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  1. TheBudster

    Please keep Grand Battles....

    So now how much do you like it since they increased the number of intelligence reports needed and did away with receiving 3 a day?
  2. TheBudster

    Notice of friendly torpedoes.

    They just should have stayed with the way "Friendly Fire" worked in the past. Now you have to it a Friendly 40+ times to go pink? What a joke.
  3. TheBudster

    WG. Please return flag rewards

    Ya think?
  4. TheBudster

    Random Feedback from Departing Player

    I have been here 3 years and for most of the reasons you are leaving, I have been very happy with. I will be leaving in a month or so just because of Submarines.
  5. TheBudster

    Changes to Grand Battles

    Guess that is the end of my Grand Battles. It is fine, once subs are part of the randoms, I will be leaving anyway. Been a good 3 years, I shall depart as this ship sinks into the dark murky depths.
  6. TheBudster

    Swirski: Strong-Willed Campaign in Co-op (PVE Thread)

    Does anyone know that if I purchase the bundle with the 2 commanders first, if I will get doubloons when I finish campaign? I know if I get Jerzy first and then purchase the bundle, I would get 7500 doubloons.