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  1. LookUpAndSpit

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    Yup. Apart from glue fascinated players ofcourse
  2. LookUpAndSpit

    WG should fix flooding

    to the OP, dont trigger the potatoes. they will nerf you to the ground
  3. LookUpAndSpit

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    Its not about being OP or not. Not about balanced or not, its that nobody likes a carrier ingame. Wanna play a camping DM? Cant because plane spotted Wanna cap early in a DD? Cant because CVs can crap on you Do you have a horrible CV player on your team? Great, thats a 100% loss Does your team lose its crap being perma spotted by the CV? Great then good luck farming any damage or any kills The gaming mechanics that WG created are literally opposite to CV gameplay, so its not CV being OP its about making it a bad experience to play against especially when your team has a potato CV and the enemy has a super unicum who keeps a flank spotted the whole time whereas your CV just potatoes and complains about losing planes Also, the plane taking off the deck is also messed up, suppose the CV is last remaining player and you need to kill him. So you end up charging him or going closer to him, so how in the reality should he be able to take off planes... as soon as the CV is done with 1 squad, here comes another. If the CV is any but competent, then he will have an island to hide behind and just keep pumping out planes. Surface ships have a "reload time" when shooting their guns, but hey apparently CVs have an insta arm feature now. As soon as you land just take off again. The end game will mean you have less AA and the CV can conserve his planes more and more per attack. Nobody likes to be crapped on and not be able to atleast retaliate against that CV
  4. LookUpAndSpit

    BUOY is Recruiting

    Hello Captains! BUOY are recruiting players that are interested in playing Clan battles. We are a really old clan and friends since a long time, we made it to Storm 1st league last season (had to stop due to real life matters of players), and currently we are already in the Storm 3rd league. Looking for good players to join us, that have played clan battles earlier, or are willing to learn and show up to clan battles. We do have requirements, we prefer most players to have more than 52% WR and atleast more than 1350-1400+ PR Multiple tier 10s are an added bonus, and ofcourse be competent in the tier 10 ship you choose to play. Anyone interested can PM me or my clan leader A_JERSEY_DRIVER
  5. LookUpAndSpit

    Ok, so why not?

    I guess this post needs to be posted over then as its a gripe about others griping
  6. LookUpAndSpit

    Play your OLD replay files

    Also you might not be able to take part in the PTS servers, because the pts servers require the game launcher to be installed. At this point i dont even care about pts as the rewards are useless,but thats just me. To anyone interested in those rewards have a difficult choice to make
  7. LookUpAndSpit

    Play your OLD replay files

    No. you can use the World of Warships classic launcher instead of the game center and you can watch every replay from any patch ever. you dont need to copy and paste the whole folder to a different folder and all that. just uninstall game center, go to WoWS website and download classic launcher. i have it and I have watched replays from the last tier 10 ranked season. though you need to uninstall the game completely along with the game center and redownload the classic launcher
  8. LookUpAndSpit

    So my stats are horrible.

    if you want to improve, you can start by watching youtube videos and twitch streams, lots of good players that teach you how to play ships. apart from that, you can join many discord servers that have good players and will analyse the replay of the game you had. take tips from that, try to avoid them, try to read the situation you are in and then you will improve as you keep on battling. other players will also try to div with you and show positioning etc etc Bad players who acknowledge they are bad and are willing to learn are the players that survive, unless some bad players who refuse to see that they are bad and keep on egging others some streams i watch are (Notser, statikthewarmonger, onithewicked, citizens9) all are good players and you can learn by watching them discord servers (ADOPT, and other twitch streamers, as well as other top clans) they all have great players waiting to analyze your replay and give you tips
  9. had an amazing match and with @iKami on my team. ikami got a well deserved kraken, nicely done. The team was down all 3 caps and the enemy with a lead of more than 300 points, we kept chipping them down 1 by 1, got all 3 capture points back and won. never lose hope in the team, believe as long as you can that you can win. I pushed my CV right into the center of the map and provided AA support to whoever was close to me. GG indeed, massive carry by the top 3 players on the team. and a shoutout to the losing carrier player, he did amazingly well
  10. Dont know why people are still scared of the stalingrad. Yes it has amazing AP shells, but you can counter it by literally angling or just bow in depending on the armor of your ship.its not like the stalin is a stealthy ship,if your team does its spotting well in CBs,then there is no reason for a stalin to be unspotted and knowing where its aiming. Also it takes massive HE damage and burns for 1 minute. If i see a stalin on the enemy team its just more HP to burn for me. Also if youre facing problems in CBs then try switching to henris and always concentrate fire on whats gonna threaten you the most, focus firing wins you clan battles, not every player for himself. My clan always focus fires on radar ships, getting them down early so our DDs can have some mid- to late game impact
  11. LookUpAndSpit


    They are usually the good kind of players who call out the worst player and tell him not to suicide. At least think where hes going and might end up doing some good. Sure there are some who are extremely vulgar in chat, but barring those, the good players use MMM to see which player on the enemy team to focus
  12. If you actually manage to land all 9 shells on a DD he will still take 10k salvos, thats unlikely to happen because dispersion, Yes some DD actually deserve to get blasted off the water for being dumb, but as a BB player if you know theres a DD near you and charging you, better load HE
  13. Really depends on your playstyle. Every cruiser is deleteable heavy or light if you show broadside. In respect to tanking some heavy cruisers have 27mm bow, which cannot be overmatched by 380mm guns, some heavy cruisers have a bow plating of 38mm or 50mm so theres additional protection if you know how to angle and to predict where the enemy will shoot. Light cruisers only have 25mm or less bow, so they cannot bow tank much, be careful.
  14. LookUpAndSpit

    Game control over win loss percentage

    No. The battle depends on how much you can influence it in a good way or a bad way. Ive seen a lot of players complain about MM, whining how they always get paired with bad players... that doesnt matter as long as you influence your team with a great impact. The general population of any game dont know the basic mechanics of the game and fail their way to high levels. If you consider yourself to be that good then you can influence most matches in a positive way, instead of just complaining about bad players. Take a hard look at yourself before commenting whether the system is biased or not. Its a 50 50 chance you can end up on the losing side, how you perform in the battle is a different story altogether.
  15. LookUpAndSpit

    DFAA needs a rework too...

    well i mean why just stop at that? make a button so that as soon as you hit it, the planes vanish in a puff of smoke. no need for all the mechanics of scatter