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  1. Heiligenmoschel

    How are XP and credits earned?

    Just to provide explanation (though I don't think one is needed) my wife is German (married while stationed in Germany back in the 80s). Both her grandfather and uncle fought in the war under this flag (her uncle having died as well). As a military man myself, I understand someone fighting for their country as both of them did (no party affiliation, simply doing what was expected of them). That is why I fly it. I am not a victim and would never consider myself one. I simply have a reason for using this flag as my pic and I know I am not violating any laws. If the powers that be in charge of this site wish to remove that flag (and they have that right as this is a private site and not subject to the 1st Amendment), then they may as well remove me as well because that flag, for right or wrong, has been a part of my family since I married my wife. Good luck and Godspeed in your future battles.
  2. Heiligenmoschel

    How are XP and credits earned?

    If I have to worry about saying something that may offend someone in the world, I'll never get to say anything because anything say could offend anyone at any point in time. The war ended 75 years ago. IMO it's about time that people let it go and remember history for what it is, history. What's next, ban the Confederate flag because to SOME people, they think (incorrectly) it represents slavery? Ban pics of the cross because some folks are atheists? Ban pics of men because some women are feminists? You see how this can go on and on.
  3. Heiligenmoschel

    How are XP and credits earned?

    Actually, that would only be accurate if the server was located in Germany. This website that we are on now, based on the URL, is located in the US and not subject to German laws.
  4. Heiligenmoschel

    Karma & Why?

    Didn't even know WOW had karma and have no idea where to see it or vote for others.
  5. Heiligenmoschel

    How are XP and credits earned?

    I sail German ships and that is one of the flags of the Kriegsmarine. People keep complaining about the lack of historical accuracy and then when historical accuracy is used, people complain. Can't win for losing it seems.
  6. Heiligenmoschel

    New Premiums

    I was referring to your statement that some folks must be broke. Many are not but simply play a free game as a free game. I won't spend money on pixels.
  7. Some games I have a lot of damage (given) and earn almost nothing. Other times not a lot of damage but get a lot of credits or XP. (withstanding flags or camo). I just can't seem to figure out what is most important to the scoring model.
  8. Heiligenmoschel

    Torpedo Friendly Fire WTH?

    Lot of grief over a bunch of pixels. My take is if a friendly is in front of me I do my best to determine whether my torps will hit him and if I believe they won't, I fire. If said friendly then turns into torps, such is life and I continue working hard to kill the enemy. Pink is just a color. If I don't say sorry in game it's because I have enough on my plate already being the helmsman, engineer, fire control, and navigator. I don't time to be a comms officer as well. And, well again, it's a bunch of pixels, nobody died in real life, and I'm probably more ticked that I lost my chance to hit the enemy than worry about someone who turned into my torps. Hell, just get rid of friendly fire and there won't be issues in the first place.
  9. That would really on work on someone who pays to play. For those of us who play for free, there are thousands of other games to play if needed.
  10. Heiligenmoschel

    New Premiums

    Or we have no interest in paying for a free game.
  11. Heiligenmoschel

    MIssion of the Week

    TY So I guess I need to keep my T6 ships around if I want to keep playing them.
  12. Heiligenmoschel

    MIssion of the Week

  13. Heiligenmoschel

    MIssion of the Week

    What tier level ships are required to play the mission of the week scenarios? I used to think tier 6 because they opened up to my tier 6 ships but when I got my first tier 7 it's not available to play. It it even number tiers or just tier 6 or ???
  14. Heiligenmoschel

    Player for Replays

    Is there a way to fast forward through the replay? I don't see any controls coming up.
  15. Heiligenmoschel

    Player for Replays

    Not plotting revenge. Just want to know who this ahole is and didn't grab screenshot while in game.