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  1. Professor_Jumbo

    PSA Halloween event

    So I 5-starred the first two operations, so I started with zipper, and gerfalcon already in port. The separate missions to get them were still available, so when I completed them I got extra pot slots, which is awesome. So my question is what happens to these extra port slots at the end of the event? I'm guessing they go away, but it would be neat if I get to keep them.
  2. Firing HE the whole time, mostly at BBs. 156 HE hits. 1 fire. 10% fire chance. Bug, or feature?
  3. Professor_Jumbo

    CV Rework Feedback

    I don't imagine that carriers has a single thing to do with why people don't stick around. I'd say Hiroe gets it right here. I'd also add that the learning curve in this game is brutal. Starts off easy enough shooting AI potatoes in co-op on t1 & 2. Yeah, I'll be good at this game, YAY! Then you start doing PvP and suddenly it's wth?!@$^#@%$@%$#@%@%$#%$@%#. And THEN, just when you think you're getting the hang of it after t 3 & 4, you get to t5 and it's wth!? *&*^$%&%@all over again. I almost quit a few times early on. Stuck around and now I can WASD and know how to not get paddled, but it took about 600 fights. I can see how a ton of people might just leave.
  4. Professor_Jumbo

    Terror in the Deep - Always start on same side?

    I had that too. Only ever spawned on the same side at least a dozen times in a row, probably more. Then I suddenly switched to always spawning on the other side.
  5. This is the first Halloween event I've done, and it's pretty damn easy. Only been playing for a few months
  6. Professor_Jumbo

    Acasta — British Tier V destroyer.

    This ship is a troll. Here's proof. 6 DD on each team with 3 on each team being Ascasta. Bottom 3 on each team at the end of the match? You guessed it, all Acasta. Now I'll freely admit to being something of a potato, especially with DDs. But the likely hood of all 6 of us being potatoes especially when at least 4 were clearly very experienced players is so remote as to make it an absurdity. This ship is a troll, it wouldn't even be good as a tier 3.
  7. Professor_Jumbo

    Gimme some low tier love

    Just got Smith, and I'm having a blast with it. Not a very good ship I suppose, but you can kite with torps, and makes it amusing as hell. Not sure why more people don't buy the low tier premiums. Possibly that's why they're so cheap. nobody is interested in paying $40 or whatever for a tier 2 or 3 even though some of them are a laugh and a half to play.
  8. Professor_Jumbo

    Fun discussion on tier 2 battleships you would like to see

    I have a Mikasa and it's a blast. But when you can't get into secondary range it can be kinda dull. I would totally like to see more pre-dreadnoughts at tier II. For the Americans I'd love to see the Kearsarge. Only American BB not named after a state.
  9. Professor_Jumbo

    Why are BBs so weak compared to other ship types?

    Yes, BBs are BBs in every tier, you are correct. They are never DDs ,for example. Assuming they're op above 7 though, why are they under-powered from 3-7 then?
  10. 1 on 1 between players of equal skill, BBs will get wrecked almost every time by any cruiser, dd, or carrier of the same tier. Sure there are some exceptions, but this seems to be the general rule. Was this intentional, or is it more of a power creep thing since BBs are mostly older than the other ship types? Especially American and Japanese BBs.
  11. Title says it all. I'll be in chat, typing stuff. You know, in chat. If I type the letter it 't' it kicks me out of chat and activates my repair consumable. Pretty big pain in the [edited].
  12. Bought a Mikasa a few weeks back from the premium shop. Why a Mikasa? 'Cause I'm weird like that. Anyhow, now it's gone. Not in my inventory. Gone. Not there anymore. Anybody know if WG will respond to stuff like this, or am I just out of luck? Here's a screen shot of my inventory with out any Mikasa in it. Of course I don't think I have one with a Mikasa in it, but I will see if I can dig up a replay
  13. Never seen this one before, so maybe it has something to do with the new update. Anyhow, a DD was shooting at me from smoke in otherwise open water. No islands or anything nearby. The smoke completely dissipated when I was about 2.5km from it but the DD remained undetected.
  14. Professor_Jumbo

    Anyone mesh well with the German cruiser line?

    I enjoyed it up to Koenigsberg. Got to Koenigsbergs though and things kind of fell off a cliff. The ship is basically a giant slow destroyer with awful maneuverability, poor concealment, no smoke, and crappy torps. Most destroyers seem to be more durable as well, four or fives hits from anything, even DD guns, are usually enough to deleted it.