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  1. Bought a Mikasa a few weeks back from the premium shop. Why a Mikasa? 'Cause I'm weird like that. Anyhow, now it's gone. Not in my inventory. Gone. Not there anymore. Anybody know if WG will respond to stuff like this, or am I just out of luck? Here's a screen shot of my inventory with out any Mikasa in it. Of course I don't think I have one with a Mikasa in it, but I will see if I can dig up a replay
  2. Never seen this one before, so maybe it has something to do with the new update. Anyhow, a DD was shooting at me from smoke in otherwise open water. No islands or anything nearby. The smoke completely dissipated when I was about 2.5km from it but the DD remained undetected.
  3. I enjoyed it up to Koenigsberg. Got to Koenigsbergs though and things kind of fell off a cliff. The ship is basically a giant slow destroyer with awful maneuverability, poor concealment, no smoke, and crappy torps. Most destroyers seem to be more durable as well, four or fives hits from anything, even DD guns, are usually enough to deleted it.
  4. Premium Ship Review: Mikasa

    Oh who cares about all you haters. I just bought one for $11, and it's well worth every penny. This thing is a laugh and a half. Tons of fun. Just wade right in and machine gun everybody with your secondarys until you die. And I have and no problem with the dispersion either, maybe they fixed it, who knows. Anyway, this ship is a blast to play.
  5. Do Bombs under perform...

    I just started playing Langley and I've noticed the same thing. Bombs usually seem to do very little damage, but almost always start a fire
  6. Advice wanted for Jianwei captain.

    For Jianwei it doesn't matter, it's going to suck no matter what. It's basically a tier I cruiser with smoke and crappy torps.
  7. Never had a good game in Jianwei. Maybe it's just me, it seems like people can see me just fine in smoke. This only happens in Jianwei, I'll pop my smoke, circle behind and back into it, slow down, and get immediately lit up by everybody on the enemy team. I don't mean the few blind fire pot shots you expect, I mean tons of very accurate fire every single time. Never happened in any other DD.
  8. Game play is great, visually it's pretty excellent. But they just put waaaaaay too much crapin here seemingly for the purpose of pissing you off. I'm in a Nassau. Fighting a DD. DD fires all his torps and misses. So he starts shooting at me with his main guns and well sur-prise sur-prise, he kills me with 1 shot. Yeah, makes total sense that a destroyer can kill a full health battleship with 1 hit from his main gun. So yeah, I'm out. [edited] this [edited]
  9. Account Reset?

    So I just restarted the app and did the glitch checker thing and it gave me all the missing xp, so I'm good now.
  10. Account Reset?

    I can't sell ships. I'm level 12. You can't sell ships until level 13. I can't get to level 13 since I seem to be locked out of ever getting more account xp. Been locked at 19,933 xp for 20 battles now.
  11. Account Reset?

    Yeah, it's not fun anymore and I can't play a new line since I have no ship slots left, I can't level up to where I can sell my ships. I've been stuck at 19,933 account xp for the last 20 battles, if I could get to lvl 13 I could sell all my PA ships and start over. But apparently I'm locked out of getting anymore account xp. That's why I need to reset
  12. Account Reset?

    The game was tons of fun until got to tier V, now I have Jianwei. It's so awful that I'm stuck, I can't damage anything, and I got 1 shotted in 13 battles in a row by the first thing that shot at me. I only get 200-300 xp per battle, which means that I'll need close to 200 battles to get to the next tier. I have a 15% win rate with Jianwei, which means that something else is wrong with the game since even if I went afk every time it should be higher than that. So is there a way to reset my account?
  13. Help, this DD sucks!

    Okay, this Jianwei is making me want to quit playing this game. Finally did something with it, got killed again but at least I sunk two BB's. How much xp did I get? 191! wt f! not 1,191. 191 xp. at this rate it will take me 230 battles to get to Fushun.
  14. Help, this DD sucks!

    I've found that the only thing it's good for is dropping smoke on allied BB groups
  15. Help, this DD sucks!

    John Wayne, haha! Grind it is! Problem is that Mr. Wayne sucks so hard that getting enough xp is proving difficult.