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  1. Roberto577_One

    Fletcher Build?

    Alright, thank you.
  2. Roberto577_One

    Fletcher Build?

    I am currently going down the US DD line and finally got my 10-point captain. I love to Fletcher's historical rep, and I know it is indeed a powerhouse in-game as well. I want to build my captain to be anti-DD. Of course, I won't ignore the fact that Fletcher is a hybrid, so I won't entirely focus on it, but I want it to be close to it. My planned build is as follows: Tier 1 skills: Preventative Maintenance, Priority Target Tier 2 skills: Last stand, Adrenaline Rush Tier 3 skills: Survivability Expert, Basic Firing Training, ??? Tier 4 skill: Concealment Expert My question is: for my third tier 3 skill, should I go Torpedo Armament Expertise, or Superintendent? Both are extremely valuable, I know, and it's a hard choice. I personally am leaning towards Superintendent since I consider an extra smoke more valuable than 11 seconds off of torpedo reload, but I just though I'd ask. Additionally, I just want to know, should I do this build, or go for a torpedo-centric build instead? All advice is much appreciated.
  3. Roberto577_One

    How fun is the Fubuki?

    Oh, I am FAR from mastering the Farragut... I will probably stick with the US DD line for now. I have ground halfway up the RU DD's and IJN BB's so I can always return to them if the US DD's get boring. How hard is that campaign to complete? I know you need a tier 8 ship, so I'll probably be doing it in my Benson, once I get it.
  4. Roberto577_One

    How fun is the Fubuki?

    I am about to buy the Mahan, and am wondering what to use my credits from selling the Farragut for. I am considering buying the Mutsuki and researching the Fubuki, since it looks like a fun ship to play. Should I do so, or wait and save my credits?
  5. Roberto577_One

    Future operations?

    OK, thank you!
  6. Roberto577_One

    Future operations?

    Is there any way to tell what the next week's Op is in advance?
  7. Roberto577_One

    So, I like to save free XP...

    OH that makes a lot of sense. Nelson seems like a great ship, but I'm not too interested in her. As opposed to what I stated before, I am considering Free XP-ing to the Benson, once my 9-point captain gets his 10th point. Should I do it, or grind through the Mahan and just keep my FXP?
  8. Roberto577_One

    CV Rework-20 Battles

    +1 +1 +1 ^^^THIS IS WHAT WE NEED^^^ I used to like CV's A LOT before the update. I liked DD's more, but did consistently better in CV's. THIS CANNOT STAY. People played CV's because they were different. Now they just suck completely and totally. Oh, and you forgot to mention that you can just drop fighters over an enemy DD and keep them practically perma-spotted. In certain areas the new CV's are OP, but all the others... they just suck. Please just take the update back. PLEASE. We never wanted it.
  9. Roberto577_One

    Game of a Freaking Lifetime

    Ehhh... make it more like 40%. AND you have to be the person with the most damage done to it. If your team brings, say a BB down to the halfway line and you get a triple citadel, you deserve the kill.
  10. Roberto577_One

    T3 Ships Shouldn't Face Sky Cancer At All

    I have nothing against cancer patients... but it's just an expression dude. Chill.
  11. Roberto577_One

    So, I like to save free XP...

    Don't worry, I don't. I take his experience, not his opinions.
  12. Roberto577_One

    So, I like to save free XP...

    And you hard-counter Khabarovsk. Henri IV with IFHE is the ONLY cruiser (minus the Germans: Hipper, Roon, Hindenburg) whose HE shells can pen Khaba's main belt. And it's HE is MUCH more potent than the Germans (3400 damage vs 2500, 22% fire vs 13). If y'all are wondering why I'm both new but know a lot of stats, I watch Flamu A LOT.
  13. Roberto577_One

    So, I like to save free XP...

    Unfortunately, yes... I had the Independence and I researched the Ranger, but didn't buy. The annoying thing is that they sold my mods I put on it, they didn't even remove them or anything.
  14. Back before the Christmas event I had about 30K free experience, Which I consider very nice, seeing as I am a fairly new player, with barely over 500 battles. During the Christmas event I got very lucky, I got 50K free XP from a free Xmas premium crate and 10K each from the two normal Xmas ones. 100K free XP total, now. Then I played some more, got up to 115K or so. I come back after about 2 months of nothing and BAM, I look at my free XP and I have 216K. I somehow got a random 100K free XP. Here's the *truly* hilarious part... I have the Farragut at elite status with 15K XP. Doing the math, I could free XP the Mahan, free XP the Mahan's hull, Free XP the Benson, then free XP the Benson's B hull and torps, leaving only the range upgrade for me to have to grind towards. I'm not going to, cause I need to get credits and train my captain, but I just wanted to share the hilarity of this considering I have only 3 tier 6's and no tier 7's.
  15. Roberto577_One

    Sims: still good?

    Yeah, now the main battery is the same as Fletcher's, minus the amazing turret traverse that Benson and Fletcher get.