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  1. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Thanks Wargaming

    I won this!
  2. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    20 huge crates 2 ships.....

    The list of ships: Tier IX Missouri Tier VIII Belfast Tier VIII Mikhail Kutuzov Tier VI Giulio Cesare Tier V Gremyashchy Tier V Kamikaze Tier IV Imperator Nikolai I Tier VIII Alabama Tier IX Kronshtadt Tier IX Musashi Tier VIII Gascogne Tier VIII Kii Tier VIII Massachusetts Tier VIII Roma Tier VIII Tirpitz Tier VIII Atago Tier VIII Prinz Eugen Tier VIII Asashio Tier VIII Kidd Tier VIII Le Terrible Tier VIII Loyang Tier VII Ashitaka Tier VII Duke of York Tier VII Hood Tier VII Scharnhorst Tier VII Atlanta Tier VII Boise Tier VII Duca degli Abruzzi Tier VII Indianapolis Tier VII Nueve de Julio Tier VII Błyskawica Tier VII Haida Tier VII Leningrad Tier VII Sims Tier VII Z-39 Tier VI Arizona Tier VI Dunkerque Tier VI Mutsu Tier VI Warspite Tier VI Admiral Graf Spee Tier VI De Grasse Tier VI Duca d'Aosta Tier VI Huanghe Tier VI Molotov Tier VI Perth Tier VI Aigle Tier VI Anshan Tier VI Gallant Tier VI Monaghan Tier VI T-61 Tier V Texas Tier V Marblehead Tier V Murmansk Tier V Krasny Krym Tier V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Tier V Okhotnik
  3. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Let’s Talk About "Halloween: Twilight Battle!"

    Agree with everything you said, the Halloween stuff has gone on for too long. The Christmas boxes are now on sale on the Asia server so they should be on the NA server soon! https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/
  4. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Leave Clan

    Click on the clan tab, hover your cursor over the clan name and left click, choose leave clan
  5. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Let’s Talk About "December’s Combat Missions"

    There isn't a Dreadnought mission per say, it is part of the Daily Missions. with a new "Daily Mission, Dreadnought" added to the chain. Each time you complete a daily mission you get one point towards the Dreadnought.
  6. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    PSA: West Virginia 41 Special Camo

    To me it looks like the detailing on cowboy boots
  7. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    1941 West Virginia in the shop now

    He seems to be a combination of John Wayne and Phil Hartman , so maybe a tough funny guy.
  8. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    changing the replay delete behaviour

    This should cover it! https://youtu.be/P5L_FKPlCXs
  9. 24 Crates Asashio B with 10 point commander Atago B with 10 point commander Massachusetts B with 10 point commander Tirpitz B with 10 point commander 1,250 Doubloons 140,000 Free XP 200 Shadow Lurker Camo 50 Type 59 Camo https://youtu.be/UFrq5q1UU8A
  10. I understand what you mean by people being inspired by something they see, that's fine if they take it in another direction. I think the Helena winner was a little too "inspired" by the Prinz Eugen premium camo. Your Bylskawica looks good and original.
  11. Here's a link where you can see the final 15 https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/vote-up-me-hearties-yo-ho/
  12. Wargaming picked 15 out of all of the entries, then we vote to see which one out of those 15 wins the competition.
  13. I would like to see this one made available for one of the British DD's, maybe the Gallant
  14. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    WoWs Television Commercial

    Have not seen it, I looked for it and all I found was this strange commercial:
  15. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Anniversary rewards, fresh from the oven!

    It would be for all of the battles that you have accrued thus far, from your very first till now.