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  1. ash403A


    I ground and ground until I got a South Carolina battleship, how log until; I get on a team in a random battle? Can I getthe same exp and pay in a coo[p battle, where people actually help each other or do I have to stay in the stat grabbing free for all?
  2. ash403A


    Whats with entire teams turning their ships around and running away from a fight leaving one ship to fight the whole enemy fleet? if I want that kind of teams I'll hop in a Sherman tank and sit at base and watch armchair generals [edited] at each other
  3. ash403A

    HMCS ships

    what tier do I have to grind to to get it? Cause at the rate I get stuck on teams that abandon you or run away as soon as they see the enemy I'll be Tier 3 until I get married and have kids
  4. ash403A


    Id settle for being in a Fleet that is worth my time, so far since I get to tier 2 if I go to help somebody they abandon me as soon as I get there
  5. ash403A

    HMCS ships

    if nothing else just the patrol ships......please? maybe a Torpedo boat or two
  6. ash403A


    Yea still no higher that 3
  7. ash403A


    I like bacon