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  1. JukeBoxxHero

    Dockyard Returns to Hamburg

    I have 15k battles and broken 200k once. If i have like 2 years to complete this, then I'm good.
  2. JukeBoxxHero

    Solo Warrior

    congrats on your solo warrior. Just got mine yesterday, but it's not as good as yours
  3. JukeBoxxHero

    Aslain's users

    no problems for me
  4. Notice they did NOT say we would get our port slot back after the event. All they said was it would cost 300 doubloons to upgrade each ship.
  5. that is what WG told me. They said they cost ports. Period! The End. Nothing they can do about it. If you upgraded event ships, it used port slots. I feel so tricked, and robbed.
  6. I put in a ticket, and that was their response. they warn people, if they do not have a port available, that it'll be 300 doubloons, there is no warning for if you already have one. It isn't fair, it's the same cash money.
  7. I feel tricked! WG just said tough luck and I won't get the port slot back! There was absolutely no warning that I'd have to buy a port slot (or use one that I bought) No where on the news or announcements did it say we'd have to spend real money on event ships. Using a port slot previously purchased is the same as buying the event ship! I am so pissed right now. I was saving those port slots. I was going to buy a couple of perm camos for my upcoming t10 ships, but forget that now. WG just went and pissed me off.
  8. ....and? It makes a difference on whether I research or not. I already lost one port slot that I need, I don't want to lose more.
  9. I really need the port slot. When the event ends and the ship disappears, will I still have the port slots that I used for the temp ships?
  10. I've had this for about 5 years, and 10k battles with it. It can be had for about $300. Obviously older, and low graphics. but it works just fine for wows. https://www.amazon.com/HP-Pavilion-17-g121wm-A10-8700P-Processor/dp/B0723972CD
  11. JukeBoxxHero

    Worcester and DM line reset

    you mean I'll finally be able to mount my CV legendaries? lol
  12. If I rest the Worcester line, would i still have my DM or have or would I have to grind through again? would it count as resetting two lines and getting 2x the research points?
  13. I got 1 crate the first hour they restarted the drops. I have 2 computers going 24/7 with streaming. No other drops.
  14. if CV planes "stop working" after the cv is sunk. Then it would make sense that DD torps, auto destruct when the DD is sunk.
  15. JukeBoxxHero

    PSA: How to pick a side Honor/Glory

    If you are still deciding, Team Honor is winning ATM