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  1. It also sounds like you don't know how to play UK BB's. Their Ap is actually pretty good, but if you just sit in the back and spam HE at everything of course you won't citadel anything. They're not "brain dead" "no citadel" ships, you just don't know you to get citadels with them. Don't blame the ship, blame yourself for not being good enough to make them work
  2. Professor_Jumbo

    A question on the dispersion mechanic

    You just get that sometimes. Had a game in New Mexico just now where the thing had the dispersion of a freakin' yard sprinkler on literally every single salvo the entire game. This might be because US BBs are like that all the time anyway, but the point is that you'll have games where range doesn't matter and every shot just goes bonkers all over the place. It's something they need to fix, but I get the feeling that this falls in the the category of "Is it a bug, or a feature?"
  3. If Colorado is this bad then I'm just not going to go any further with US Battleships. New York was the shittiest ship I'd played by a country mile. New Mexico couldn't possible be worse, right? Well wouldn't you know it but New Mexico is such a massive heap of trollish rage-quit inspiring utterly worthless trash that it makes New York look positively OP by comparison So if Colorado is even worse than New Mexico then I'm going to be done with the US BB line. It's just unbelievable that the devs could do extensive play testing on these ship and conclude that "Yeah, lets put these in the game, make total sense" It like they got the concept of progressively stronger ships as you go up the line backwards somehow, because every US BB is demonstrably worse than the last one.
  4. Professor_Jumbo

    Is OWSF still a thing?

    I was running, he was chasing me.
  5. Professor_Jumbo

    Is OWSF still a thing?

    Here's the replay it was not the kiting situation. Starts at 14:15 and goes on for about a minute. I initially thought it was a more than a minute, but whatever. Pretty sure it's Twincat in the Akatsuki. 20181228_194208_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  6. Professor_Jumbo

    Is OWSF still a thing?

    I thought it was long gone. Never seen anyone do it before. Just had a match when a guy in an Akatsuki was doing it continually, not just the occasional volley you get sometimes. So is it still a thing and you just don't see it much?
  7. Since the update I've had massive lag every battle. It usually doesn't let me in until 3 or 4 minutes into the battle, usually a few people have been killed already, sometimes I'm already taking damage. It makes it really hard to win battles or even have a game that isn't frustrating as hell. Anybody else have this issue, or is it just me?
  8. Professor_Jumbo

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    Holy crap, no. Except Acasta, that turd needs a buff bad. As for the rest, they just made DDs into anti-ap tanks. They're tankier than almost all cruisers now, they can out gun most BB's. More dd buffs, even to just one line, would be nuts.
  9. When you choose more resources from your 3 daily containers you used to get either 400, 800, or 1,200 coal. Seemed to be a pretty good chance of getting 800 or 1,200. For the past week they have all been 400. So did they nerf the drop, or did I just do something to make RNJesus mad?
  10. Professor_Jumbo

    Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    Just got the ol' Dunkie from a Santa box. Enjoying it immensely, mostly because of how differently it plays from every other BB that I have (yes I know there are other BB with all guns forward, but I don't have any of them). I don't mind the squishyness, she is a battle cruiser after all, but the battle cruiser speed really doesn't really do much to counter act that due to her size, terrible turning radius, and the fact that you can't kite. Still, even though she a blast to play it's difficult to have a really good game for a few reason, mostly reload and dispersion. I think a reload of 25 seconds and a nice dispersion buff would do it. Keep her squishy and detectable and make her all an offense YOLO monster.
  11. Professor_Jumbo

    The Real Reason

    I play BB and cruisers. As BB I tend to stay back because range is the only real advantage BB has over a cruiser. Sure, on paper, they have higher alpha, more HP, and better armor. But in practice, against a non-potato cruiser, the BB will lose 9 times out of 10 if you get in range of the cruiser's guns. Cruiser has far higher DPS, is actually accurate enough to hit things reliably, can burn down any BB very quickly, can auto pen most BBs with AP and, since almost all BB hits on cruisers are overpens anyway, most cruisers are pretty tanky when played right. In short, your average cruiser will easily gun down your average BB assuming the cruiser driver knows what he's doing.
  12. Can you support that at all? Or do you consider those things to be BB buff and DD nerf?
  13. I'm basing this on past experience of this game being a continual string of BB nerfs and DD buffs. The latest 10% AP damage buff for DD makes them tankier than cruisers. And WG as also stated that they're thinking of changing the flooding mechanic so that BBs can have multiple floods at the same time, and making damage saturation not affect torps. So we already know that they are actively working on more DD buffs and BB nerfs.
  14. LOL. Now that you've changed the title, rest of us look like we can't read numbers. Excellent, sir.