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  1. Capt_Scuttlebutt


    I enjoyed the subs during the Halloween event, I played them a lot. It was a nice break from playing the boats. I don't know how feasible it would be trying to fit them into the game as it is now. I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of scenario type of gameplay, much like it was during Halloween but permanent. Maybe introduce some DD's with depth charges to counter them or add depth charges to some existing DD's.
  2. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Need help on sizing photo avatar

    Try this
  3. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Hood vs. Lunar Warrior Camo

    It worked for me.
  4. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Ship of the Week: T7 Cruisers - 18th to 25th

    Ship of the Week!
  5. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Blyskawica Szarza camo

    Here's the Blyskawica Szarza camo. Only 20 daily missions and it's yours!
  6. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    She's in game now
  7. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Alaska Spotted!

    . . . I make screenshots of all my ships and use them as wallpaper. I process them through Adobe Lightroom and I did the same thing with these. Here are the before and after screenshots. The first one is of course the before shot.
  8. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Alaska Spotted!

    I spotted the Alaska today, skippered by none other than LittleWhiteMouse. Could it be that LWM was testing the final configuration in preparation of her review of the soon to be released but ever elusive Alaska?
  9. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

  10. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Wichita: Bruiser Cruiser

    I thought the same thing so I looked it up, this is the WIchita flag. It was officially adopted on Flag Day, June 14, 1937. The flag of New Mexico was officially introduced in 1925. It looks as if the Wichita flag may have been "inspired" by the New Mexico flag.
  11. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Battle Angel Alita

    I agree, although the critics are split on it a large percentage of the audience likes it. Initial reports said that it was a flop and was losing money but the last report that I read (I can't remember where) said that it is doing better than originally reported. I hope it does well enough for the studio to make part 2!
  12. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Screen Shot

    After pressing PrtScrn you will find the JPG file in a sub-folder named screenshot located in the main World_of_Warships folder.
  13. My match is the Tirpitz!
  14. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    FREE Commander Retraining and Respec

    I play Co-Op, there are no CV's in Co-Op so how am I supposed to figure out how the AA is working so that I can redistribute commander points or change modules?
  15. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    I received all of the rare ships but this is the one that I wanted the most.