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  1. Professor_Jumbo

    Top 5 favorite ships for anything

    Top 5 ships I love that everybody else hates. 1. Emden. 2. Ishizuchi - Don't know why people hate this ship. It's the best club in the game if you're into that sort of thing. 3. Myogi 4. Nurnberg 5. Dunkerque Why no DDs, you ask. Because I'm a total potato in a DD is why.
  2. At tier VI it's not really clubbing anymore.
  3. Professor_Jumbo

    players losing interest

    I'm starting to lose interest as well. For me it's really two factors. 1. The absurd grinding required for all the new missions and events. 2. The CV rework was an absolute disaster. Just totally worthless in every way. Tier 4 are useless for anything except perma-spotting. 6 & 8 are only good if you're top tier, and tier 10s are game-breakingly overpowered. Why were there almost no DDs in KotS this time around? Because the CV rework and too much radar has nerfed them into irrelevance, and I say that as a cruiser/BB player. Also, the Russian BB's look like they're going to be trollishly OP to the point of making it pointless to play any other BB except perhaps for the lulz.
  4. Professor_Jumbo

    How is Caledon?

    The speed, maneuverability, and concealment of a CL with the guns and survivability of a DD but without the smoke.
  5. Professor_Jumbo

    82 AA Rating. Shot down 12 planes total in 6 runs.

    He was in a Missouri, you Muppets.
  6. Professor_Jumbo

    82 AA Rating. Shot down 12 planes total in 6 runs.

    True for tier IV-VIII. Exactly the opposite for tier X.
  7. Professor_Jumbo

    82 AA Rating. Shot down 12 planes total in 6 runs.

    We've basically got 2 CV meta's going on at the same time. Tier X CV's are absurdly over powered to the point of being game breaking. Tier IV-VIII are ridiculously weak but are can keep the entire enemy team perma spotted.
  8. Professor_Jumbo

    Demand a refund or a CV fix.

    Now that I've calmed down a bit, here's what I think the problem is. The issues I'm having is that CVs are basically a pure spotter now. They do minimal damage, but since there are infintie planes and no more fighters two CVs can keep almost the entire enemy team perma spotted. This pisses off everybody, and in the case of DD it's game breaking, while CV players can have either a boring game doing nothing but spotting, or a rage inducing game as their squadrons get 1-shotted every time they try and attack anything, and do almost zero damage even if they do manage a few hits
  9. Professor_Jumbo

    CV now almost worthless on all tiers

    CV's used to be Godmade. Yeah, no argument there they needed to be balanced. But balance doesn't mean nerf them out of existence in order to make up for them being godmode for so long. Balance means make them roughly as powerful/useful as any other class of ship. They've not even close to that now. They're only good for spotting and for taking out the occasional total potato sitting stationary while spotted in open water all by himself.
  10. I have spent a significant amount of money on this game. Why? Because it was an awesome game and I planned to keep playing it for a long time to come. I believe in supporting the devs, and the products offered were excellent. Now, however, with the recent changes to carriers the game has become unplayable in any way that's fun and is very very far from awesome. They have altered the product so significantly that I now regret all purchases I have made, and certainly would not have made them if the game had been in that state when I started playing. Let's say you bought a car. Let's say there was a mandatory recall on the car. Let's say the manufacturer insisted that they were going to update your car in some awesome way. Let's say that they took the car, "updated" it, and gave it back without any wheels. Let's say they insisted that the no-wheels car was the wave of they future (no, it is not a hover car now, which would be awesome). YOU'D WANT YOUR &%*^#$@ MONEY BACK! I know WG doesn't give refunds. But crap, there has got to be something we can do about this. So I'm asking for a refund anyway.
  11. Professor_Jumbo

    Opinions of CV Rework: Garbage

    Rocket planes are good for spotting. That's about the only thing CVs are good at now. Damage is minimal even on torps, and accuracy and ability to fire with precision are so bad that hitting anything reliably is nearly impossible. I think they've actually on the right track, it just feels like it's about 70% complete at this point.
  12. Professor_Jumbo

    CV's suck so bad now

    Only played Langley so far. Why? It's already so boring and tedious that I really don't want to spend the time or free xp to get other CVs Even with getting an okay number of hits in it still feels like they do almost no appreciable damage. At least Langley doesn't. Yeah, I know this is coop, and tier IV, but still. 5 torp hits, 2 bombs, 18 rockets and only 1 fire and 21k damage. Seriously?
  13. Professor_Jumbo

    CVs need more work

    Jesus Christ on the cross, was this your first time using a keyboard? But anyway. Yeah, the CV rework is sloppy and unfinished. It's 10 times worse than the old carriers. Looks pretty and probably has potential, but right now it's almost unplayable and is not even remotely fun
  14. Professor_Jumbo

    CV Rework -- Comments

    Been playing Langley for a bit now. Maybe it's different with other CV's, but I think I can safely say that Langley at least is COMPLETELY [edited]USELESS. Rocket planes: good speed, good durability, lots of hits, don't actually do damage or start any fires, so a total waste of time , only good for spotting. Torp planes: slow, so fragile that you're lucky to get one torp off before they all die, torps go out at crazy unpredictable angles and are so slow that they almost always miss. If they hit, they only do 3k damage anyway so almost totally useless. Bombers: Slow, fragile, you can actually set fires, so maybe a little useful, but tiny amounts of damage otherwise. The UI is pretty though
  15. Professor_Jumbo

    CV's suck so bad now

    Great. So the matchmaking wasn't bad enough already, and now we're going be uptiered by three!? I think WG is trolling us.