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  1. LookUpAndSpit

    Time to nerf the Irian?

    I think you need to upgrade your brain, nothing personal its just annoying.
  2. LookUpAndSpit

    Question for people who ranked out in Ranked

    I played and ranked out in my kitakaze because it was too much fun. Before rank 5 it had a 70% WR and then dropped to 52% by the time i reached rank 1. Tried the seattle and buffalo ans fletcher. All of them have 75%+ WR and i played like 6 or 7 battles in each of them. Nevertheless you can take any ship you feel like you can do the best. Because I do great in DDs kitakaze worked for me so maybe thats not for everyone
  3. No. MM is [edited]. It does nothing except than just match tier to tier ships
  4. LookUpAndSpit

    The worst RNG I have ever had.

    Yup. Terrible ship
  5. LookUpAndSpit

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    I dont know why people say that they need a cruiser captain trainer when we know the Alaska is going to be released soon. Atleast the Alaska can handle her own against tier 10s and the information about her sale has been long out...
  6. LookUpAndSpit

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    Why would you want to buy another tier 8 that is going to suffer from terrible matchmaking and has weak AA capabilities.... Seriously its just gonna sit in port and collect rust,theres a lot better ships at this tier rather than spend 50 bucks and get a mehbote And ofcourse premiums are subject to change on the whims of WG devs so be warned
  7. I feel like the trend is like this. Unicums quickly progress to rank 5 and below Then great players follow them And in that process a lot of potatoes get carried through to rank 5 So the unicums rank out, leaving the potatoes on a 50% WR in ranks 5 and below meaning they never go out of that bracket thereby increasing the potatoes in rank 5. Just rank out early is better as you never know when youre bad luck rng is gonma hit you
  8. LookUpAndSpit

    Ranked and the Fletcher

    well join the kitkat force if you cant defeat them. i certainly did and I have atleast half a brain so im better than most players :P
  9. LookUpAndSpit

    RDF UI

    WG can you please change the RDF in the battle to how it was before 0.8.0. the new update has made it jerky and it makes the player feel jerky everytime it switches... not fun at all I dont know what changes did that to the RDF UI in battle but that is not smooth at all like it was before. feels like I have a lag even though i dont... ruining the game experience.
  10. LookUpAndSpit

    Ranked and the Fletcher

    I dont think the fletcher is outclassed. you need to remember that every DD has a different role. kitakaze is a gunboat DD with 1 torp launcher. so its a utility tool not its main damage jutland is a bit better than fletcher with 6 turrets and 360 degree turrets. fletcher hs to be played like a torp boat. you can blind torp and get kills if you know where to torp almost every time. you see where the buffs are, you see where the next buffs are, so you can plot a path the enemy DD is gonna take and with the use of radio location you can torp them with ease. i have a 83% WR in my fletcher though i only played like 6 ranked games in it. had to switch to kitakaze because the kitakaze on my team literally dont know how to play a gunboat. nevertheless ranked out the reason why fletcher seems to be outclassed is maybe by playing the black which is basically the fletcher with a radar plus smoke. and the jutland which has heals so its more forgiving
  11. LookUpAndSpit

    gratitude to rank teammates

    going by this standard, did you see how many plebs were in rank 5 doing nothing and just having a 50-50 WR and just staying in the rank 5 bracket forever. they just bring the teams down and even a unicum cant do anything but maybe save a star
  12. LookUpAndSpit

    gratitude to rank teammates

    Finally ranked out after what seemed an eternity spending bouncing from rank 4 and 5. Finally knuckled down, took the ship i excelled at most and reached rank 1. wanted to thank all my teammates in my winning games and all the teammates in losing games for letting me farm damage once I knew it was a lost cause. a big shout out to @gabriel23333 for deleting the neptune in 1 salvo in my ranking out match. that set the tone for my team to kick the enemy 6-0. really a shame how many times a team wins 6-0 even in rank 5 and below, just tells how many incompetent players there are. or maybe too many players commit mistakes in the same match. This season of ranked provided everything. even though tier 9 ships were chosen this season for ranked as tier 10 would mean players would play CVs in ranked, nevertheless a success I would say. arms race rocked too. Feedback to WG balance the MM. many times 1 team was stacked with unicums and 1 team literally had plebs. already know the outcome before the game even starts. that is no fun at all. Balance the ranked MM so atleast both teams have equal WR or PR more maps? this season had only 5 maps. really felt like the same maps over and over again. I know it was arms race but still a couple more wouldve been good
  13. LookUpAndSpit

    Arsenal problem

    2 ships are coming for Free XP and they can be seen in the tech tree not arsenal. you can buy the nelson for free XP now
  14. LookUpAndSpit

    Wildcat Reset FTW

  15. LookUpAndSpit


    umm what are piercings? never heard that before