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    RN Carriers get better after tier IV?

    I got more answers than I expected, Thanks everyone I asked this question just to know if was worth to Free Exp through Hermes, but I got different opinions about the RN CV line so kinda don't know. However I notice one thing, no one of you answered the question "Are they worth the time?". Maybe you guys just didn't remember the question but, 7 people not answering it says a lot to me about RN carriers.
  2. Hello guys, Tbh, I never posted anything there, I'm not to much the forum guy, I mostly rely on friends to help me as they are old players in the game and know a lot. However while I was testing Trento, I got an uptier match against 2 carriers that, well, they sent me to port faster than I loaded the game. There is no word to describe how frustrated I was. After that match I decided to get a carrier, I was so pissed that I needed to give a try. My friends are those guys who despite carriers and for the first time I couldn't get their help. So I chose UK Carriers because well, I liked to see lots of bombs falling and exploding. But I got Hosho too, I had enough exp on Isokaze to get it without playing more. I played not MUCH, but a bunch of battles with both. My impressions on them was that, while UK seems more focused on fires and somewhat floodings (when they happen, because 1 torp are kinda depressing) and Hosho seems more all round, they can do a good damage to everything with her torpedos and make hell to cruisers and battleships with good landed AP bombs. I can get good damage numbers with both, sometimes, but Hosho seems to do more raw and reliable damage with two torps and Cidadels with AP bombs. Hermes can do well to, but their HE bombs just are not that great, they can rack some damage here and there but are not that reliable with their bad penetration. While I can get 6k in one fly with Hosho, Hermes with I get lucky I do 2~3k and only 8% fire chance are unreliable. So let's get to the point. I like the visuals of lots of bombs falling, but I like more to see my bombs doing something. I don't want to keep going with RN carriers if this will keep happening, It's just frustrating not being able to penetrate, I mostly like RN carriers because of the bombs, their one torpedo sucks... So, After Hermes, It get better? Are RN carriers worth the time?