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  1. Truxtun_35

    WoW vs Battle Pirates

    Ur a Nerd I get it lol lol lol
  2. Truxtun_35

    WoW vs Battle Pirates

    WoW is now doing the same stuff BP did. Events for Money & a game for Nerds. You know the ones full of people that have never been in a Real Battle. Shame when I started playing this game it was a Good Mix of Both. The dynamics were of the game were such that one could play a "Game" and have fun. win or lose. It was a "TEAM" game. Now with all the events, missions, ect. Wow like BP is a points game that requires no Team play to accomplish much of anything. If you do not have life and can play 24/7 or you just coin. That is a Win win win. Individuals not Teams. WoW !!! lol Like BP, WoW is rapidly turning into a hide and win game. Myself I do not know of many Naval Battles that ever took place where the enemy could never be hit. Well with all I stated it is a "Game" for Money. Used to be for fun & contributions. Oh and as I see in the reply's to any who state what they think in this Game. The reply's will be …. lol lol lol have fun with them for you who live for games. And I thank those who reply with their Thoughts about the direction of the Game.
  3. What say you ????
  4. Truxtun_35

    New Ranked Battles

    Uh, Ranked. I did not Buy a Ship in this Game. Good for you tho. Now go buy the next one. Myself Nope... Still stick to what I posted. Maybe I should of posted us Poor players with American ships lol
  5. Truxtun_35

    New Ranked Battles

    Ranks Battles are now for any thing except American ships. If you do not have torps or higher caliber secondary's. They put the Caps to close together. American BBs over penetrate at close range & even with HE does not do enough damage. DD's get pasted fast do to the close range of the Caps. CA's & BB's with torps are the True winners in this event. American ships are basically Targets. Gonna keep playing my NC tho. been getting Lucky at times. Oh & just to put salt in it the ships that are doing well in this event are All at the Bottom of some Ocean lol lol lol
  6. Truxtun_35

    Destroyers vs Battleships/ nothing New

    Nothing new here, still have to ask Why. A destroyer can get close enough to fire its main Guns & do harm to a Battleship. Yet a Battleship with way more secondary guns of the same caliber, mm guns does not Blow the DD out of the water. This to me is a Major advantage for DD's. There should be a point or range where a Battleships secondary's Destroy a DD with the same effect as Torpedo's do. Put some sort of reality in the game. Until this changes it is Advantage DDs. To any who would not agree I ask ? Which is a greater number 5 or 10 lol ….
  7. Truxtun_35

    Battle Ship Secondary's

    This is all good information about Torps & hit rates. My Question would be then. If a BB or Cruiser could fire 30rounds in one shot & if you applied these same stat values. Not to mention move at 50 to 60 knotts. What would these stats for a DD look like?
  8. Truxtun_35

    Battle Ship Secondary's

    How about definitely. U must be a DD driver lol
  9. Truxtun_35

    Battle Ship Secondary's

    Bo who to you U only state this because you play DDs... uhmmmmm… lol lol
  10. Well here I go again lol. With this post I probably will spell something wrong or my grammar will be off some way or some how. ]edited] With all the updates to Destroyers & the weapon systems on them. Also the fact of the game, a DD can Burn another ship down with its Primary weapons. I have to hope, well maybe dream (lol) that BB secondary's would be as effective in engaging other ships as a DDs main guns. BBs secondary's are in fact the same caliber or mm as the DDs. Or in some cases the same as a Cruisers. Simple fact stated here. One thing for sure is that a DD player could use smoke for cover to Run. How ever to be able to stay in a small area & burn another ship until it is dead. Well that would go away. DD players would have to be careful with the basics of using their guns. Hit & run, fire on the run. I know what a concept. Wait in real battle that is what happened. If a BBs secondary's worked like they should a DD or Cruiser would have to stay on the move. Right now a BB amounts to a Huge Target that reloads on the average of every 25 seconds. Example the North Carolina has 5 twin 5" guns per side. That out guns a DD, any DD by a lot of fire power. Had to post this, I think others would like to see some sort of change like what I suggest. [edited]
  11. Truxtun_35

    May the Best Coiner win ....

    Thank you & I am am glad I read your post. I too know that it is impossible to catch all. It happens tho & your example it Prof enough in a game I think... lol R you the one who should be watched ??? And warning for what ? Let me state this to piss you off more... The Question not asked never gets answered or addressed. Not that that would make a difference to you.
  12. Truxtun_35

    May the Best Coiner win ....

    Unfortunately for Good & average players in this game who can not spend a ton of Money. Well if you have not noticed that Aim Hacks (leagle in here) along with others, well you lose & the "Fun" in the game is gone.
  13. Truxtun_35

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    Exactly that. Time for the "full time player" in nothing. you know this so I see a little bit of sarcasm in your re reply. To bad, unless you are one of those that I mention ?
  14. Truxtun_35

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    You sir I must say thank you. You are Exactly the Perfect Example of of what I Stated.
  15. Yep you are why I did not provide I asked a question Fool !!!