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  1. A destroyer can use torpedoes or guns. This is no more complex IMO What I would really like is something I suggested a little while ago, which is to load different ammo in different turrets. For a fore-and-aft ship, you might want to shoot HE at the DD chasing you and AP at the cruiser before you
  2. Why did they scrub the launch? Humidity threatened an ice buildup? We really need those torpedoes up here!
  3. When someone can consistently win 1v12s like a jedi I will believe Yoda's advice on this issue Wargaming's matches generally speaking are a great example (especially in WOT, less so in WOWs) of "Solo Team Games" That is to say you're on your own, but on a team
  4. Thanks bro I'm good but I ain't that good (Richelieu is strong but it ain't that strong) I got the only three kills on my team I guess I can live with it. 120k damage against tier 6-8's is a lot When I died it was because I was bowtanking a battleship while a DD managed to sneak to my flank and unleash a full spread. The match was 9v2 by that point, Carry Mode Aborted lol
  5. Meeso_Thorny

    Excess Credits

    Maybe if you always have premium time on. Run full gold consumables and paint at T8 and I doubt you will make net gains over time without premium time
  6. Meeso_Thorny

    When you lose...

    What a bizarre night is happening in WOWs
  7. Meeso_Thorny

    Excess Credits

    You must play a lot of lower tiers or premiums, I never have enough credits. Wargaming didn't remove the Missouri for no reason
  8. I can handle being the brave one but being called the coward by the cowards, for some reason rubs my rhubarb
  9. Meeso_Thorny

    Sweeeet (North) Carolineeee

    Enemy team be like:
  10. Bracket Nation rise up if I had a doubloon for every salvo that surrounded the target but achieved no hits I could afford a permacamo for all my favorite ships
  11. Meeso_Thorny

    Caption the profile image above you.

    see how many battles I've won and you will find out why I remain positive about acquiring Henri IV
  12. Meeso_Thorny

    Don't sail Broadside to a Yamato!

    Oh, praytell OP, what angle is most effective when fighting a Yamato in a 32mm ship?
  13. Meeso_Thorny

    Caption the profile image above you.

    No, I'm not a damn Camaro!