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  1. Sensai_Lawrence

    Karma.... kind of [edited]

    karma may be useless, but it at least lets you vent your frustrations.
  2. Sensai_Lawrence

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    my way leads to more competitive matches. that should be the goal. more competitive matches. whatever it takes.
  3. Sensai_Lawrence

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    @littlewhitemouse if I take a team of NBA players and match it up against a team of middle school kids where the probability is a blowout every single game, then put half of the NBA players on the team with the kids and the other half of the kids on the NBA team I'm going to have far more competitive matches. Lancester's square law be damned. its not any different when you stack the teams with unicums and shitters here.
  4. Sensai_Lawrence

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    you'll never get the stats crowd to agree to anything that will hurt their precious. pretty soon they'll be no players left and they'll wonder what happened. its simple. pick teams the same way then FILTER them. you're looking at a miniscule amount of time difference. hell with some people's connections they won't even notice. this would go a long way to making matches more competitive.
  5. Sensai_Lawrence

    Why YOU don’t Suck at World of Warships

    I'm the best around. and nothings gonna ever keep me down.
  6. Sensai_Lawrence

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    WG is lazy bones. they could fix matchmaking, but they refuse to. their reluctance killed world of tanks and it will kill this game too soon enough.
  7. Sensai_Lawrence

    PEF *

    he's dead. I won't lose to him this time.
  8. Sensai_Lawrence

    PEF *

    total trashbote. I'd like some quality time in the dojo with the people who decided to release this beautiful ship like this. Gulio Cesare, Konig and Kongo are better ships a full tier lower. traverse is garbage. shell speed is garbage. secondary accuracy is garbage. acceleration is garbage. total trashbote.
  9. because PEF is a trashbote and DD's are brokenly overpowered.
  10. Sensai_Lawrence

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    all battleship game mode. no cancerbotes.
  11. Sensai_Lawrence

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    +1 op. too many steamroll games because all the shitters are stacked on one squad and the the pros on the other. garbage matchmaking.
  12. Sensai_Lawrence

    DDs Still Not Fun To Play

    dds are easy mode what are you talking about? unless you're a mental midget you can sail around completely undetected and dominate the seas the way battleships should. but don't because of reasons. in closing, what's the matter with you?
  13. great more buffs for the cancer botes no wonder this game is dying. people come here for battleships and get wiped out by inferior garbage and leave. well played wargaming!
  14. Sensai_Lawrence

    How to counter dds in non radar cruisers?

    you're not supposed to. they are the all powerful gods of this game.
  15. Sensai_Lawrence

    Island camping

    they need to nerf islands. this is turning into world of corridors water version.