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  1. StraightAndSalty

    How do you Georgia?

    Your stats look like mine with 6x as many battles, which is pitiful, but you use your amount of games played to flex on others? All I have to say is that 9.7K or 5.7K mostly excellent matches are far superior to 12K mediocre ones.
  2. StraightAndSalty

    How do you Georgia?

  3. StraightAndSalty

    p2w clan wars

    If a clan allows one of their members to buy a tier 8 premium and hop into CBs with them that clan has only themselves to blame to begin with. The incompetents who do stuff like this in ranked would only affect things at relatively low ranks, and would become very rare or nonexistent to see at higher ranks anyway.
  4. StraightAndSalty

    Some Thoughts On The Rogue Wave Event

    One mustn't actually win, draws are possible.
  5. StraightAndSalty

    Can we make a rule that CVs can't reset the cap?

    I've personally maintained positive karma at almost all times across my (admittedly not huge amount of) battles despite giving teammates suggestions about what not to do (IE fleeing the caps) and the like, so if you have negative karma you've only yourself to blame.
  6. StraightAndSalty

    Looking For Advice

    Hi Painted!
  7. StraightAndSalty

    Looking For Advice

    I did have premium for most of that time, to be fair. I wasn't asking for gameplay advice, I picked up on most of this stuff by T6 or so and learned the rest from a few YT videos and Discord. Thanks for the mod. My winrate would be above 50% if I hadn't played a ton of battles in the Hood and Campbeltown, ships I'm not very good with but enjoy very much. That's besides the point. I only wanted my stats to see how I could improve. Regardless, a big thank you for your advice and help to everyone who posted here.
  8. StraightAndSalty

    Looking For Advice

    Which stat sites should I use then? I saw a few and that's one of the reasons I made this post, so I could find out which I should use. I'm happy with my progress, but I want to benchmark it, so to speak.
  9. StraightAndSalty

    Looking For Advice

    The reason I made this post is to ask for advice and information. I've reached a point where I consider myself relatively skilled at the game overall, and so I want to know where I stand compared to most players. I started playing WoWs 80 days ago. In 912 random battles across 195 total hours spent in-game I have reached one line's T10 (Minotaur), one line's T9 (Lion), one line's T8 (Kagero), three lines' T6 (Ryujo, Aoba and Nurnberg), two lines' T5 (Omaha and Jianwei) and one line's T4 (Myogi). 251 of those battles were in premium ships and I have a 47% win rate and a 0.9 destruction ratio. Most of those battles were with a premium account, I'd guess about 850 of them. I have played 15 ranked battles, all of them in the Massachusetts, and I have a 60% win rate and a 2.78 destruction ratio in them. At the time of making this post, this is what my profile summary looks like for random battles: Is there a way for me to compare my performance and progress to the average, and if so, how? Where do I stand compared to the average player, and apart from in-game settings is there anything I should be using/changing? (IE mods/add-ons)