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  1. LookUpAndDodge

    Private replay analysis

    When someone sends a replay you can expect an analysis like this. I will give you a play by play analysis and what you could have done in that scenario better that would help you survive and help the team win First Image: Firstly lets take a look at the score board and identify the ships that pose the biggest threat to you. Non of the battleships are really a threat as you are not prone to eating bb AP penetrations, just beware of the bismarcks hydro. Cruiser wise the Neptune, Kron and Cleveland have the potential to seriously hurt you so be wary of them. DD wise yugumo can keep you spotted so that is a threat Second Image: You are pushing into the cap a little bit too aggressively, best play here is to do some spotting see what ships are at this cap and then make your move from there. Contesting caps early game is a good way to die or lose a lot of HP. Third Image: 6km away from a Neptune and you decide to open up? Very bad play, especially when there are 3 other ships that can easily take pot shots at you. The HE damage you do to him is negligible due to his improved heal, keep him spotted and let your kroon/musashi deal with him. You’re very lucky to get away from that engagement with no health lost. Fourth Image: These torp salvos would have been put to much better use against the Iowa/Kronshdat Fifth Image: Here you should have stealthed up, capped and then continued to farm. UR getting a bit greedy here. This game still isn’t won. At this point you exit the cap and get tunnel visioned on the iowa, just launch torps at him and cap in silence. You are guns free after the cap is in your control. There is no reason why that cap shouldn’t be green. Sixth Image: Really don’t understand why you came all the way over here. You could have stayed on A, smoked up and farmed the iowa from there as you were capping. Not to mention these torps were just [edited] torps. Plus being sub 5 km from a bb is not where you wanna be Seventh Image: 9 minutes left in the game and the cap is finally green. This should have happened atleast 6-7 minutes ago Eight Image: This is a waste of a smoke screen, you should have justed gunned him down in the open as you kite away from him. much easier to dodge shells as you kite away Ninth Image: You have A theres no reason to sit on top of it, you should have been moving away from the kronshdat. By staying still you made it very easy for him to hit you.
  2. LookUpAndDodge

    Private replay analysis

    you can send me some replays of your clan battles and I can tell you about your strat. without looking at anything I can't really help. It may be a lot of things happening based on your strat, player ability, inability to read the game of what the enemy is doing and adjusting your position based on it. As for CV, well you really cant do anything about it because CV's are fun and engaging. The only way to counter it by stacking a bunch of ships together and hopefully pray for enough plane losses that he wont have reserves to attack or switch to a venezia comp as they are more agile and less susceptible to plane rng while dealing damage too
  3. LookUpAndDodge

    Private replay analysis

    I will be starting to offer replay analysis for those who wish to improve their gameplay. You can send me your replays, and I will go through it and respond with specific screenshots of where you could have done something better. The goal is to help the newer players or any player wishing to learn and get better. Send in your replays where you are struggling with a ship line, want to increase a specific stat, clan battles ( upto gale league. Storm clans and above should know what they are doing) losing close battles, or even if you died early and want to know the reason. You can send me your replay in direct messages and I will respond to you likewise. No one else needs to know. You can send me your replays on discord. My ID is Kashif#7488. If you don't use discord then you can direct message me on the forums and attach the replay file. How to find replay file: Find your folder where world of warships has been installed. A replay folder will be present in the world of warships NA folder. Open it and you will find your 30 most recent replays. Find the ship that you want to send the replay for and send it over to me for feedback. This is to help the newer players and replays of good players just farming damage, or asking how to farm more will not be entertained.
  4. LookUpAndDodge

    Fire Prevention, is it actually that good?

    Please dont take any fire prevention skills. I am being griefed by players taking this skill and I am unable to farm them for more damage. Please stop using this skill.
  5. LookUpAndDodge

    Casual players perspective

    You claim that you help a team to win... this claim I find it hard to believe if you dont know the basic game mechanics. You dont help your team win if you die in the first 4 minutes of the game, rather an "elite" has carried you to a win if you win the battle. Claiming that you will never get good is just a testament of your skill as this game is already simple. This is a war based strategic game, not some role playing game where you complete a mission and advance. If you really dont care about losses or the game, then why have you hid your stats? Because no one can know how bad you actually are? The "elites" dont ask everyone to be at their high skill level. They just ask that everyone know basic game mechanics and map awareness to not die. "Elites" will carry you to the win, all you have to do is stay alive and help them.
  6. LookUpAndDodge

    European DDs are the Worst.

    European DDs are actually one of the fun DD lines to play. If you are not liking the gameplay now then you either need to change your playstyle with this line of DDs or stop playing them as you are a hindrance to your team. They are primarily torpedo boats and you have to stay at a distance to be effective. Your guns are useful too but you have to pick your engagements as you dont have smoke to disengage.
  7. LookUpAndDodge

    nice joke... i laughed, you can too

    I played 3 ships. Moskva, Venezia, and Daring. Played the goliath too but I just wanted to get used to the shell arcs to play in clan battles. If you want to play the moskva then you can use the buffs as a bait to kill enemy DDs. You know the DDs are going to go for it because greedy... you need to position so that you can radar them effectively and get that kill early on. After that based on your positioning I would say find a rock to nose in towards the enemy in the cap circle and bow tank If you want to play the venezia, its strength is in flanking and getting those side shots. If the enemy is bow on to you then you will do minimum damage, so you will have to keep moving around in this ship to get those angles and the juicy 10k salvos. Its slightly harder to make this ship work, but if you can then its straight up OP Also helps if your team knows how to play instead of yoloing and dying. Also if there is a CV in game then disregard all my tactics and do whatever you want because CV is balansed
  8. LookUpAndDodge

    nice joke... i laughed, you can too

    its easy once you know what position you need to be in once the central cap becomes active as the enemy team rushes in to control the cap point. kill them off one by one. doesnt work everytime and also you need to have a team that understands that, but it still gives you a winning chance
  9. LookUpAndDodge

    nice joke... i laughed, you can too

    The rewards for completing the mission is something i really dont care about since I already have thousands of the flags. Also how do I play 5 battles at rank 1? Or were you just trolling?
  10. I already ranked out
  11. LookUpAndDodge

    Disagree with me but RTS CV were balanced in 1 way

    To all those saying that a CV is comparable to surface ships, you cannot be more wrong. As a surface ship if I make a mistake then I should be punished for it by taking damage or getting dev struck. That is totally acceptable. If I dont make a mistake then I am able to kill the enemy and in the process I will take damage too. Its a 2 way road. Damage is dealt between the 2 parties involved. A CV isnt concerned with all of those. It can strike whatever it wants with impunity. As I said earlier Planes go vrooooooom AA goes brrrrrrrr Planes get damage and come again vrrrrrrrrr Wow so much counterplay
  12. LookUpAndDodge

    Disagree with me but RTS CV were balanced in 1 way

    Planes go vrooooom AA goes brrrrrrrr Planes shot down = 0 L M A O
  13. However broken and OP the RTS CV's were, they were atleast balanced in the aspect that you had a limited number of planes. If any CV player was careless about his fighters or any squadron then he would pay heavily and be useless once the reserves had been depleted which actually meant you had to have atleast some game knowledge about ships to do good in rts CV's. Yes CV's have limited number of planes now too (technically), all you have to do is save your planes at the start and you will still have full squadrons at the end of the game. The pleasure of seeing a CV deplaned is gone unless theres some terribad CV player out there who yolos in his planes. CV rework was supposed to reduce the gap between good and bad players. It has utterly failed at that as even now the red PR CV players is as useless as in RTS and the unicum CV player just laughs at him. The red PR players now have more planes to spot the enemy team which is basically all theyre good at while yoloing their planes and occasionally getting some high damage numbers which to be fair to any player he really shouldnt have
  14. LookUpAndDodge

    A Major Problem With Clan Battles

    Comparing a video game to real life sports isnt how you compare. Lets say even if the comparison is right, then sports teams with the biggest pockets always get the better players no matter what. There's no rule saying every team shall be evenly matched. It all depends on what the team is offering, salary offered, and players decision obviously. All in all it depends on the money and its human nature to gravitate towards more money. There are numerous teams out there that buy talent right from their direct competition for pennies and the club isn't able to decline as they need the money to stay in business. That business model is a player sell business model where the most income is generated by selling players graduating from the youth academy. That player goes to star for the new team, plays till his peak is over and the club moves him for a huge profit and its back to square one. One of the main reasons that the player moves is also because his skill level has increased, with his current team unable to match the winning desire/skill and cannot stay at his current club forcing said current club to sell him for a profit rather than lose him for free It's the same in this game. A skilled player will want to keep on improving and climb up the clan battle leagues and finally reach the final level of being hurricane consistently. If you want to keep skilled players in your clan, you must make sure that everyone who plays clan battles are also improving simultaneously with the best player so they can atleast keep up with the competition. It will be a long road, but if you consistently keep on improving then it shouldn't be a problem to keep hold of talent unless there are other issues within the clan. I started out in a squall league clan, and most of my clan members had a PR below 1000. At that time I was a potato and had no idea of PR, or win rate or anything. I just played, watched videos and started getting better eventually. I got my squall clan to gale league and that was where I parted ways as my clan had reached a roadblock which we were unable to overcome as my clan members didn't improve. I joined a storm clan after and after a couple of seasons I switched to a typhoon clan and made them hurricane. There is no logical reason why a skilled player will want to stay in a lower league clan unless its just for fun. If that player is competitive then he will surely move up the clans till he hits his skill level. Thats the way everything works. Every player irrespective of video game or real life sports has a skill ceiling and once he reaches it thats the maximum best he can give it. The only way to move forward from that is either stay on that skill or a declining trend begins. As for the best clans playing average clans I dont think that happens often enough to become an issue. Thats only an issue on the first week of clan battle season as all the clans are within 2 leagues of each other as the clans start out in either gale or squall league based on the standings from the previous season. As clan battle matchmaking is, teams can be matched within the higher league or lower league too. Once the better clans start moving to typhoon and hurricane I doubt you'll see unicum clans playing with average clans.
  15. This thread is a plea for WG to include clan battles in the daily missions. We all know the season is going to start from 22nd Jan. Once the season starts, some of us only play clan battles on the days that it is scheduled. The daily missions dont include clan battles and any XP gained in that will not count towards it meaning you have to play an additional 6 random or Coop games to complete the daily mission. Please include clan battles in the daily missions, afyer playing 3-4 hours of clan battles, most players dont play randoms afterwards.