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  1. Liz_Mayes

    Forum Contest - Warships Rewind

    this Battle with 21 Pt Gunther Lutjens,1 kill was secondaries.
  2. first thing Idid was UNLINK my credit card after looking at this change so wee gee wont be taking my money .
  3. Liz_Mayes

    Recruiting Station Event

    I will NEVER invite people to WarGaming games ever!
  4. Liz_Mayes

    Asymmetric Battles

    mode is bad as was the last time it's LAME waste of time
  5. Liz_Mayes

    (Public Test Server and testing

    wee gee had guys that tested this out,called the CCs,but some how screwed them over alot of really good peeps left they NDA .
  6. I thought test server was for testing & tweeking before it goes to main servers, if there is NOT many there you have made rewards for test server NO GOOD, Im forced to test now & get 0 rewards WG at is finest!!
  7. I never help a sub let it die.I play for fun, 2 subs & a CV is zero fun. its yolo time.
  8. Liz_Mayes

    Mod Name: Friendly Detected Status?

    I found it it is in Mod Station
  9. Liz_Mayes

    Mod Name: Friendly Detected Status?

    I click "tab" in battle to get that screen.it might be a mod I use mod station & use 33 mods.
  10. Liz_Mayes

    Mod Name: Friendly Detected Status?

    the upper right corner check boxes.
  11. where can I find reset button at? TIA
  12. Liz_Mayes

    Exclusive Offer for Visa Card Users

    seems like a bait n switch to me,
  13. with Mod Station mini map mod "Battle Frame Minimap.turn on Radio location,shows wrong direction. Thank You
  14. CHEVLLE Face to the Floor any of my Pandora channels & just mute all WG music in port & battle.