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  1. One of the things I used to like about WG and this game was that they atleast acknowledged the fact that most clans and players don't use the same commander builds for randoms and clan battles. For the players playing clan battles, they used to offer free commander respec after playing 1 battle which makes sense as it restricts the players who don't play clan battles to get a free respec. The last free respec for playing clan battles was in season 8 (TX 7v7). Obviously CV's weren't allowed in this season because of the whole rework fiasco and how broken they still were but anyways, we still got the free respec. Then came season 9 of clan battles which included CVs (TX 7v7) and with it came this astonishing news of WG telling players that most of its players used AA skills in randoms so there would be no need for a respec as you can use the same skills in clan battles (ok WG ).... ok fine. We get it. WG must've been really hurting as the clan battle players used the free respec to respec all their ships instead of just the clan battle ships so they thought we need to take this away and give this reason as to why they weren't offering it this season. Season 10 ( T6 7v7) and season 11 (TX 7v7) also had CV's included in them with the option to swap them out for BB. These seasons news articles had no mention of the commander free respec as WG probably thought if they don't mention it the players will forget there was even a free respec associated with clan battles. But one can assume and give WG the benefit of the doubt, since CV's were included in these seasons there was no free respec needed as obviously everyone used AA skills in randoms and needed the same skills in clan battles . Which brings us to the current season 12 (T9 7v7). No CV's at tier 9, so cant include them . aaaaand WG just didn't mention any commander respec in the news article. So WG gave the reason that no respecs were offered back in season 9 due to CVs being included in clan battles. But now its season 12 and there are no CV's included in this season. So where is the free respec WG??!?? Did you stop offering respecs just because CV's were included in clan battles, or was there some ulterior motive in denying the players free respec for clan battles and you wanted to grab monies??? atleast respect the playerbase enough to outright tell them something. Cut the bullcrap and don't treat your players like stupid, glue eating humans. We know its a F2P game and you need to somehow make a profit while developing the game. There's gonna be backlash for stupid decisions from your side (which you don't lack obviously with the recent events) but atleast the playerbase knows why you did something
  2. They dont know what to do. So we just wait and watch and make hay with deadeye while it exists
  3. Well im at 61.59% WR now. And what are you still at? The same 44% as 2 years ago? I literally proved that if you want to get good you can. I improved from a 54% to a 61.5%. I could have it more but I dont have the heart to play randoms anymore and just stick around for clan battles. I know other players too that improved from 52% to 60% now
  4. How about banning red PR players feedback on any test boat and probably listen to the players who are higher on the skill level
  5. Im_with_goobler

    The irony from WG employees

    so you think a CV getting 40k+ damage with 1 squadron of torpedo bombers is balanced? you think that surface ships need to be forced to invest 3 points to take the torpedo protection skill, because the CV is obviously gonna have it and to counter it you need to throw away your surface ship combat abilities just to counter sky cancer? no wonder your stats are hidden so everyone cant see how bad the player actually is. and this is not naming and shaming in case you cant differentiate it. I am simply pointing out the irony of Hapa's words because it is WG that implemented these skills and even after feedback, ignored it and went full ape crapwith the skill rework
  6. Im_with_goobler

    New Mode: Play in the Dark

    lmbo, nice shooting btw
  7. Im_with_goobler

    The irony from WG employees

    @Hapa_Fodder how else do you want the playerbase to make use of the new deadeye skill? or cruisers -8% reload for being detected in base detect then dying from sniping BBs? or DDs that gain 8% speed for being dark? surely these skills were added so the playerbase can enjoy them and promote active gameplay right and not passive back line sniping from BBs. Edit: I forgot the CV skills where they can ignore torp belts and do 40k+ damage with 1 squadron, or taking reduce AA damage skills and ei ei dus nuffin even more
  8. Im_with_goobler

    Any DD players doing well in Gold?

    The trick is to leave que when you see CV in que and give a 4-5 minute break. The only way to win is to not play with CV
  9. Im_with_goobler

    Happy M'mas

    Happy Makarov'mas everyone. KEK couldn't help myself.
  10. Im_with_goobler

    Musashi missing from Fleet of Fog Flagship bundle

    There is no musashi in the bundle. It is a perma camo for musashi and not the ship itself. Maybe if you read the details before spending large amounts of money on weeb stuff....
  11. Im_with_goobler

    Verizon Warrior's Championship

    I want to start this thread by thanking Verizon to work out a partnership with WG and organizing this tournament! The tournament mentions that the top teams in this season of clan battles will be chosen for the tournament and battle it out for rewards that include upto $30,000 however, no information is released till now on how many clans will be chosen from each server or how the format of this tournament will be. I believe that with the end of clan battles season in 2 weeks, the top clans deserve to know what are the requirements to be qualified and how to take part in this tournament. If the announcement is delayed, the teams cannot organize for a final push to grab the spots that are going to be chosen to be qualified for this tournament. @Hapa_Fodder please respond to this thread, as I am asking for information that needs to be dispensed now and not later. If this information is released at a later date, it will hinder top clans from planning a final push as the season will be over in 2 weeks and only 8 sessions are remaining. Edit: No longer relevant as the news article got posted on the website. Thanks!
  12. Im_with_goobler

    The blatant Money grab with clan wars

    or they are just being delusional and have no idea what hit them, no angling knowledge, or anything and I guess after all it is MEANN, the ultimate delusional player. also I read somewhere within these post that someone from the OP's clan wasn't able to damage a Petro with a 457mm gun BB bow on at point blank range, just gives you an indication that they have no idea where to aim on the bow of the petro so the 457's overmatch the 25mm bow section on the petro.
  13. Im_with_goobler

    A complaint : Poor quality of gameplay in KOTS XI

    i am not sure why you are not satisfied by the gameplay? All 3 matches of O7 vs VOR were extremely close especially the first and third game. one thing you need to realize is that while we can watch the stream and be aware of the positioning of both teams, the players may not know where the enemy ships are and they play it based on what they perceive and think where the enemy ships are.
  14. No. Its the ongoing trend that WG has bought upon themselves. If you are in any blowout matches that end in 6-7 minutes at tier 10, then have a look at the losing sides bottom ship player profiles. you will find 50% of them have less than 500 battles and somehow have access to tier 10 ships. Its obvious they dont understand ship strengths and mechanics and have no idea what high tier battles are about. They yolo in and die, or charge forward, gets detected and show full broadside to the enemy team in which they get deleted. Its not a battle of good players in WoWS anymore. its the battle of how many uncarriable potatoes MM has put on your side and how hard do they throw.
  15. Im_with_goobler

    WG employee sighted!

    No surprise to see bottom of the pack....