing here about 4 months ago. I like the game & its concept. I play 2 other games also. There is one thing that I see in here that happened in the other games I played & play. New people are decreasing & old have stopped playing. Both for the same reasons. One game that I play seems to have an answer for this & like this one the other has no answer. I am curious to see who in here can figure it out.
  11. Truxtun_35

    Cheats AKA "Codes"

    For myself I will say I had 2 Great reply's that were helpful. Always Good for a 60 plus Old man to see that there are still a few Descent people around. For the rest of you "BOYS" I can only smile & know that one day you may Grow up.
  12. Truxtun_35

    Montana — American Tier X battleship.

    I to worked up to my Montana, Luv Her. How ever like most know the secondary weapons have been designed in this game to bee bee guns. When you have ship like the Montana that has 10x5" guns on port & starboard. A DD lives when in range of em. Well part of this game. Not right tho. A DD should never in open sea be able to sneak up on any BB. The best Torps of the time range was 15,000 yards. The 5"/38 gun 18,000 yards. I hope that at some time WOW addresses this. Right now BB's are floating EASY TARGETS for DD Torps..... Another aspect is How many over penetrations & deflections of the 16" (405mm) main guns. Wow !!! There needs to be some Game related upgrades to allow BB drivers to compete in a dominate manor. Just mt thoughts tho.
  13. Truxtun_35

    Cheats AKA "Codes"

    I play the Game Daily, I have had Bbs Cruisers & DDs fire at me & no mater what I do ie: advance , retreat move side to side while moving they fire & hit me with 0 detection, no smoke nor mountains around... So if you know what I am doing wrong or what the method is to Detect them.... well I think it is some kind of Cheat. Which I do not do, I just play A fair Game. I am looking for answers & I am not a whiner. You say replay & really... What a bunch of Non Help. Thank you for your reply tho. Unless you have more than what you posted I will look else where :)
  14. Truxtun_35

    Cheats AKA "Codes"

    what is the difference, as I am not sure ?
  15. Truxtun_35

    Cheats AKA "Codes"

    lol u be funny, if you do not think there are any... Well then say so, or just be a moron. If there is a way