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  1. Roberto577_One

    US DD build idea: viable?

    Captain Skills: PM LS, AR SE, (SI or TAE) CE, RL Equipment: Main Armaments Mod 1 Engine Boost Mod Aiming Systems Mod 1 Propulsion Mod 2 Concealment System Mod 1 Torpedo Mod (Don't know the name of it) This is the build I'm planning to have on Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing? I'm on Benson right now, I don't have AR, RL, or SI on my captain yet, I'm waiting till he gets his 14th point to get RL. This build is meant to maximize the "contest caps, battles enemy DD's, spot for your allies, and torpedo enemy BB's" gameplay that suits DD's. Does anyone have any notes to add or anything point out?
  2. Roberto577_One

    Can you repurchase sold Premium ships for credits?

    I agree with you, but I already have Atago and Sims for credit grinding, and I sincerely doubt I will ever play Yubari and Ishizuchi again. I would never sell Atago and Sims, since I use them so frequently for credit grinding, but Yubari and Ishizuchi aren't that great at it, so I won't be playing them again anytime soon.
  3. Roberto577_One

    Can you repurchase sold Premium ships for credits?

    I probably won't even repurchase them, I just want the option. There's no better way to get better at high tiers than playing them. Also, I know how to play DD's pretty well, keep enemy DD's from capping points, and cap them yourself, then spot, and maybe even deal some damage yourself.
  4. Roberto577_One

    Can you repurchase sold Premium ships for credits?

    Well, then there are no credits lost in the process, correct? Also, I'd rather learn to play high tier ships well than keep playing low tiers.
  5. I know that you can sell your Premiums and repurchase them with credits in World of Tanks, is that a feature in WoWS? I'd like to sell my Ishizuchi and Yubari in order to get credits to buy the Benson, but I want to know if I can repurchase them first. That being said, I never play them anyway, so no loss if you can't. I'm just curious.
  6. I have a little over 900 Tokens saved up, and I was considering using them to get Italian Cruiser containers, but the drop chance for the ships is low, so I decided against it. What should I use them for? I did the math and I can trade them in for almost 7 million credits, which would be useful for me since I am currently grinding towards both Helena and Budyonny. Or is there something else that's worth it more? FYI, I don't plan to grind up the Italian Cruiser line anytime soon, so I don't want the permanent camos.
  7. Roberto577_One

    When will normal Ops come back?

    Already figured it out, but thanks.
  8. Roberto577_One

    When will normal Ops come back?

    I didn't know there was an op channel in-game! Thank you for telling me.
  9. I liked Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness the first few times, and the free Commander XP is nice, but I like regular Ops a lot. They're fun, and they help you level up some of your ships. So anyone know when they'll be back?
  10. Roberto577_One

    The Dallas is great!

    Yeah, I only have a 10-point captain right now, with PT, AR, DE, and IFHE. And I just had my first glorious AP moment with her. Managed to ambush a broadside Kirov at 6 km thanks to a dead enemy DD's smoke. 2 volleys, 5 citadels, and 17K damage later, he was back in port. It does look awesome, doesn't it? And yeah, I can't wait for Helena, the only downside I can see is worse rudder shift and turning circle, other than that, seems like a straight upgrade. Also, one thing I forgot to mention was her AA. Almost all of the matches I've been in has had a CV in it, including several with Tier 8 CV's, but I haven't really had an issue with them. In the 7 matches I've played, I've apparently shot down 36 planes.
  11. Roberto577_One

    The Dallas is great!

    I like playing different ships, i.e., ships with different play-styles, and so I picked up the Dallas, since I hadn't yet tried the IFHE, burn everything in sight type of ship. Well, my first six battles in the Dallas have all been Tier 8 battles, all of which were victories, and I've survived 5 of them, the only one I died in was because I had 300 HP left after a brawl with a Pensacola, and a CV sent rocket planes after me. I have 71K average damage, and my highest damage was 114K in which I melted a Scharnhorst, Kii, and Normandie for over 100K between them. I'm a complete noob for the most part, but this ship is great! I stick to island cover for the first part of the match, then I try to farm from behind cover. But the part I usually get the most damage in is when the match is nearing the end, and I pick a lonely BB and open-water gunboat him Russian DD style. The rudder shift is good enough that you can troll the hell out of BB's with WASD hacks. Also, I find that your damage typically ends up being about a 2-1 ratio of HE damage and fire damage. With IFHE, you deal a lot of raw damage, and getting 2 to 3K damage volleys on BB's is quite frequent if you aim well. It's just a really fun ship for me, and I just discovered that I like the burn everything play-style a lot, so I thought I'd just put it out there for you guys.
  12. Roberto577_One

    Is the Khabarovsk line still fun?

    That's the build I was considering, and my Gnevny captain has the beginnings of that build, minus all the tier three skills besides SE. But what do you think about Priority Target over PE?
  13. Roberto577_One

    Is the Khabarovsk line still fun?

    I'll take your word for it. In the current meta, which is more fun? Khaba or Groz? Keep in mind, I'm a noob for the most part in pretty much anything but a BB, and I'm talking pure fun factor. And my definition of "fun" is contributing to the win. Edit: What would be your recommended build for the more fun of the two?
  14. I know that Khabarovsk itself has been completely power-creeped out of existence by Smolensk and Kleber, but is it and the other DD's in it's line still fun? I have the Gnevny and a 10-point captain for it, and I'd like to try out the run 'n' gun playstyle, but if it won't be fun, I won't bother. As a side note, if Khabarovsk isn't worth it, is Grozovoi?
  15. Just curious, I'd like to make them as efficient as possible. To be clear, I'm referring to Steel Lancet, Rust Nightfall, and Maverick.