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  1. Sadly, beyond my skill level for scoring on team stats. I - sadly - rarely finish in the top two. I 'focus' on trying to be where help is needed. Hoping as I learn to better help others I will also learn to better "read the map" and later score higher on "team" lists.
  2. maverick954

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    a) too hard to get the download - server is either overloaded, or something else is missing b) time to test is too short - asin I have a life. Short summary: I would test but I have not been able to get the correct version loaded before the test cycle ends. Maybe tomorrow I will finally be able to test-drive a CV. I do not want to touch my old ones until I have had a test run on PTS Suggestion: even if rewards are only available for a limited time - let people logon to test so that they can test things. You might be surprised at the feedback you get (from people who do not need "rewards" on live server). Update: 17 hours later... Good news - test server finally did not out right refuse me (testing session expired, or something like that) Poor news: does not like my password so I still cannot login. Bad news: no time to even try to contact support - who generally blame DNS. Really need more support when it comes to test. This is much more frustrating, imho, that a buggy test version.
  3. I have joined test. Will see what I see. I am a newish player - and currently like the RTS as it is, as it allows me to switch between the type of battle I go into. Maybe this 'switch' will work for me as well. That is my 'involvement'. I think not - never been a gig fan of first person shooters. However, I can understand that the perspective of a game designer and also a game producer is different from a game player. The video closes with a discussion about "CV jokes" - but the real concern is that a noob (such as myself) can spoil the fun for 11 other players. I have issues with the current play style as I am trying to grasp why my fighters always die to anyone elses - even when my squad is full strength and theirs is not. All said, I am a noob, but I see all of the ships as a variation of RTS. The ships characteristics of the ship dictate the "time" scale, e.g., reload of ammo - as firepower is your key resource. If I had to press a key and follow the AP/HE round to the target to make it count - I would have been gone on the first day. And from the video snippets I have seen - that is what I fear carrier play is turning into. So, the alpha test (as they called it, iirc) was focused on fixing bugs too big/recurring to get a reliable player response I can imagine one of the key elements of data is - how many test players keep coming back - versus voting with their feet and just saying this is worse. Again, a very different perspective is not what the play-style is, or how it is out of balance - but will more players play this line of ships - or better - will it bring in more new players. "Fewer players", by any definition - leads to failure. My two cents. HtH and Fun! Battles!
  4. maverick954

    The real problem with Carriers is they are on the map

    hmm. new to game, and with the rumors of cv reworking/re balancing I was thinking of training in that direction. However, if the new direction is becoming a pilot, no - I'll think I'll pass on CV. So - wait and see.
  5. Clearly more options than meets the eye, e.g., found the alt button. I'll give the alt setting a try. Also like being able to 'know', and change, what the rings are on the mini-map, and that it can be changed in size. Thx,