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  1. Roberto577_One

    WG removed premium consumables?

    Massa much?
  2. Roberto577_One

    Where are the Submarines?

    I saw your profile pic and I connected what you said and the pic together. Thanks for the laugh. :D
  3. Roberto577_One

    WG removed premium consumables?

    Thank you. I'm sorry if it doesn't seem like I don't have patience for jokes or harmless trolls, I do, but I appreciate having my question answered too.
  4. Roberto577_One

    WG removed premium consumables?

    As I just said in the previous reply, I just rejoined WoWS, and rarely use these forums anyways. I can appreciate someone joking around a bit, but not if they insist on trolling me without answering my original question.
  5. Roberto577_One

    WG removed premium consumables?

    No, I don't feel silly. I just started playing WoWS again yesterday, and I rarely use these forums anyways. When I do, it's appreciated if I can get a straight up answer instead of others trying to be OmInOuS aNd MaKe Me FeEl StUpId.
  6. Roberto577_One

    WG removed premium consumables?

    Thank you for the straight response, if everyone else's troll replies were that CV's would also get the costs reduced, I couldn't care less.
  7. Bravo, WG, really. That's just one thing that makes it easier for F2P players, and all players in general. Now you can make more credits without having to sacrifice competitiveness or vice versa. Maybe WG does care about the player base lol.
  8. Roberto577_One

    Trouble downloading the new patch on Steam?

    Forget I posted this, it turns out that I just don't have enough disk space. No need to reply, problem solved.
  9. I downloaded the update just fine, but now it says the installing part will take about an hour? No update has ever taken that long for Steam to install for me. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know why? Edit: I sh*t you not, it now says "more than 1 year" under Time Remaining lmbo. Rip.
  10. Roberto577_One

    I just want a fun ship

    To clarify, I'm not talking about fun Tier 8 BB's to play, I just used NC as an example since I've heard good things about it. That being said, I didn't even think about the Bismarck, it does seem like a good ship, especially with the Hydro and turtleback, plus the semi-recent buff to accuracy. Also, the Gneisenau seems amazing too, it's 128 secondaries can now pen 32 millimetre armor without IFHE due to the changes, plus great armor, torps, and speed.
  11. Roberto577_One

    I just want a fun ship

    I'm coming back to the game after a while, and I just want a solid ship that's fun yet easy to play, that I can do well in. I'm thinking of the NC but I don't know if I want to grind the New Mexico and Colorado, they're both so slow. Any recommendations?
  12. Thanks, it's appreciated.
  13. Just curious, I have a poll idea for something I'm curious about.
  14. Roberto577_One

    US DD build idea: viable?

    Captain Skills: PM LS, AR SE, (SI or TAE) CE, RL Equipment: Main Armaments Mod 1 Engine Boost Mod Aiming Systems Mod 1 Propulsion Mod 2 Concealment System Mod 1 Torpedo Mod (Don't know the name of it) This is the build I'm planning to have on Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing? I'm on Benson right now, I don't have AR, RL, or SI on my captain yet, I'm waiting till he gets his 14th point to get RL. This build is meant to maximize the "contest caps, battles enemy DD's, spot for your allies, and torpedo enemy BB's" gameplay that suits DD's. Does anyone have any notes to add or anything point out?
  15. Roberto577_One

    Can you repurchase sold Premium ships for credits?

    I agree with you, but I already have Atago and Sims for credit grinding, and I sincerely doubt I will ever play Yubari and Ishizuchi again. I would never sell Atago and Sims, since I use them so frequently for credit grinding, but Yubari and Ishizuchi aren't that great at it, so I won't be playing them again anytime soon.