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  1. Mongo_Monkey

    New Low Damage Kracken Record?

    I got trapped behind an island on neighbors. For some reason the enemy team had a big boner for me, so every time I got detected I immediately had 5-8 people targeting me even though they weren't able to actually hit me most of the time. Eventually I got bored behind my island and said fuk it an came out, by which point the remaining enemy ships were all almost dead. Being in a Fiji it was easy to fire two or three quick salvos at any ship I liked and get a kill.
  2. Mongo_Monkey

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    I don't have this problem against other BB's but against cruisers it nothing but overpens inside 10km. Any cruiser in the game can out gun duel any same tier BB or 1 tier higher just by sitting full broadside at 10km or less guaranteed to take almost zero damage since it's a 100% overpen chance. I know WG has a big boner for OP cruiser spam lately, but this needs to be fixed.
  3. Mongo_Monkey

    New Low Damage Kracken Record?

    That's got to be a record. Might be some in low tier games with less, but 27k in a tier X match holy poop. Must be hax.
  4. Mongo_Monkey

    New Low Damage Kracken Record?

    Look at that kill stealing wanker. Bet he's a haXor
  5. Mongo_Monkey

    New Low Damage Kracken Record?

    I'll join. What do I win? World of warplanes account? Type 2 camo?
  6. I stole . . . um . . . "earned" this Kracken fair & square.
  7. Not recently. It's mostly been silly tiny battles. New players either aren't joining, or aren't staying. Probably because they spent so, much time pushing CVs to new players. New people would start, would play their first few battles in a T4 CV and then quit for good because it's almost impossible to have a non [edited] game in a T4 CV unless you already really know what you're doing.
  8. Mongo_Monkey

    Top 5 favorite ships for anything

    Top 5 ships I love that everybody else hates. 1. Emden. 2. Ishizuchi - Don't know why people hate this ship. It's the best club in the game if you're into that sort of thing. 3. Myogi 4. Nurnberg 5. Dunkerque Why no DDs, you ask. Because I'm a total potato in a DD is why.
  9. At tier VI it's not really clubbing anymore.
  10. Mongo_Monkey

    players losing interest

    I'm starting to lose interest as well. For me it's really two factors. 1. The absurd grinding required for all the new missions and events. 2. The CV rework was an absolute disaster. Just totally worthless in every way. Tier 4 are useless for anything except perma-spotting. 6 & 8 are only good if you're top tier, and tier 10s are game-breakingly overpowered. Why were there almost no DDs in KotS this time around? Because the CV rework and too much radar has nerfed them into irrelevance, and I say that as a cruiser/BB player. Also, the Russian BB's look like they're going to be trollishly OP to the point of making it pointless to play any other BB except perhaps for the lulz.
  11. Mongo_Monkey

    How is Caledon?

    The speed, maneuverability, and concealment of a CL with the guns and survivability of a DD but without the smoke.
  12. He was in a Missouri, you Muppets.
  13. True for tier IV-VIII. Exactly the opposite for tier X.
  14. We've basically got 2 CV meta's going on at the same time. Tier X CV's are absurdly over powered to the point of being game breaking. Tier IV-VIII are ridiculously weak but are can keep the entire enemy team perma spotted.