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  1. Meeso_Thorny

    Georgia guns

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating my psych professor was very anal about this and now so am I
  2. Meeso_Thorny

    Georgia vs Jean Bart vs Salem vs (Future) Yoshino

    Georgia can achieve 39+, Bourgogne 38+, Richelieu can achieve 36+ knots, as can Alsace and Gascogne... The decision to make Jean Bart slower than sister ships Richelieu and Gascogne continues to mystify me, and has cost Wargaming however little $$$ I would have spent to get my other favorite battleship
  3. Meeso_Thorny

    Part of fixing the "root" problem of CVs

    Why not just delete the whole forum
  4. Meeso_Thorny

    Part of fixing the "root" problem of CVs

    Not nearly as often as any other class my sentiments exactly
  5. Meeso_Thorny

    Part of fixing the "root" problem of CVs

    These things are not true now?
  6. Meeso_Thorny

    Part of fixing the "root" problem of CVs

    You think that would be fair?
  7. Part of fixing the "root" problem of CVs: Remove all their AA. All of it. Make a CV completely helpless against aircraft and suddenly CVs will spend significant portions of games going after their opponent CV. Suddenly CVs will stick close to friendly ships for AA protection, close to friendly ships where they can be shot at. Suddenly CVs are involved in the maneuver warfare aspect of this game rather than finding the furthest island from the battle and launching plane after plane
  8. Meeso_Thorny

    Any serious discussions on Real Manual AA

    The old ctrl-click system could still be used, except for the currently striking aircraft instead of the whole squadron. You would have to be watching the enemy planes and click them the moment some break away for an attack to focus the AA on just the attackers. This might be a happy medium between full manual AA and the old system
  9. Meeso_Thorny

    A 40 Knot Iowa?

    IIRC an Iowa could do 35 knots as long as these conditions were met: 1) She had post-war props 2) She was extremely lightly loaded with a 'fresh' hull 3) The water was shallow http://navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-029.php Let's not forget Richelieu and Jean Bart also broke 32 knots at various points in their careers
  10. welcome to reddit ...wait
  11. On the flip side, there is nothing quite like getting an 8/8 battleship HE salvo land on a DD right after their smoke ends and seeing them disintegrate. Cheers me up every time
  13. The main battery director turns to follow the main turrets (or vice versa), at least on Richelieu
  14. A destroyer can use torpedoes or guns. This is no more complex IMO What I would really like is something I suggested a little while ago, which is to load different ammo in different turrets. For a fore-and-aft ship, you might want to shoot HE at the DD chasing you and AP at the cruiser before you
  15. Why did they scrub the launch? Humidity threatened an ice buildup? We really need those torpedoes up here!