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  1. This thread is a plea for WG to include clan battles in the daily missions. We all know the season is going to start from 22nd Jan. Once the season starts, some of us only play clan battles on the days that it is scheduled. The daily missions dont include clan battles and any XP gained in that will not count towards it meaning you have to play an additional 6 random or Coop games to complete the daily mission. Please include clan battles in the daily missions, afyer playing 3-4 hours of clan battles, most players dont play randoms afterwards.
  2. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Account porting

    No... as a competetive player I had dubs reaining from KotS and I used those.... Challenge accepted.
  3. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Account porting

    Can we get a number on how many players switched servers WG?
  4. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Buff Smolensk to help counter Venezia

    Bigensk is coming to counter Venezia.
  5. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Clan Battle Participation

    I would say facing better teams you can learn a lot. You can make note of the strat they are using, the positions they use and you can try using those. Yes they are demoralizing but look at it in a positive way and try to get better by learning from the strats
  6. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Citadeled a Montana with Minotaur

    The montanas citadel is indeed weird. I remember Flamuu showing the armor profile of it, not the ingame one, but he got it from somewhere. And in that picture the citadel is out of the ship for some reason. Near the mid of ship. Thats the reason why Monty gets citadelled at weird angles and by ships that shouldnt citadel it. Even i have gotten multiple citadels on Monty with my mino couple of months ago. You just need the shells to hit a spot where the armor bug is i.e where the citadel is coming out. You can ask flamuu on his stream and he might show the armor picture im talking about
  7. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Looking for a mentor.

    Also divvimg up with good players is the second step. Because if you div up woth someone they need to play their game too and wont have access to your ship at that moment of time. The first step is to either watch youtube or twitch on how to play that particular line of ship and submit replays to players who tell you what you did wrong. Dont get me wrong, but divving up with players wont change your gameplay. All you will learn from is that some positioning amd tactics. You still need to know how to play your ship
  8. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Worst thing about being a mainly DD player...

    bruh.... apparently you dont learn even after people telling you what to do
  9. By now you must already have figured that navalpride is delusional.
  10. I think the glue might have addled your brain You cant just sail around and destroy a light cruiser with secondaries. If that light cruiser has any skill he will eat you up and spit you. Easy to say hard to do. And your stats dont suggest you can do it so admit it that its not the ship, its the player
  11. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Some basic questions ...

    Hallo? Not detected anything
  12. If thats the case then why dont you play a "OP" ship and win? Too hard for you? Its not the ship, its the player who makes the difference. MM cant fix the player base
  13. Perfidious_Pessimist

    WG has some questions to answer

    LOL. Apparently people saying common sense is common need to look at themselves. I already said that CVs are hard to kill which is WGs fault. The players just abuse it now. So WG made a class that players can abuse, hide in the corner and still be somewhat useful to the team. Or if theyre any good then they wreck the enemy team. Lose lose in both situations
  14. Perfidious_Pessimist

    WG has some questions to answer

    So why did WG ban the Marauders from playing the CVs?? do they know that CVs rarely die before a match dies? too OP in hands of a good player? LOL they make a class and then ban it from playing..... makes real sense WG.. real sense...
  15. Perfidious_Pessimist

    Swearing on Official Channel

    And how are you sure he hasnt already heard curse words at school? Or on the road? Oh wait... i forgot schools are now snowflakey