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  1. FDR planes seem over-armored and over-powered. I have played 8k CV games, and this is the first time I have complained about planes! It makes my other T10 CV's feel like Tiere 6! The planes fly through the enemy fleet losing straight to the CV and easily destroy it, before moving on to destroy 5 more ships! And still loses no planes. Please fix it lol
  2. aPieface

    Midway costs too much to to play!!

    I am definitely not the best player. My average damage is not great. I know this, guys. I think I have been spending more time on support tasks, like spotting and defending every ship that requests help. However, it's the 'great' games, high-damage wins that I am referring to, where I still end up with negative credits. And then I can't play when I hit 0. Anyway, Crucis explained everything to me well (above). I do appreciate those who have pointed out how poor my average is, none-the-less ;).
  3. aPieface

    Midway costs too much to to play!!

    I understand. I do have a low average with all ships. If my CV scores weren't averaged in, that 45k average would be more like 30K :) (CV avg is more like 60k-80k and 2-3 ships killed). I usually don't get significant dmg when I play other ships. I'm not the best, but I'm not bad with CV. We may win the game, I am top 3 XP, and I still lose credits?? *I actually don't have the camo and flags. I used all the flags to save credits to get the Midway ready to sail. I know the flags would make a difference..
  4. aPieface

    Midway costs too much to to play!!

    This is an exceptionally insightful and considerate response! I really appreciate that you took the time to explain! Thank you, Crucis.
  5. aPieface

    Midway costs too much to to play!!

    You are correct, Herr_Reitz. I spent time and money to get the Midway. Now that I used all my credits and money to get her modded and sailing, I can't afford to use her!
  6. aPieface

    Midway costs too much to to play!!

    This makes sense, but I'd really like to play the Midway I have been working toward the last 2000 matches. After the last match, I have no credits to play the Midway. I am not spending 'more' money to purchase credits to play the Midway. I had no idea it would be like this until I played a few games (good games) and lost all my credits. I may not be playing anymore, low tier or Midway. I am salty...
  7. aPieface

    Midway costs too much to to play!!

    Yes, premium account. I did mention this is after a 'good' game (>45k...); Scoring Top 3 avg. Much more than 45k... *The credits earned are negative after plane service costs.
  8. aPieface

    Losing Credits by Running Midway

    ^You don't know what you are talking about. One could score the most XP, do the most damage, lose all support fighters defending, win the game and still end up -100k credits.
  9. I lose 60,000-150,000 credits every game! I play well and actually lose more credits the better I play. I've spent hundreds of hours to get the Midway, and now I literally can't afford to play with it! I would need to spend 'more' real money to purchase game credits to service planes. After thousands of hours of gameplay, I have to stop playing because of the service costs... I am extremely disappointed.
  10. aPieface

    Losing Credits by Running Midway

    The best players will lose 60k-150k each game. I have played thousands of games with CV, and this SUCKS. I really can't afford to play the Midway because of the cost! I worked so hard to get it.
  11. aPieface

    Losing Credits by Running Midway

    Wrong. I play the Midway very well, usually. The better I do, the more credits I owe. 60k-150k on average. I cannot afford to play the Midway!! I Only primarily played CV