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  1. SternBonk

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    The reason why each rank season sees a progression of bad players is that new players outnumber the skilled players. The number of skilled players is always on the decline as people get burned out, take a break, or outright quit the game because of bad decisions by WG. The newer players that are coming in are buying tier 8 and 9 premium ships and theres such a huge variety of ships now as compared to 2 years ago when I can remember only tirpitz, Atago and Roma being tier 8 premiums. This influx of new players have no idea how to play and theyre mixed with existing horrible players. Must say that even ive noticed my matchmaking monitor show a sea of red PR players in ranked when in previous seasons it used to be less. Nevertheless ranked out in 17 battles, so I can still carry the games
  2. SternBonk

    Season X Clan Battles

    ah yes. Killing the top players so the new players can come in and buy all the premium ships. Dumbing down the battles so after a while nobody knows what to do and yolo's in and dies. After a point, WG will even remove the cap points in battles and then it will just be sailing simulator with shooting. The season 9 of clan battles has already sent some top clans to quit or be inactive, this season will make those numbers go higher and a couple more of these season, all the top clans will probably move on except for a handful. WG wants more new players to come in and buy those shiny new premiums so they can take them out and sail it, but the unicums then destroy these types of players and they lose the will to keep playing. So eliminate the unicums, new players come in and keep the cash rolling So Wargaming says that this past season, "the basis for victory is a carefully planned strategy and team skills. " Let me say that there was "NO PLANNED STRATEGY" in clan battles because of the everpresent radar (CV) that can give you information about which ships are going to the flank. Any team with a brain can then realize what the opponent is trying to do and will try to overwhelm them. There is no case for strategy here and just raw player skill and of course which side the CV focuses. but of course WG fails to see this because they don't play clan battles themselves and have no idea how it feels to actually play. They just rely on spreadsheet data to accumulate the statistics on the type of ships used and players played. They don't realize that the lower leagues seldom have any strategy and will choose any ship the player has currently. I was part of the lower league clan when I was a new player and trust me, we didn't have any strategy and any player who showed up and had a tier 10 ship was picked to play. As WG has no experience of playing clan battles, I can lay down them a challenge. We are open to holding some training room battles in clan battle format with WG devs so they can understand the battles first hand. tier 10 7v7 with a CV or BB allowed. Pretty sure my clan will be able to make them see so much diversity and WG can plan their own strategy which will be thrown out of the window as soon as there is a CV in battle and in the end it all comes down to player skill. @Hapa_Fodder let us know if you are open to this challenge, and we can setup the training room at the appropriate time. I will obviously have to talk to my clan to even doing it as I will need to gather the players from my clan as well. As for the upcoming season with tier 6 ships 7v7, its going to be a more higher degree of shitshow because the cruisers have no heal, negative AA. The Ryujo is going to be the most popular CV. and DD's will not be popular again as again they have negative AA
  3. SternBonk

    ok I have to know why

    Ah i see you are the kind of player that charges in, gets focused and dies 5 minutes in and blames the team for no support. I thank you for donating your hitpoints to other players
  4. The player is from my clan and a good friend
  5. I do play my Z52 and in the past 21 days I have played 10 games in it. I have attached a screenshot of my stats in it. When I said the penetration value was buffed, I meant the HE penetration was increased to 32mm. Not the AP penetration. If you read the news you know about it. Something feels fishy here, you have 14k+ battles and yet havent touched the Z till now nor do you have any idea about the recent buffs. Either you bought the account or just a very ignorant player. Anyways, you can go full gunboat build on it and see a change in results
  6. The recent buff to the penetration value of german DDs has made the boats very good indeed. You have to change your playstyle a bit for that to work and go full gunboat. Ive been having a lot of fun playing the Z52. Its almost OP now
  7. SternBonk

    Do most know how to play this game?

    Wow. Havent read such a post in a long time. 262 battles, only premiums and no tech tree ships giving players advice... dayyum
  8. SternBonk

    The real reason many quit T-10 DDs ?

    You know Im a DD player and nobody ever tells me anything as I play the best for the team. Also from what I noticed when you were on the enemy team a couple of times in your gearing, you always went wide and just tried to get torp hits from 10+km. Its not gonna work and probably why the team tells you youre being useless on 1 or 10 line when you can be useful for the team somewhere else
  9. SternBonk

    Is Siegfried OP?

    It is a german. If you know WG then you should know that german ships and OP are never used together in a sentence.
  10. SternBonk

    Great Idea WG

    Exactly. So now for the player that doesnt spend too much time playing this game has zero chance to get the UU's unless he whales and somehow gets the FXP required for it and gets the UU without even playing the ship if at all, whereas previously the player could grind it at his leisure and go at the missions one by one. Defies all the logic of playing the ship to understand it and then making a choice to to use an alternate playstyle or not
  11. SternBonk

    Great Idea WG

    This has been already out there in the community but WG refused to listen. So I'll try to post it here in simple words about the unique upgrades being moved to the research bureau Current Situation - Unique upgrades are being offered in the research bureau for 19200 research points (equivalent to 2 line resets or 1 line reset with double xp bonus). First off that is a high price for a UU. Second point is that when a new player reached to tier 10, he is then expected to reset the line and grind it all over again (1 or 2 times depending on the situation of bonus xp) to buy the UU from the RB. So the logic is, said player technically wont even play the ship and wont fully recognize the abilities of the ship, then buys the UU and is now expected to make a choice between UU or no UU. Also dismounting the UU costs 25 doubloons (not too high, but still requires said player to PAY, if they dont have any free doubloons lying around) Old Scenario - Player reaches the tier 10 ship and plays 1 battle and is granted a mission for the UU. This mission requires the player to play atleast 40+ battles to successfully complete it and obtain the UU. While completing this mission, the player PLAYS the ship and gets the idea of the ship's capabilities and can then decide if he wants to try to "the alternate playstyle" being offered by the UU or not. So WG decided instead of making the player play the ship the UU is supposed to be for, now has to reset a line and grind it all the way back to earn those RP and buy the UU...... who can see the flawed logic here? surely it cant just be me or the "pro players"....WG just refuses to acknowledge it and keeps on forcing things in the RB even when the playerbase is opposed to it. Also they just took a roundabout way to what the initial RB was supposed to be. "A place where you can upgrade your ships, and make them stronger by the different kinds of buffs we propose". and now the RB just basically offers you the UU which in some ships are necessary upgrades needed to experience the full potential of the ship imo. Its just a toned down version of the initial RB proposal. WG stop forcing bad ideas on us and instead listen to the playerbase and work on things that improve gameplay. You launched a discord server to "connect" with more of the playerbase..... even in the voting on the discord the RB feedback vote received so many downvotes and WG still ignored it. Clearly even the discord playerbase is too minority and WG has a secret channel where the playerbase is happy with the UU being moved to RB instead of actually grinding the ship and understanding the characteristics of the ship
  12. SternBonk

    Main advantage of Somers over Halland?

    Depends on what you are asking here. Both DD's are great in their own respective ways. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses Somers - Great torps (high alpha), 5.8 conceal, fast bote, and has US smoke screen which can be utilized effectively if needed (also can be used to disengage), ZERO AA Halland - Great torps (low alpha), good guns, best DD AA, No smoke (cant disengage easily, requires some skill to play), slow bote (literally gets run down by cruisers if you're not careful) depends on which meta you are asking for the situation of these ships if there is a CV in the game, then Somers will be useless if the CV is focusing your side of the map (literally zero AA, dont expect to shoot down any planes). all you can expect to do is long range torps and hope to hit 1 or 2, whereas the halland can keep its surrounding a no fly area for the CV and can harass enemy ships with its torpedoes however if there is no CV, then both DDs excel with the somers having a smoke screen to provide to team mates and also fire from safety. With the halland you need to use the islands and abuse the detection mechanics carefully or you can get focused down quickly as you aren't necessarily the fastest boat and can get hit easily Somers is also more useful in clan battles with NO CV's as it provides more utility and is kind of a mix between the gearing and shimakaze. So depends on what you want the bote for. also keep in mind that one is a tech tree ship and somers is a steel ship.
  13. SternBonk

    I want Subs in Randoms ASAP

    So you can die faster? Im sure youre one of the players who dies in 3 minutes and moves on to the next one. Rock n Roll
  14. Just a suggestion for WG to actually address the rendering delay. It was supposedly fixed in one of the previous patches but now the rendering delay of a ship is back to its usual delay of 1-2 seconds. Makes no sense of playing with your detection when an enemy is charging at you and you hope to spot it first. Specifically in the case of DDs, detection is a big thing and all of it goes down the drain with the rendering delay. Just a suggestion for WG to actually fix their game before adding in more game breaking stuff...cough cough subs Im sure many players have noticed the rendering delay creep up again and its not my setup that is the problem.
  15. SternBonk

    Private replay analysis

    When someone sends a replay you can expect an analysis like this. I will give you a play by play analysis and what you could have done in that scenario better that would help you survive and help the team win First Image: Firstly lets take a look at the score board and identify the ships that pose the biggest threat to you. Non of the battleships are really a threat as you are not prone to eating bb AP penetrations, just beware of the bismarcks hydro. Cruiser wise the Neptune, Kron and Cleveland have the potential to seriously hurt you so be wary of them. DD wise yugumo can keep you spotted so that is a threat Second Image: You are pushing into the cap a little bit too aggressively, best play here is to do some spotting see what ships are at this cap and then make your move from there. Contesting caps early game is a good way to die or lose a lot of HP. Third Image: 6km away from a Neptune and you decide to open up? Very bad play, especially when there are 3 other ships that can easily take pot shots at you. The HE damage you do to him is negligible due to his improved heal, keep him spotted and let your kroon/musashi deal with him. You’re very lucky to get away from that engagement with no health lost. Fourth Image: These torp salvos would have been put to much better use against the Iowa/Kronshdat Fifth Image: Here you should have stealthed up, capped and then continued to farm. UR getting a bit greedy here. This game still isn’t won. At this point you exit the cap and get tunnel visioned on the iowa, just launch torps at him and cap in silence. You are guns free after the cap is in your control. There is no reason why that cap shouldn’t be green. Sixth Image: Really don’t understand why you came all the way over here. You could have stayed on A, smoked up and farmed the iowa from there as you were capping. Not to mention these torps were just [edited] torps. Plus being sub 5 km from a bb is not where you wanna be Seventh Image: 9 minutes left in the game and the cap is finally green. This should have happened atleast 6-7 minutes ago Eight Image: This is a waste of a smoke screen, you should have justed gunned him down in the open as you kite away from him. much easier to dodge shells as you kite away Ninth Image: You have A theres no reason to sit on top of it, you should have been moving away from the kronshdat. By staying still you made it very easy for him to hit you.