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  1. JukeBoxxHero

    High tier CVs are OP

    this topic, yet again? It's not the CV's that are OP. They've been nerfed so only the elite players can get elite dmg from them. It's the DD's that are OP.
  2. JukeBoxxHero

    Air Supply Container Opening

    but when are they coming to the shop?
  3. JukeBoxxHero

    DD v CV

    This is so NOT true, not even in the slightest. If you are spotted, it's other ships not CV's. As a CV player, I don't see DD's until after I have flown over them, no way in time to click attack, and I'm already being fired upon. DD's are so small and agile, it's hard to target, even if I see them spotted from another source. Since no other ships hang back with a CV, they are a sitting duck to any DD that sneaks through. Can't see em, can't attack them, they always have a free run at CV's. DD's are OP and need to be nerfed. If you are always "hammered by all" then it's you that need to change your tactics. Doing the same thing now, that you were doing a year ago, just doesn't work. This is a game which requires new strategies to be constantly developed.
  4. JukeBoxxHero


    I thought I was the only one.
  5. What's now to keep DD's for go straight for CV's now? they can't be spotted or shot at now by planes. Even before the nerfs, most the CV's died due to DD's
  6. JukeBoxxHero

    [ADR] Ashley's Digital Rascals

    [ADR] Ashley's Digital Rascals is now accepting new members of all levels. We do clan battles, divisions and operations, and just have fun. Any skill level is okay. We use discord for voice chat, and keep in touch. AshleyakaAshley is a community contributor, super tester, and is a broadcaster on twitch. Check us out on discord https://discordapp.com/invite/c65kuQn or apply in-game.
  7. JukeBoxxHero

    Why are detonation's still a thing?

    I've played over 1000 games in a Massachusetts without ever being detonated. Today so far in 15 games, I've been blown up 3 times. I mean...what are the odds of that. Have they changed something recently?
  8. JukeBoxxHero

    Twitch Containers - How Many/How Often

    are these no more thing?
  9. JukeBoxxHero

    premium CVs - offer owners access on PTS

    sometimes it takes me 3-5 mins to load into a game, starting at the team selection screen. I can hear the battle going on but not in the game, I'm actually waiting right now to load into the game. Sometimes, there is no delay at all. But whether or not this changes is going to determine if I play the new CVs.
  10. JukeBoxxHero

    premium CVs - offer owners access on PTS

    Has anyone who's played tested the new CVs noticed if they have fixed the long CV load in time?
  11. JukeBoxxHero

    Lowest win rate ship in CO-OP?

    I'm 4 out of 7 with Furutaka for a 57% overall i'm 96% with 2130 battles in coop DDs are generally my lowest WR since I don't play them unless I have to for some mission.
  12. JukeBoxxHero

    unable to change clans

    I seem to be unable to change clans. The 3 day cool down has expired, my application has been received by the new clan, but the option to accept me is still grayed out. I'm wondering if clan rental ships from previous clan my be the problem?
  13. JukeBoxxHero

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    wow, I feel inadequate. I don't even have a fraction the number of ships as everyone else.
  14. JukeBoxxHero

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Just out of curiosity....can one knock off a snowflake in say a T5 tech tree ship, sell the ship, rebuy the ship, and knock it off again? I would guess not, since it remembers the ship experience when one rebuys the ship. I'm sure it would also remember the snowflake. Just curious.