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  1. CaptainAlpha627

    Premium Ship Ideas

    Gambier Bay would be interesting, there were a lot of escort carrier action and right now just Bouge is in game
  2. CaptainAlpha627

    Premium Ship Ideas

    However, the Johnston isn’t too different from Fletcher class ships that are already in game. The Sullivans is a post war idea that is different. Maybe we could see a USS Johnston camouflage added? As for the Hornet, for balance reasons I guess
  3. CaptainAlpha627

    Memes and dead Memes

    I made a meme.
  4. CaptainAlpha627

    Premium Ship Ideas

    USS The Sullivans (DD-537) - Tier IX-X premium DD: Fletcher-class destroyer. Similar to sister ships Fletcher and Kidd. The Sullivans represented in her Korean War refit/how she’s preserved. She has charges of radar and sonar. However, she has two triple torpedo launchers instead of two quintuple launchers.
  5. CaptainAlpha627

    Premium Ship Ideas

    USS Hornet (CV-8)-Tier VIII premium CV: Same stats as same tier premium sister ship Enterprise, but different air group. Air group is worse than tier VIII researchable Lexington. Air group made up of 1 squadron of 4 F4F Wildcat fighters(max capacity 18) 1 squadron 5 of TBD Devastator torpedo bombers(max capacity 24), and 1 squadron of 5 SBD Dauntless dive bombers(max capacity 21). What is different about Hornet that she also gets a squadron of 3 B-25 bombers, but a limited amount of them(max capacity 16).
  6. CaptainAlpha627

    Memes and dead Memes

    Because Subs are Coming
  7. CaptainAlpha627

    Memes and dead Memes

  8. CaptainAlpha627

    The music thread

  9. CaptainAlpha627

    Memes and dead Memes

  10. CaptainAlpha627

    Anime ships for WoW legends?

    Agreed. I play Blitz and it’s getting overrun
  11. CaptainAlpha627

    Did anyone participate in the recent Legends beta weekend?

    Finally actually dropping on 4/16. Anyone know what signing up would do?
  12. CaptainAlpha627

    Memes and dead Memes

    What have I started!?
  13. CaptainAlpha627

    War Movies

    I’ve only watched Pearl Harbor... that is after researching for about a yearI also watched Battleship, if that counts.
  14. CaptainAlpha627

    Memes and dead Memes

    what image was here? Why wouldn't it be forum appropriate?
  15. CaptainAlpha627

    Memes and dead Memes

    Any memes allowed, dead or not dead.