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  1. GuessIllJustDie

    WG has some questions to answer

    LOL. Apparently people saying common sense is common need to look at themselves. I already said that CVs are hard to kill which is WGs fault. The players just abuse it now. So WG made a class that players can abuse, hide in the corner and still be somewhat useful to the team. Or if theyre any good then they wreck the enemy team. Lose lose in both situations
  2. So why did WG ban the Marauders from playing the CVs?? do they know that CVs rarely die before a match dies? too OP in hands of a good player? LOL they make a class and then ban it from playing..... makes real sense WG.. real sense...
  3. GuessIllJustDie

    Swearing on Official Channel

    And how are you sure he hasnt already heard curse words at school? Or on the road? Oh wait... i forgot schools are now snowflakey
  4. GuessIllJustDie

    Georgia needs it's 2.0 SIGMA back .

    you run a meme build on it and never spec it for main battery anyways. you gotta use that speed boost and 11.3 secondaries range. you gotta go meme on the DDs
  5. GuessIllJustDie

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    I guess youre one of the CV players then huh... Why should the CV be allowed to dunk on helpless surface ships... Dont come on the forums asking dumb questions that can he argued from both sides. Also the old ships are OP for a reason and the reason being the ship is mostly owned by better players. Once you give the new players those ships the avg will drop so badly that WG will eventually buff it again. Also theres plenty of OP ships in the tech tree or reward ships in the arsenal only if you know how to play it Also if youre so interested in getting belfast just for collector reasons then you can spend the money in christmas crates or keep an on WG live events where they still giveaway some ships that arent sold in the premium shop
  6. Of all the players that hide their stats maybe 10% of them are good players. The rest are horrible. So whether they hide or not you can assess their standard of play. Also hiding stats isnt easy. You have to go all the way to account settings and have prior knowledge about what your stats so you know that youre ashamed by them and dont want anyone else looking at them
  7. GuessIllJustDie

    Bring CVs Back

    Yeah i know
  8. GuessIllJustDie

    Bring CVs Back

    Do you realize that you contradicted yourself? Playing HE slingers hiding behind roxks bores you? I guess same can be said of CV. Hide behind the map till all your team dies. What a noob with no brain
  9. GuessIllJustDie

    Can't see your #'s increasing

    I would suggest you take that advice yourself first. Like how can somebody be this bad at the game?
  10. GuessIllJustDie

    Stupid Idea Thread

    I would like to dev strike some belfasts with my Sinop
  11. No. Its a troll in reply to your question. Its going straight in the bin by WG mods. If they wanted to do MM tweaks they wouldve already done it. But they dont want to. So the answer is they dont want to which is the answer to my troll question
  12. What would WG lose by trialing a week of deleting CVs and see how happy the forums become and non toxic ingame chat becomes. And how in general the battles much more fun and exciting Simple. Because they dont want to.. duh
  13. GuessIllJustDie

    Wanna see a big problem with the game?

    If you win a match by doing just 50k damage then you won not because you influenced the battle but someone else on your team had enough braincells to get the damage and sink the enemy ships
  14. GuessIllJustDie

    Wanna see a big problem with the game?

    But your stats literally say that you are not performing your role in the ship you play... Also playing OP ships doesnt magically inflate your stats. Many OP ships were dev struck when in the enemy team... doesnt mean you win if you have a OP ship. Thats what players who lose to dreadful positioning say
  15. GuessIllJustDie

    Wanna see a big problem with the game?

    Why? Because you cant do it? Efficient power farming wins you games. Dumb farming loses you games. But i guess thats too much to take for 1000 PR